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  1. 99 F350 4x4 Diesel dually. 7.3 with a evolution programmer, heavy duty rebuilt auto trans. 4.11 gears, 4" exhaust from turbo back, 188k. This thing flat out hauls ass! Many a kid with his little Civic that sounds like a chainsaw has been embarrassed at a red light! I've owned several Ford trucks and while I do like the 87-97 body style, the Super Duty is by far the best truck ford has ever put out. Bigger cab, and the rear doors open on the super cab.
  2. I never run a mack with a muffler, my RD ran 4" to the back of the cab and then 5" up the cab and out past the cab protector, ran with the window down on cooler days, not to loud at all. My Vision had straight 5" all the way back with dual stacks.... cost me $200 my first trip through Ohio. Ungodly loud! Haven't pulled the muffler off my 3406B cat yet... bet it will be a window breaker with a straight 5"! I got my 4-5" adapter from my local mack dealer, non chrome.
  3. My '01 Vision with the E7 460 had the same issue with the oil temp, not the low pressure though. I borrowed a laser handheld thermometer and checked it on a trip to Chicago. The gauge was over 30deg higher than what the filter/ oil cooler read when I checked it. Wouldn't surprise me if the pressure gauge was way off too. Can't trust electronic gauges.
  4. Nice truck! I've recently got a "gift" myself...... 1966 Fairlane GT, 390, 4spd. 48,000mi survivor 2 owner car.
  5. Dayton are for dump trucks.For $2400(new) you can upgrade to hub piloted wheels. Much cheaper for used.
  6. not into being poor anymore.
  7. My Autocar Dump is up for sale. rebuilt drive line, updated to 1/2 round joints. #1 shaft is brand new along with all bolt on yokes, new carrier bearing, new slip joints and new jack shaft between the drives. 4 new battery's 3406B cat w/ jakes, 8spd LL O/D. mains and rods checked and are very good, not even through first layer. 18' Bibeau body w/ air gate and Richards tarper w/ new tarp. rear drives are 1st time caps @ 100%, front drives have 2 virgins and 2 1st time caps @50%. Fronts are @ 60% lots of money invested, starting different work.
  8. looks like a pipe truck. the cab is single seat and offset to accommodate long lengths of steel pipe.
  9. looks like you have a set back axle, like an RB or a DM. Never seen an RD with a set back.... HMMMM.
  10. depends on how fast you want to go. A 300 is more than enough if it's geared right and has the right trans. But they're harder to find now a days, most order them with big hammers. A 300 with 4.65 rears and a 8LL O/D will get you down the road at around 65mph and climb hills pretty well, better if it was a 13spd.
  11. ford used more than 3 different bolt patterns. the "Y" block, which is the same as the "FE" block,352, 360,390,427 and the 428- the small block, 289, 302, 351W, 351 cleavland, and the big block, 460, 429, 351M, 400. The C6 was introduced in 1966 and was available behind the FE engines, so yes, you could just pull the 360 and use the trans. Here is a link for a company that makes an adapter that will allow you to put a modern AOD transmission behind the 312 also. http://www.transmissionadapters.com/ford_y_block.htm
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