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  1. Maxidyne

    General Motors News

    Send a 100 HP tractor to do a job that wouldn't even challenge a 20 HP tractor and it'll tend to use fuel like a 100 HP tractor. That's 'cause a lot of the fuel a tractor uses is just to pull it's weight around, never mind do any work. My tractor is rated for 10 KW at the PTO, and I rarely use those 10 KW. You could double that 10 KW I'm not even using all of and the driveway won't get plowed any faster, if I want to plow the driveway faster it'd make more sense to get a wider bucket or better yet a plow instead of more HP. Same with cars and trucks- If you really need the ability to haul a ton, get a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup or better yet a flatbed. If not, you're just burning gas and $$$ to drag around a lot of dead weight and wind resistance.
  2. Per the EPA's own documents, this is primarily a California problem: link here. No point in making the rest of the country suffer.
  3. Maxidyne

    General Motors News

    It's great that they'll go 300k miles. Problem is, they'll burn $60,000 worth of gas doing it... A lot of people talk down the new aero trucks and smaller engines and 6 by 2 axle setups. The traditional trucks they prefer like a long nose axle forward KW or Pete maybe get 6 MPG on a good day. But there's a guy hauling a milk tanker around here, 80k GCW and loaded 62% of the time, and he'd getting 9 MPG. His truck is a Mack Anthem with the 13 liter 445 HP turbo compounded engine, 12 speed automated manual Mack transmission, and 6 by 2 drive with adaptive loading. He's saving $15,000+ a year on fuel, so even if he gets stuck or hits a deer he's still ahead...
  4. Maxidyne

    General Motors News

    They'll make it 300k miles and more, but at what cost? Full size pickups are money pits, starting with their bloated purchase price and continuing with every tire replacement and gas fill-up.
  5. Maxidyne

    General Motors News

    Has GM learned nothing from their recent near death experience?
  6. Not so much that but the practice of hiring engineers for a project and then laying them off... Met a few auto engineers at a tech day last year, one of them had in the few years since college worked for Navistar, Polaris, and Arctic Cat and another had similar experience in the industry. The one that was only a couple years out of college was looking for jobs outside the industry, the other one was around 60 and after a couple years in the medical device industry was about to give up and retire early. The third engineer had worked for Cummins for years and was likely to stay 'til retirement...
  7. Maxidyne

    "BMT Investors" Bulletin Board

    A lot of people in the U.S. miss this... Simply by having populations of over a billion each, China and India once they fully industrialize will have the world's largest economies.
  8. Agreed on the Big 3 diesel pickup makers dirty little secret, the "cab lift". I remember back in the 60s when both Ford with the N series and GM with their similar short BBC conventional jammed DD 6-71s and Cummins NTCs under those cabs, making a labor intensive "cab lift" needed to perform an inframe rebuild. As a result many of those trucks were run to death rather than rebuilt and Ford and GM's reputation suffered. Both GM and Ford solved this problem with their later tilt hood short conventionals, bit it's amazing that the same design mistake was repeated decades later. Then again, the way the Big 3 have downsized out veteran engineers over the last few decades, it's no surprise...
  9. Maxidyne

    Ford Market News

    Ford's new unit body longitudinal engine platform will probably be available in several guises- 2 and 4 door Mustangs, Explorers, a return of the AU Falcon, and maybe a Ute version too. This platform has a lot of potential- The Michigan State Patrol tested the upcoming Explorer Interceptor and it outperformed the competition's sedans as well as SUVs, and the only thing faster was the Taurus Interceptor.
  10. Maxidyne

    Ford Market News

    When you've got a valuable brand, you expand it. One of the auto industries better writers, Peter DeLorenzo over at his autoextremist blog has long argued that GM should make Corvette a brand and put all their high performance vehicles under it.
  11. Maxidyne

    Ford Market News

    There's nothing stopping VW from acquiring 20% of Ford, but the way the Ford corporate structure is set up the Ford family controls the majority of the votes even though they have only a minority of the stock. As for VW adding capacity in the U.S., Chattanooga has 2 "lines" and each could make 200,000+ plus units a year. Neither the Passat line nor the Atlas line are building even half that, so VW has no need for another U.S. plant. What VW Chattanooga could do for Ford is provide an assembly home for the Focus and/or Fusion or simply Ford branded Passats. But another U.S. plant? Diess may just be blowing smoke to curry favor with the Trump administration...
  12. Maxidyne

    General Motors News

    This is why I now own more of GM than Ford, though my dad, a Ford man to the end, is probably turning over in his grave. While Ford is researching electric cars, GM has brought an electric car to market. While Ford expects enthusiasts to beg for the chance to blow $400k on a Ford GT, GM is about to eclipse the Ford GT with an under $100k 'Vette. And in trucks GM has now largely matched Ford's offerings in North America and offers a cabover Ford doesn't to boot. Occupants of the upper floors of "glass house", better get your act together!
  13. Maxidyne

    Working at Home Depot Now

    It's hard to take Homer's and Lowes seriously, they're basicly big box retailers trying to do home improvement stuff. Fleet Farm used to be my Go To store, but they've gone downhill the last few years. Menards is good on price, service is usually MIA, and they seem to carry a lot of junk. Bomgaars is good on pellet stove fuel and feed, overpriced on most other stuff. Strangely enough one of my local hardware stores is competitive on Milwaukee tools and carries a full inventory, as was the hardware department of Second Street Steel when I lived in Minneapolis.
  14. Maxidyne

    Ford Market News

    OK, is VW or Ford going to get stuck with the cost of these money losing electric cars? And can Ford and VW together sell the million plus a year electric car volume needed to not even half justify the investment in an electric car platform? And if Ford buys into the MEB platform, what of Ford's investment in the train station and Corktown?
  15. Maxidyne

    General Motors News

    So GM made the mistake of sinking billions into electric cars that aren't selling all that well, and now expects the taxpayer to bail them out (again). As a GM stockholder and taxpayer, I oppose this money grab!

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