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  1. Used to run WI 29 at night from Elk Mound to Waseau, usually saw several deer every trip.
  2. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2016/11/10/watch-joe-biden-and-colin-powell-race-each-other-in-corvettes.html
  3. Used to be that trucking was profitable enough that you could do stupid stuff like spend good money on a new truck then park it. Nowadays it's so dog eat dog that even well managed trucking operations go under.
  4. And Ford is leaving a lot of Transit sales "on the table" at that. I've been dickering on a van for a couple years now and came close to buying a Transit Connect a couple months ago. I want a "Kombi"- 2nd and maybe 3rd row seats that are easily removable so I can easily switch between people hauling, mobile workshop, motorcycle hauler, and farm supply hauling, but Ford wants to sell me either a panel van or a passenger van with no options in between. I want a few useful options like Trailer Tow Package, Roof Rack and Bars, HID Lights, etc. and find few in stock Connects with these options, but almost every one has stupid gadgets like Synch and the usual smarmy automatic braking, lane centering, etc. for the "text while sort of driving" market, which being "Old School" I have no need for. And because they've flooded the dealers with such poorly spec'd vehicles, they sit on the lot despite 10-20% discounts, while if I order what I want even with "X Plan" discount I only get about 5% off and hope the message gets to Spain to build it my way. And they wonder why the Connect is a slow seller?
  5. Sounds like the "delete" deleted the wrong code, demand your money back. 1100-1200 RPM is below the power band for an '08 Volvo engine, not surprising it has little power there.
  6. Sounds like you have one of the late 2006 build trucks with the new for 2007 model year Volvo engine but with 2004 emissions. You may have to do some digging to find the correct service info for your truck. Has your Mack dealer been any help?
  7. How does Ford expect to be taken seriously in the commercial vehicle market place in America when even Daimler offers a broader range of vehicles from compact cars up to the heavy end of Class 8?
  8. CNH AKA IVECO AKA FCA is already selling a side by side ATV called the Scout. Ford has already made it clear that VW won't get to sell a VW badged Ranger in the U.S., so no way will Ford let VW put there badges on a Bronco. That said, within the next five years the Fords will have to sell out to the Porsches or at least save face and merge and Navistar will have no choice but to sell to VW Group at VW Group's price. Assuming VW Group's trademark lawyers prevail, we may see badge engineered "Scout" variants of Ford's BOF truck platform in International showrooms and who knows what VW will call their VW, Audi, and maybe Porsche too versions?
  9. A 2015 is probably out of warranty and Volvo wants $15,000 for a rebuilt transmission.
  10. A Detroit insiders view: http://www.autoextremist.com/current/2020/8/4/ford-goes-long-and-wrong-again.html
  11. Pardon me, I'm no fan of either so easy to confuse.
  12. Well, at least they got rid of Farley...
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html?action=click&pgtype=Article&state=default&module=styln-coronavirus&region=TOP_BANNER&context=storylines_menu
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