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New Autocar Conventional Truck

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20 minutes ago, Maxidyne said:

Maybe... But most of these trucks will be bought by fleets, not owner operators looking to impress the other drivers at the truck stop. Even vocational fleets are looking for better aerodynamics and sloping hoods are good for visibility too. At least they gave it a chrome grill so it don't look like a Mack!

WellI would agree with James J.  It's a vocational truck!  You can still have  a sloping hood with decent visibility but square it off!  No need for an A -car to look like Snoopy.

Then again in terms of visibility, the manufacturers spend a lot of money to  provide that, and then the a-holes spend all kinds of money for drop  down visors and they  drive with the seat on the floor.  You see one coming at you and think.."oh autonomous truck-don't see a driver i that thing🤪

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Agreed, but most of the clowns that drop the seat and hide behind a drop down visor can't get financing for a new truck anyways, so they'll have to wait for these Autocars to hit the used truck lots before they get a chance to pimp 'em out.

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