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Found 18 results

  1. So after getting the truck a tune-up and safety check, I took it down to our local State Beach parking lot (now that all the thousands of tourists are gone) to get a little practice with shifting, and after 3 practice runs, gave it a try on the road. There's a bit of grinding, but mostly because there's no tach, and I have to force myself to pretend it's loaded, and shift at a much lower speed that I really need/want to.... But on the whole, I thought this wasn't too bad for my fourth try of shifting through a few splits..... The file was too big to post here, so here's the YouTube link: I have the recommended shifting pattern for a B61 from a manual, but it's for a triplex. Does anyone have an actual manual page that shows the recommended shifting pattern/order for a quadruplex for both upshifting and down shifting? I know that for the triplex, they point out which shifts can be skipped, because the ratios are so close, and I'd like to know which ones those are.... Mike
  2. pair of headlight rings from bmodel...one has been brazed, but overall good condition..primered..no chrome..$25. plus $5. shipping send pm if int.
  3. Spotted a couple nice Bs on the Boston Craigslist. I can't get the link to paste, but if you Google craigslist 5366684825, you should get there. The tractor seems a bit expensive, but unless the frame is gone, the B81 looks like a nice setup for the price......
  4. Nice restorable B61 for auction on the 13th. No connection. She has been repowered with a 237. However, I think a BMT member should own this. A little on the high side in terms of price. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1962-MACK-B61-/181983571300?forcerrptr=true&hash=item2a5f10ed64:g:oywAAOSwFqJWjXKj&item=181983571300
  5. Im not affiliated with this truck in anyway but I saw it on CL tonight and it looks really clean and thought it might interest somebody on bmt. http://kalispell.craigslist.org/cto/5014676550.html
  6. mark kamp


    From the album: KAMP B MODEL

    1964 MACK B MODEL
  7. mark kamp


    From the album: KAMP B MODEL

    1965 MACK B MODEL
  8. Hey guys, Got a real thinker here for you. We're trying to turn the motor over in a 1964 Mack B-61 through the series parallel switch, but without the ignition switch. We have all the batteries tied together with the series parallel switch and starter, but don't know which two terminals to cross in order to get the motor to turn over so we can build up some oil pressure for a prestart. There are three small terminals located on the rear of the switch (see pictures). We established that the one with the red wire is a ground leading to the frame, so we did that. Then that same terminal is connected to the bottom terminal with a jumper wire. We put a voltage meter on the them and read that each one has 12.5 volts when it's set up the way I just described. However, when the jumper wire is disconnected, only the terminal with the ground wire reads 12.5 volts and the others have 0. My question to you is what terminals must I cross in order to complete the circuit and turn the motor over. Let me know, CJ
  9. No Connection: Anyone see this old beauty on Craigslist? It's in Colorado, he's a little heavy on the asking price IMO, but it is a straight looking truck! http://denver.craigslist.org/hvo/4647546217.html
  10. Were all B-model's interiors painted that green color from the factory or were there choices? Secondly, where would you find the VIN number stamped on a B-model. If there is no tag, was there a spot on the frame?
  11. We're putting together a series of articles on the A Model Macks, as well as other classics. The problem is that we haven't got many photos, so we're reaching out to y'all for help (we don't like using people's photos without proper attribution and permission). So if you've got photos, send 'em on. Whether she's a rust bucket in mid-restoration or could've just rolled off the lines yesterday, we'd love to feature your photos. Credit would be given, and links to your site(s) as well. Any questions, let me know.
  12. Hi Everyone Does anyone know where I can find some information on the woodward governors that were fitted to B models. I havn't been able to find anything. Here is a bad photo showing the fuel pump and govenor assembly. Thanks for your help. Gavin
  13. We have the following Mack trucks for sale: 1926 Mack AC with factory mounted winch – engine rolls over stored inside 1974 Mack DM695 SN# DM695ST1789 – Mack 866 325 HP V8, Mack 6 speed Trans, 54,000 lb rears. New Cab, fenders and interior 1927 Mack AC with 1930 Byers Crane 1960 Mack B83 SX SN# B83SX1638 220 Cummins, Mack Quadraplex Transmission with power tower, 65,000 lb rear axle, new tires, 60,000lb Branden Winch, rolling tail board 1978 R Model SN# R686ST17442 – 237 Mack engine, 5 speed trans, Mack Rears 1981 R600 SN# M2N17845B4067403 Mack 300 Engine, 5 speed trans, Mack Rears, fifth wheel and wet line Mack M70 SX Prime Mover 750 HP V-12 Cummins, Clark Automatic Trans, 140,000 lb rear axles Trailer for above unit – Rogers 300 Ton trunion axle with 3 axle jeep (2) new R Model fiberglass Cabs (1) used R-model hood Other items for sale 1946 Dart Model 150 SN# 120390 – 275 HP Cummins Super Charged Engine, 5 Speed with 3 way brownie and power tower, 60,000 lb Timkin rear axle, 60,000 lb Tular winch, Rolling tail board 1946 Minneapolis Moline Industrial Tractor – Boom and 10,000 lb Highway winch If you are interested let me know and I will send pics with asking price.
  14. Just for fun I wanted to decorate my B70 parts truck for Christmas. We are finally going to have a white Christmas for once. Merry Christmas everybody!
  15. 1963 Mack B-68T. Gas job. Dump body. Duplex transmission. Runs and looks well. Excellent restoration truck. Good looking truck. Contact me at purepressure2004@yahoo.com
  16. mack mhe9


    From the album: working the mack

    b model going from NJ to the pastures of fulton Mo. for a nice life.
  17. This is our 1956 Mack B60T project truck. It has a 130HP Mack-Scania END-475 diesel with a Duplex twin-stick in it. We bought it at our local salvage yard. Apperently, somebody was in the process of restoring it, when his son backed another truck into it, and they gave up on the project. So, it is missing some stuff, but what is there is very nice and not rusty at all. When we got it in the shop, we started it, and found out the rack was stuck from sitting. Luckily, we before even tried to start it, we had taken the air intake pipe off, and had a piece of ceramic tile handy. We took the Injector pump off, and broke the rack loose and let it soak for a while. We put it back on, and it now runs just fine. The next thing is the brakes. Because it was in the junkyard, one of the air tanks got smashed by the fork machine they moved it with. It may still hold air, but we need to go over it to make sure. Also, a friend told us to change the brake cylinders to "Maxi" ones which apperently have springs in them to hold the brakes locked if no air pressure is in them. Then comes the body. What's missing are the filler panels between the hood and the fenders, one headlight panel, the grille shell and grille, the windshield, and all the lights and trim. What is there is mostly in primer, and there is no rust at all. We are trying to get a parts truck to have all the parts we need. We're looking for a B model thats rusty, yet complete, so we can take parts off at our liesure, not spend a whole lot of money, and also see how things fit together. All in all, this is a great father-and-son project for us. We hope for it to be done in time for us to drive it to Allentown this June. Any suggestions or advice are greatly appreciated. This is what it's going to look like:
  18. Hello, I'm Ben Jumper, I am sharing this account with my dad, Tim. I'm 13 years old, and have been into trucks my whole life. My dad has been around cars for a long ime, and therefore, so have I. We are just getting started in the semi truck world, and recently picked up a B model from a local salvage yard and are in the process of restoring it. We are huge fans of Two-Stroke Detroit Diesels. We have aquired a few already, and are always looking for more. We love trying new things, so working on diesels is really fun for us. We are always open to any suggestions or advice that anyone might have on Macks or Detroit Diesels. We love bieng a part of keeping the antique truck tradition alive. Sincerely, Ben
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