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  1. I'd Like to thank you Dogg Rescue for putting this pup on the trail for a hood! Many thanks!
  2. Looking for a 1998 CL-713 Hood, head lights as well
  3. Big block 427 Mack Motor, Mack transmission, 3 steerable tag axels, rear ends, aluminum bed, 

  4. Its really an complete truck. The hoist works great. Like I said if someone is interested we can still take it out on the road or grab a load so you can see what shape she is really in.
  5. Mack camelback suspension, wheels 11R22.5, some Aluminum some steel. I'm in Mansfield ohio. I will post some pics in AM
  6. etech! Make me a reasonal offer. Motor is strong, Transmission was completely reman from Mack dealer 2 years ago I have all paper work. new tranny mounts was put in at time and clutch. I had bought her from a guy that ran in and out of landfill. 85% of my work is asphalt this truck really did the job for me but all rolling on all that soft crap but a lot of stress on the frame. I also put a trunion on here as well it has no spider cracks.
  7. I'm located in ohio. The frames has a crack and the hood needs replaced. But if someone wanted to test drive to test the motor or tranny its still drivable empty
  8. I have a 1998 Cl 700 6axel Mack Dump Truck that I want to part out what is the best way to do it. Or what suggestions do you all have. E400 Motor over hauled with only 60,000 miles on her, 3 Tag axels, Mack 13 speed Transmission, Mack rear ends, Aluminum dump bed, just looking for suggetions
  9. This Mack has the Gold Dog everything is Mack! Camel Back, mack Tranny, Engine, 6 bolt axel, 44 on the rear, The rear was reman in 2013 I think the previous owner did not seat it right and tighten it incorrect causing it to crack.
  10. I have a 1998 Cl-713 Mack that had a cracked rear end Housing! Trying to see if anyone Knows where I might be able to find one in OHIO! And a round about Price on what I will have into purchaseing one! Many Thanks!
  11. Yes brought this new pup home it has 445 MP 8 with Allison transmission! My question is he won't run past 65 MPH. However here in Ohio speed limit is 70 MPH. What would I need to do to turn speed up?
  12. My buddy is talking about getting one and he says Being that Volvo and Mack merged he is considering it but he doesn't know anyone that has one so I told him I'd try to find out!
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