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  1. I have used and like this: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sms-334126/overview/
  2. My guess is only the brass bushings need to be replaced. Take your king pins and bushings to a good local machine shop and get them to make you some new ones.
  3. Yes, the GPS speedo's are the best thing going. Have a look at http://www.speedhut.com/gauges/Speedometers/?catid=f8. They will even set the mileage to match your old odometer.
  4. Here is a link: https://www.fleetwheel.com/store/page31.html
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/231918388967? For sale is a REAL NICE B61T drive train and other parts. It has a ten speed transmission and air starter. The air starter works well and has a large dedicated air tank. The engine was rebuilt and only has a few miles on it. The tires are in excellent condition. All of the brakes were rebuilt and in like new condition. The fuel tank holds approx. 65 gallons. It comes with a radiator that is in good (no leaks) condition. Radiator frame and louvers are not included. The tow bar not included in the sell. Add your
  6. Thanks guys! That was a big help. The maintenance manual I have addresses all kinds of stuff, but not the windshield wipers. Regards, Mark
  7. Thanks guys, all of that makes perfect sense. Do the wipers get full line air pressure or is there a regulator somewhere? Regards, Mark
  8. Wondering if someone knows how the Windshield Wipers work. Sound like they work off of air or maybe vacuum or both? Any help appreciated. Mark
  9. You are quite welcome. From the maintenance manuals I bought for my B61T. Regards, Mark
  10. Yes, I agree about the Ford arrangement. I am looking to buy a salvaged F450 and do something in kind. Still would like to talk to the creator of this or other similar truck before setting out on this journey.
  11. https://www.flickr.com/photos/harley130/4836039079/in/album-72157624474065843/ Would like to talk to the builder. It is a beauty; would like to get some information about the build. Thanks for your help. Regards, Mark
  12. Hey everyone, Still trying to put all of my thoughts together for my B61. Looking at some pictures on this site and Google Images, I really like the looks of the B61 pickup conversions. Wondering if you can share some info on which bed and tips and tricks for adapting a bed to a B61T? Thanks in advance.
  13. Okay, that is great information to have. Thanks! Does that eliminate the ebrake or does the quad have some other ebrake configuration? Regards, Mark
  14. Now, I am on the fence about the air starter..... Just worried about being out somewhere and it not cranking. Maybe I should consider carrying a gasoline powered air compressor? Yes, the quad is beginning to make all kinds of sense to me. Regards, Mark
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