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750 hp E9!


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an E9 will go into a long hood R, the issue is the moun ting depth in the frame because of the width of the engine, I have pics of one in an RS700L somewhere but I cant find em right now. I dont htinik a Marine E9 would be too great to buy for a truck, b y the time you got everything you needed to put it in a truck you could have gotten a stock E9 truck engine and talked with Antrim Diesel and gotten their turbo and injectors and turned up your pump and BAM! you got 750-800 rwhp, thats more like 900 on the flywheel, oh yeah buy a really good clutch, ask MHE9.

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too late, I already bought it. The guys at the shop are gonna put it in that red T660 tonight, that's why i'm home. They have to drive to Florida to get it first, but it should be ready to go by tomorrow afternoon.

Post some pictures!!

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