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  1. Im retired from aviation and have a complete electronics shop with some time on my hands. If u are still interested send me the schematic vincelmaloney@yahoo.com and I will quote u on a new harness.
  2. Can u send pictures of the spider backing plates. This is what I'm looking for....
  3. Any chance you have the backing plats for the rear spiders?
  4. Can u recommend a couple bone yards that might assist in the matter. Thanks for the imput.....
  5. Were your old spiders cracked or broken? I'm looking for a 11QD565A or 11QD566A and these are aluminum spiders. Note: I would take steel if I could find the correct part numbers? Here is a picture...
  6. They are aluminum for sure. The truck is a dual rear axles. I'm still stumped on this issue. I can't be the only one that purchased a B61 with aluminum spiders that have failed. I'm told by the museum that this truck has the light weight package therefore the aluminum spiders instead of steel. Having the part numbers for the steel spiders would help or a bolt on alternate spider???????
  7. Sorry rookie here but learning fast. Will the 70's R model fit? Below is a picture of what I removed.
  8. Any chance you might know the part number to the Steele spiders.
  9. Hello All, picked up this B61 last month. Finally got the engine running and now working on the brake system. I broke down the rear axle and to my surprise both left and right spiders are broken at the neck. The part numbers are 11QD566A & 11QD565A . I've heard rumors that there is a Steele spider that will bolt up and get me going. Anyone out there know what I'm up against here? Do I have to use the aluminum spiders? If so where can I get a set? Do I need to up-grade the entire brake system. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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