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Australian Valueliner

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wow ive just seen my first value liner with a v8 the r.h. drive is cool too. the 4 head light swept back hood really changes the look !! hard to belive that thing has 3m. road train miles on it and is still so clean.This guy must be super anal about his truck being kept like new. cant even see wear on hood cab cowl rollers or wear marks in side cowling. the value liner dump truck I used to drive only had 180,000 miles on it and showed it worked hard this truck looks like it ran on a dyno its whole life

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It is now official that my 1990 valueliner is on the boat and headed to the USA. I really should not say mine but..........Glen's as This truck was bought brand new by a 21 yr old named Glen Menzies. He drove this truck for nearly 3 million miles! I wish I could scan the book he gave me full of pictures from the day he picked it up until it went on the boat. From what I can confirm this is the first Mack from Australia ever imported into the USA. The Australian Valueliner is totally different that the USA version. It was one of the most respected trucks that ever roamed the outback of the land down under. It is a favorite to this day and holds an incredible resale value because of this.

Purchased from Riverina Mack, Wagga : 6th July 1990

Specifications as follows:-

Model: R722RS

Chassis No: R722RS 13217A

Engine No: E9-500 OB1383

Transmission No: T2180 9Z0088

Diff Carrier: Front 93224188

Diff Carrier: Rear 93324236

Wheel Base: 214 inch (9" double rail)

Engine: E9 500 hp (Bosch In-Line Fuel Pump)

Transmission: T2180 (18 speed)

Diffs: SA44 cast housing Newway Air Suspension Ratio 4.17:1

Rear suspension: Newway Air 44,000 lb

Integrated 42" Sleeper Box

Front Axle: FAW538C

Original Bull Bar

Fuel Tanks: 4 x 500 litre

Raycor Primary Fuel Filter

Holland FW3500 LPP Low Profile Ball Race

Colour - Cabin: Mack White (K.M.T.7)

Colour - Chassis : Mack Red (112T1)

Additional to original.

Icepack 2000 Remote Sleeper Cab Airconditioning System

Tyres: 95% 295/80R22.5 on Drive : 385/65R22.5 on Steer. All chrome rims.


This Mack V8 Valueliner is 100% ORIGINAL.

All paint is original.

Engine, transmission, diff carriers are all original equipment and Serial numbered.

Genuine One Owner AND One Driver.

Complete with all original books, Manuals, and Service Manuals.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact

Glenn Menzies (Owner/Driver) 0429 692735

John McNickle (original Salesman) 0428 692200

Very cool - why is it going to the US?

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Also note that the hood has the F model bar with the dog. It seems the Aussie assembly plant could do things to trucks that we would not see over here. The same goes for why it is still so solid as they add a lot of reinforcement to much of the trucks items that are not necessary here. I was thinking about the right hand drive and was curious if they also moved the clutch and fuel pedal? But they are in the same spot as here. A payload of 242,000lbs was a common thing for this rig. One difference over there than here is we have a lot more long pulls on hills than there.

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A spectacular example of Mack Australia's Value-Liner (with the V-8 and sloped hood). Congratulations.


I remember your thread now about the Valuliner and in fact the very truck I purchased is one of your pictures shown. This model was conceived in Australia because of new regulations there at the time called B doubles. it needed the set back axle in order to meet the turning radius required. The word I get from everyone over there is with the long front springs it is the best riding Mack they had. The reason they also sit the truck cabs up so high on the road train models is to allow air to pass under as it gets incredibly hot out there.

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For those of you who don't know, there are some fantastic Aussie Mack Truck, and Aussie Truck Pages on Facebook with a ton of pictures. There is one group called "F-Model Macks" that has hundreds of pix of those tandem front-axle F-Models that were very popular down under.

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mackdaddy please post if the truck will be in wa. state, would love to see it in person. Cant think of a good reason for a long road trip to Medford unless you want to trade your 85 superliner for a 89 superliner. I saw the flebay ad is it twin turboed? looked like charged air pipe was split.

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Mackdaddy you have one of the best examples of a V8 Valueliner that I have ever seen. I live about half an hour away from Glenns yard and have seen it for the last 15 or 20 years, and it has never looked more than a day old this whole time. It used to run accross to Perth once a week and it was always immaculate. Its just a credit to him. Good luck with it, it will be a show stopper over there.

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That's really,really cool, Dan. You will be able to hook up 3 or 4 trailers and haul your old ones to shows Aussie style. If you get stopped,just tell the cop you made a wrong turn somehow, went thru a really big water puddle and ended up here.

Wish I could afford to take that extra Superliner off your hands.

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once the word got out that a few of my friends from over there were looking for a Valueliner for me Glen's name came up. He was reluctant to sell at first but then thought it would be great to know his big Mack was over here in the states taking it easy. I am telling him that he needs to make a trip over here and driver er to national show for me. Amazing that you live so close to him in that big country.

Mack customer center is excited about having it put on display sometime too.

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That is quite the truck! I have often wondered what it would be like to run a Road Train,and I would love to see it in person at some point! Will be the only one of its kind on this side of the pond for sure! I give the former O/O a lot of credit,not easy to keep a working truck looking that good,especially given the conditions "Down Under"! the Aussies sure know their trucks! I think Macks have just a big of following there as they do here!..................................................Mark

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Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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