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  1. Yep, I saw it and I am on same page as the rest of you guys..... Too much Drama I had actually had seen the truck in some of the previews and was waiting to see how it would play out. Was glad to see them work on a truck, but I was hoping to see how they solved some of the problems. Loved the part where the Fire Chief dropped the "surprise", "oh and I want to re-build the pump too" George
  2. Gotcha Glenn. I wrote down your pressure gauge instructions as I am sure that will come in handy in the future. George
  3. The other guys on here are much more versed than I, but may have some other thoughts. I worked at a place that a truck and it did that same sort of thing as you described. Finally ended up being some rust chunks in the fuel tank. When you drove it it would suck up some chunks and restrict fuel flow, so then when you let off and the engine was not calling for as much fuel the chunks would drop off and it would mostly get right with the program again. After a few rounds of this I got sick of that routine and we dropped and cleaned the tank and lines.
  4. Wow. That is pretty nice Mike, you can sell me something to make room. George
  5. Hey. My favorite Driptroit duo. Great project! Can't wait to see it Wish I knew you were at PA Farm Show, we were there with our 4H club. Would have been cool to meet up George
  6. yeah, I saw that as well. I think one of the Vegas Rat rod trucks was built for someone near me. I have to look it up
  7. Mine came yesterday. They look great Thanks Barry George
  8. Good job John! Also loved the rolling truck show. Ron only said "good job" because he likes the MH (just kidding Ron!) George
  9. Hi Jmac329 First welcome to the site. The gang here has all the answers you will ever need. There is an Autocar site that may be of help as well: www.waykool.com/autocar/ George
  10. JT Saw the original post and I thought bummer. Sorry to hear this, but as other have said, you are thinking of clear head. We all need the "day job" to pay for the rest of the stuff. Best wishes moving forward on your new endeavors. Based on all the other posts, it won't be long before you will be ready for another truck project. George
  11. Yep. I think Vlad is qualified to answer our NR questions... George
  12. hey it looks like you are getting the hang of it. after you drive it a few times you will pretty much know when to shift.
  13. I hope it is nothing too major that your OH was going to take care of anyway. Hope you are back in action soon. George
  14. yeah, I think that is who this is. Didn't he used to be on this site quite a bit?
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