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  1. Maxidyne

    Daimler Trucks North America Sold Out for 2019

    Now if Ford had developed a conventional version of the F-Max alongside the cabover, they'd be introducing it into the hottest truck market in years with sales success and profitability assured...
  2. Maxidyne

    Pushin snow...

    That's why DOT and Public Works trucks usually have a short box and not much overhang over the cab.
  3. Maxidyne

    Diesel Car & Light Truck News

    Ford might want to make the partnership with VW a bit deeper... This would make a great next generation Mondeo/Fusion.
  4. Maxidyne

    International HX Test Drive

    Looks like a nice home for a Scania V8...
  5. Maxidyne

    Dodge Bighorn

    From what I've read, sounds like Chrysler had a lot of unsold big trucks and cabs when they quit selling big trucks in 1975. A lot of them went into Chrysler's own interplant transport and maintenance fleets at the proving grounds and such. With an adequate supply of spare cabs to replace rusted ones, I suspect some of these 70s Dodge trucks were still in use until Daimler took over and replaced everything with Freightliners in the 90s. The truck offered for sale is probably one of the ones that came up for sale as a result of the 2010 bankruptcy.
  6. Maxidyne

    General Motors News

    Not surprising, given that China for awhile was the world's biggest consumer of cement...
  7. Maxidyne

    The China Market ProStar

    That looks like a short hood and sleeper. IIRC, doesn't China have an overall length limit long enough for this tractor to legally pull a 40' container?
  8. Maxidyne

    Detroit 3 in heavy-duty brawl

    I suspect a lot of those numbers are BS, especially on the half tons. You want at least 10% of the trailer weight on the hitch with a "bumper pull" trailer, and even more with a fifth wheel... Unless they're specced properly, no way can most of these "Tonkas" safely pull the huge trailer weights they're rated for!
  9. Maxidyne

    Automated Manual Transmissions

    In the proper application an Allison is damn near indestructible... Don't ask how I know.
  10. Maxidyne

    Maxidyne gearing

    Yup, for a lot of drivers it just got too quiet down around 1200 RPM, so they swapped to a gearbox with more and closer gears so they could enjoy the higher RPM noise they were accustomed to. Didn't make the trucks go any faster, though...
  11. Maxidyne

    Maxidyne gearing

    For the late 60s 900 lbs./foot was a lot, and by the early 70s Mack upped the ante with the 285 hp. "676" and 325 hp. V8 Maxidynes. As far as gear ratios, IIRC Mack offered a 5 speed with a closer 4th to 5th split, but it didn't sell well. After cabover sales dropped off and the shift gate no longer had to fit in the couple inches between the drivers seat and doghouse Mack solved this problem with the 300 series Maxitorque, featuring a closer .71 ratio split between top and the next gear down.
  12. Maxidyne

    Automated Manual Transmissions

    I agree- A clutch is going to need too frequent replacement in stop and go traffic, and automating that clutch as well as the transmission doesn't change that... A torque converter equipped transmission like the Allison is the way to go.
  13. The big fleets don't care, if they can only get $10k for a 5 year old tractor because it has an automatic that's about to expensively break and a monster integrated sleeper, that's just more depreciation they can use to reduce their income taxes. One of the advantages Mack had was that a new OTR truck could be specced with a removable sleeper, thicker frame, and heavier axles so the 2nd owner could easily convert it into a heavy duty straight truck or lightweight day cab tractor.
  14. Unless the other makers are exporting some engines, looks like only Cummins has the six figure volume needed to be profitable. Makes one wonder if the truck makers are favoring their own engines just to control a bit of the market, and they'd make more profit at least on new sales if they just bought engines from Cummins instead of building their own?
  15. Maxidyne

    Ford Market News

    I agree, Ford looks for 6 figure annual production volumes and they're unlikely to achieve that with a Class 6-8 conventional. So a jacked up aluminum pickup cab is probably the best we can expect, unless they do something daring like putting a hood on the F-Max...

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