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  1. Fuel Tanks

    That was probably POR15, I've had good luck with it on motorcycle tanks, but keep in mind that you'll need a lot more for a big truck fuel tank than a 5 gallon or so motorcycle tank needs. There's also economics to consider- We spend big $$$ restoring motorcycle tanks because even if we can buy new or good used tanks, the prices are often over $1000. But many truck tanks are pretty much generic, so better to replace with new or good used than get into expensive repairs and unsafe welding on fuel tanks.
  2. Cummins ad featuring the Turecamo trucks in the 1930s: trucks&f=false
  3. Ford Market News

    Musical chairs at the "glass house"...
  4. I shopped around for a used diesel tractor on Craigslist and at the auctions, but prices were insane- Like $2000 for a 25 year old Kubota that wouldn't even start. Went to an IH collectors moving auction and he had a couple decent 782 Cub Cadet diesels that went for $3000 to $4000. I like the little Ford 1100 and 1200 diesels, but again, crazy prices- $4900 for a 30+ year old one with a loader and $2000 for a beat to hell one that barely ran. Way too much money for tractors that need repairs, had only 10-15 horsepower to begin with, and didn't have necessities like front wheel assist and ROPS, etc.. So I bit the bullet, bargained the price down from $20k to $15k, and I can probably sell it for that but I doubt I'll ever give it up!
  5. My Deere 1 series and tow vehicle, of course both are diesel powered! After wearing out a Honda walk behind mower, a snow blower, and myself mowing nearly an acre and clearing out a hundred foot long driveway prone to drifting, I went big and bought the tractor, loader, and mower last year. It's a little big for mowing and only clears a 4 foot swath of snow at a time, but anything bigger would require a gas hog to haul and then I'd have to buy a second tractor to do the mowing. Works great, I've even plowed our side streets a couple times with it and mowed the neighbor's yards!
  6. Those aren't the ones I've heard of. I've heard of made in China Deere lawn tractors sold in big box stores, the dealers can't even get parts for them and want nothing to do with them.
  7. $60 MSRP, and changes only half the oil= Not worth it for a throwaway Chinese made "lawn tractor" that the Deere dealers have disowned.
  8. Good MP8 Mechanic in northern NJ

    Volvo is just screwing themselves with this policy... Here they are with less than 20% of the market, and they expect customers to take the risk of having no support for their product other than the dealers? Nearest Volvo and Mack dealers are 60 miles away, International and Daimler are only 20 miles away and they both work on Cummins... That's a lot more non revenue miles to run or worse yet have towed a truck!
  9. New Mack owner

    First noticed that back in the late 60s in Minnesota, contractor working on an Interstate had a long wheelbase Ford F series tandem with a long low sided body like that and disc wheels, unusual for Minnesota back then. Then I heard about bridge formula...
  10. Getting closer

    They don't even know what a choke knob is for. A BMW Motorcycle dealer shop manager recommended replacing the battery and entire charging system on a 1980s vintage BMW bike because he killed the battery trying to start it... He didn't know what a choke was!
  11. Might explain why Ford and FCA are showing little or no interest in classes 6-8... Why tool up a low volume product to compete with Daimler that will tie up an assembly line that could build more profitable pickups and SUVs?
  12. Ford launches all-new game-changing EcoBlue Diesel

    think it's a 4 banger, at least there's 4 sets of bumps on the cams...
  13. Ford Market News

    No surprise, the new Expedition/Navigator totally blow GM's ancient stretched pickups (Tahoe, Suburban, etc.) out of the water. Not all good corporate news at Ford today though, they fell off Ethisphere's most ethical companies list for the first time in years. Perhaps a reflection of the changing faces and general confusion at the top of the "glass house" Ford HQ?
  14. Dodge Market News

    I've had 5 diesel VW Golfs from 1979 to 2015, and the heater controls have been those same 3 knobs. However, the radio controls have gotten more over complicated with touchscreens and the cruise control started with just a couple switches and now it's a dozen or so switches that take your eyes off the road too long. The gplf's original mandate was to be a simple mass produced "peoples car" to replace the Beetle... VW has forgotten that commitment, for example the rear lights have gone from a pair of simple clusters to three separate light clusters on each side plus the mandated high center brake light.
  15. Go figure. Autozone strike again......grrrrr.

    Tier 4 Final took effect in 2014, IIRC. The low HP engines pretty much waltzed right through with little mods, nothing like the extensive mods needed for the car and truck diesels to pass. I've got a Tier 4 compliant 2017 Deere 1023 tractor and the engine looks like something out of the 70s- no turbo, mechanical injection, etc..