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OK, so the find story. Back then I was a Trooper assigned to the Aviation Unit, I've retired since. We had three Cessna 182's we did various things with, including marijuana eradication. Our Narcotics

Radiator Monday. It's complete, just need to modify a bracket for the shutters. I'll tighten everything again before it goes in. I'll leak check it when the weather warms too.

DONE, DONE, DONE!!!! Final patches on the lower windshield pillars installed and cleaned up the gutters. Test fit the doors and all is well with no rubbing. Obviously, I need to tweak a lot of li

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1 minute ago, hicrop10 said:

Matt,what are you using for the curtains and if you brought them where did you get them.The truck looks great,keep the pictures coming.

Scroll back a little, I posted the site where I got them. They’re a home run!! Keeps everything out of my shop side of the barn. Or just google, “sliding dust curtains “. These are working out so well, just have to clean one bay now, not the whole shop.

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Nice to see!

And being gloss black the cab already looks fine. A layer of a clear coat and a big save on the red paint?

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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5 hours ago, mowerman said:

Wow quite a while to get to this point... bob

Yes it has been quite a while to get here. As I’ve said all along, this cab is the worst part of this build and I knew it would take the longest. Once it’s done the pace should pick up.

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Well you know how it is for sure to get it to look right..... takes a lot of hard work you’ll never be sorry also I know what you mean spray painting indoors flies everywhere ..... bob

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5 hours ago, harrybarbon said:

is that lizard skin on the inside of door? If yes you will find how there will be little to nil tinny sound when you close the doors

Yes, it is. I also did the back wall and roof. Back wall came out good, roof not as much as it was difficult to cover. I did end up doing the inside of the fire wall, instead of the face for several reasons.

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21 minutes ago, mattb73lt said:

I did it!! It's now "Fleet Red". Still curing up and wet, but really getting glossy as it does. That new curtain is a life saver!!! 



Wow!!!!!!!!! You must be pissing yourself,,,,,, hell I’m pissing myself ....bob

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