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Another Before and After

alex g

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Back in the shop again developed a miss so I pulled the injectors sent them out to be tested found it was severly overfueling so Im having them rebuilt hopefully it ends there for a while.I will see if I can post some more pics

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Ok first MOWERMAN what is a PISSA? second B61 its a 54inch bunk I actually forget at the moment who made it.Third NEWFIE I don't know of any others for sale right now they are far and few between and its a 1988 350 4 valve 13 double over 4.17 rears 38000 axles 24.5 rubber.Last of all thanks for the comments they never get old I plan on giving her a good shine job this winter in my spare time.

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Great Job Alex.

Looks like it could be an Alumi-Bunk sleeper

Alumi-Bunk was the most common bunk mounted on Eastern Ontario sold trucks from Mack Canada. Able Body was I believe more common on the US trucks of that vintage.

Mik-Mak from Northern Ontario is another common one but wasn't as popular with the Eastern Canadian Mack dealers.

I had an Alumi-Bunk on the '85 R-dog.

r dog at shop.jpg

apr 2011 049.JPG

rdog runnin.jpg

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Unfortunately no.

The Old double frame outer rail had eroded down to nothing and split with our beautiful Canadian climate. We worked that truck hard over the years hauling 120,000lbs gross to tandem van in its final days about a year and a half ago. We welded it a few times just to keep it operational for one of our drivers that refused to part with it.

As much as I wanted to keep the truck and slide some new rails in, running and maintaining multiple trucks would have put that old girl out in the field for a long time.

I had many offers to take the truck off my hands over the years. A gentleman from Florida who owns a heavy equipment sales company took it and wanted to make it into a float tractor after replacing the frame rail. I figured better someone making into a usable R-dog again then leaving it to rust till I found the time for it again. It went to a good home. :(

We are currently about to splurge on some older Mack Iron again. So i'm sure some R series cabs will be back in the fold within a few months. :thumb:

To add to your before collection Alex.......Fergus Truck show year 2000 and something....... Looks better now.

R Dog Fergus 001

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