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83 mh on cl ex ups?


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If im not mistaken, Which I have been known to be wrong before, the ex told me that. 83 MH's came with single round headlights. After that you could order them but 4 square was the norm. Also, as far as I know 83 was only a half year for the MH. If someone knows otherwise please let me know

Remember if it's got a hood it's no good!

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Can't remember for sure if they were MH's or not but UPS did have twin screws.

Can't say I saw one on the road but I was waiting for one of our trucks to get off the PA Turnpike one night at exit 27, Willow Grove.

While waiting I saw a bunch of UPS trucks come through the toll booth, they had a big hub up there probably still do.

To my surprise there were quite a few twin screws which is something I had never saw before.

After that I used to kind of keep a special look out for them when I'd be on the road, never saw another one again!

And no I wasn't hallucinating, after mentioning it one of our drivers said that he had seen them once in awhile too!


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