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  1. My B61 tandem has 10.00-20 fronts and 11.00-22 rear tires all on spoked hubs. Is this normal to have a different size in the front? Or has something been changed out over the years? What would I need to do to change the front to 22"
  2. Im looking for a rust free B67 cab. I would really like a contoured cab but would consider a regular cab. Bturney83@yahoo.com 908-442-4660 -Brian
  3. I have a used set that were on my b61 if your interested.
  4. What are the fenders off of? Im looking for a set for a B-67 .
  5. Thanks Bob - Do you know what model truck the spiders came off of that you used?
  6. HI everyone... Great website!!!! I'm trying to figure out everything i need to retrofit my B61 Tandem to spring brakes. After taking a few measurements i can see that there is no way newer brake chambers will fit. I read in another post that there is a way to change the brake spiders out with ones from an R model that would allow for enough room to mount the brake chambers. Does anyone have anymore information on this? or possibly some part numbers? Any help is greatly appreciated. - Thanks
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