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  1. "We have thousands of smaller accounts under 10 units a year, under 20 units a year. Are those really retail, are those really fleet?" Sorry Ford, but the customer who buys even just one truck to earn a living has different needs than a customer who buys an F150 to impress the neighbors, an Explorer to traverse the wilds of the shopping malls, or a Mustang to impress their buddies. If you want my business back, quit trying to rip me off like you do your retail customers!
  2. Yup, I'm still driving it a lot and saving the 2015 TDI for the future...
  3. Made the same mistake misconnecting fuel lines on my '03 Golf TDI when I replaced the camshaft drive belt- Stumped me for awhile as it would start and run for a few seconds and then die. Got some online help from the forums and 8 years later the baby diesel still runs strong!
  4. Just get a few Chevy, Volvo, and GMC emblems and an old Brigadier and you can build your own... Better yet, attach them with velcro!
  5. Several private customers had orders in for the Transit Connect diesel, but I suspect Ford was really trolling for fleet orders and none were forthcoming. Given that unlike the 3 liter V6 diesel in the F150 the 1.5 wasn't already EPA approved, I suspect Ford decided it wasn't worth it to jump through the hoops of EPA certification for a couple thousand sales a year.
  6. I've met steering wheel holders who have never driven a cabover who will recite "chapter and verse" the whole litany of myths about cabovers. These are the same guys who tell me 400 horsepower isn't enough to move the 20,000 pound average loads they haul...
  7. On the original 237 HP Maxidyne the longest gearing offered was around 3.90 which gave 63 MPH at 2100 RPM on 10.00x20 tires, that was pretty buzzy but just about every big diesel truck of the time cruised at the same buzzy 2100 RPM. Mack upgraded to the 285 HP Maxidyne and offered 3.70 gears around the time the speed limits dropped to 55, so we crawled along at a more comfortable 1700 to 1800 RPM. The Low RPM Maxidyne typically was geared to cruise at 1500 or so RPM at 55, and when that wretched "double nickel" limit was raised to 65 the cruising RPMs were still pretty reasonable. I put a lot of miles on UPS MHs with the low RPM Maxidyne and it was a sweet ride... Probably the best Mack ever built!
  8. IIRC Maxidynes only went to 300 HP until the 2001 models, when the top HP was finally cranked up to 370. The low RPM Maxidyne with the 1020 RPM torque peak was discontinued after 2000, I suspect they had to have the engine rev higher to pass the tighter 2001 emissions requirements.
  9. Another Ford Failure- With the mid engine Corvette coming out in a few days and eclipsing the GT's performance for less than $100k, Ford jacks the GT's price and delays it's execution by a few days. In yet another market GM and the rest of the world is having Ford's lunch...
  10. Basicly a business decision- When you've got months and months of orders to keep your assembly lines busy, why tie them up to build only half a truck?
  11. This is pretty typical of the southern states getting into bidding wars for auto and truck plants- For example, Kentucky paid around a million $$$ a job to lure Toyota. Looks like Virginia got a better deal, but only if all those jobs actually materialize, which with Volvo's dwindling market share is iffy...
  12. Here the market is switching over to automatics and a new truck with a manual is hard to find, and you guys are arguing over who makes the best manual?
  13. During the 80s recession I suspect every truck maker was losing money. While American investors bailed, European truck makers took the long view and bought up American truck makers at bargain prices.
  14. Also used in the Postal Jeep's successor, the LLV. until it was replaced by the 2.2.
  15. Quite correct... Daimler, Renault, and Volvo invested in American truck makers when American businessmen wouldn't.
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