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  1. All that are interested in the under the dash electric wiper motor for your B model that replaces the vacuum motor, call Newport Wiper in Missouri and ask for Daryl. Tell him that the unit you are talking about is the one he made for me. Daryl is the technician that built my unit. The unit cost me $266 I believe delivered to me. My unit is a two speed unit. It comes with a wiring harness, two speed switch, and a simple wiring diagram. For an additional $75 they will add a delay switch if you want an intermittent function also. I had to get Daryl to send me new transmission bearings/grommets, as the pins on the bell crank on the new unit where .035 too large in outside diameter to fit my wiper transmission's original bearings/grommets on the arms that connect to the unit. It is much better than what I had before, I am pleased with the function and materials used to build it. I hope this helps all of you.
  2. All that may be interested, I have replaced my vacuum operated wiper motor with a two speed 12VDC unit. My truck is a 1960 B95 Model Mack. The unit is designed to fit to my wiper transmission assembly and comes with a wiring harness and a 2 speed switch. It works very well. The installation is very simple.
  3. Trent


    Yes please. Any photos you have may give me ideas, thanks.
  4. Trent


    I have a 1960 B95 Mack with a 707 gasoline engine. I want to install an AC unit. I have a 2 shive belt pulley on the engine now. I would like to know how the AC compressor mounting bracket attaches to the engine and what it looks like.
  5. I am familiar with the black bracket the compressor is attached to. What is the stainless steel bracket below it and how is it attached to the engine block? I could not tell in the picture which pully or pullies are driving the compressor. Thank you for the photos Sir.
  6. I have a 1960 B95 Mack with a 707C gasoline engine and want to install an A/C unit in it. My major problem is mounting a compressor. Can anyone send me info and possibly photos of the mounting hardware and compressor for this application? Any help.would be greatly appreciated.
  7. How did you mount the compressor and what did you use, pictures would be helpful?
  8. That is not correct concerning the even and odd numbers on the B models. My B95 has a gasoline engine.
  9. I own a b 95 with a 707 gasoline engine and would like to know what type of fluid is used in the power steering. My power steering had red fluid in it and not sure if it was type f automatic transmission fluid or what can anybody tell me what is recommended in these particular power steering units
  10. Yes the 707, it is very similar to the 673. It had an overhead valve train and some had dual spark plugs with dual ignition.
  11. I am also looking for the same wheel cylinders did you ever find any or the correct part number I'm in dire need of them also
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