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Monster exhaust stack on an old R 600 possible or advisable ?

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I'd like to replace the stock muffler and exhaust on my 1981 R 600 single axle dump (former state truck) with a 7 inch monster stack. First of all, will this make the truck too loud, and where's a good place to purchase this online ? Raney's Truck Parts has some but they are only reduced to a 5 inch inlet on the bottom and the pipe on my truck is only 4 inch. They don't have any 5 to 4 inch reducers, neither. Any suggestions, guys ?post-12926-0-52350500-1381881738_thumb.jpost-12926-0-63283900-1381881798_thumb.jpost-12926-0-07944600-1381881842_thumb.j

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I would step it down to the 4" under the cab maybe so it runs to where the stack connects at 5" and you dont see all adapters, and I have a 5" straight no mufflers on my R model and it is loud but not unbearable(i like a louder truck) personal preference i guess


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There's a baby blue Freightshaker Classic running around here with a pair of stacks as big around as a 5 gallon bucket...looks goofy as hell considering it's a coal hauler and NOTHING else on the truck is custom. I bet they catch quite a bit of rain if they don't get 'em covered...

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That big 7" will drone like a mad man and you'll be wearing ear plugs to survive the day.

Even my lil 673 was unbearable with a 5" pipe. The 4" has a nice bark without the drone of the big pipe.

grand rock sells reducers:



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I have dual 5" straight stacks and it's not loud in the cab. A single 5" will be slightly louder but if the exit is above the cab you will be fine....I would not go bigger than 5-6" anything larger looks like a cartoon in my opinion. Not to mention the drone and vibration it may have... Also I like a truck that can "throw" the smoke ....the big pipes just look lazy with smoke trickling out...

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I never run a mack with a muffler, my RD ran 4" to the back of the cab and then 5" up the cab and out past the cab protector, ran with the window down on cooler days, not to loud at all.

My Vision had straight 5" all the way back with dual stacks.... cost me $200 my first trip through Ohio. Ungodly loud!

Haven't pulled the muffler off my 3406B cat yet... bet it will be a window breaker with a straight 5"!

I got my 4-5" adapter from my local mack dealer, non chrome.

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