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  1. Looking for a mechanical fuel pump for a 1961 Mack c85 Fire truck with a Thermodyne 707 6 cylinder gas motor. I have the original part number from Mack which is 314GC 364. I'd be very happy with either a new one, a rebuild kit, or a rebuilt pump. I would like to have a spare one laying around so if I can get a rebuild kit and another working pump that would be awesome, but as of right now I would take anything to get the truck running again. Please any leads would be appreciated Thanks for looking Andrew
  2. Looking for these wheel cylinders would like to buy 4 of them id rather not get them bored and sleeved if possible anyone have any idea where to find them i have tried and older Napa store, they came off of a 1961 Mack C model fire truck not sure what other vehicle they have been used on any leads would be very appreciated believe the cylinder bore size is 1 7/8" Thank you Andrew
  3. found the part number for the wagner brakes but cant seem to find them online im hoping the napa gentlemen that i know can come through, the wagner number is fd9572
  4. hello everyone i am in the process of trying to restore a 1961 Mack C model fire engine and the rear wheel cylinders decided to go on it when i stepped on the brakes one day and come to find out that they are almost impossible to find i have the original manual for the engine and all the part numbers to go with it, i will list them below with repairing the rear wheel cylinders i am also on the lookout for the master cylinder for the engine also i will list both part numbers below if anyone has any idea on where to find either new, good used, or even rebuild kits for both objects that would be great i really appreciate your time in reading this thank you andrew part numbers brake shoe cylinder: 48sma31 master cylinder: 2qea4253
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