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  1. No, it was Consolidated Vultee TBY "Seawolf" torpedo bomber that was produced for the U.S. Navy, at Mack Trucks' Plant 5C. The facility, at that time, ordinarily produced municipal transit buses. Mack also built aircraft components for BT13 trainers and B-24 bombers. It's noteworthy that the War Department presented Mack Trucks with the Army-Navy "E" Award for excellence, in recognition of the company's high achievement in the production of war materials. The Seawolf was not a stellar aircraft (though not a flat out deathtrap like the obsolete Devastator), but choosing to build it was the mist
  2. There's some info on the Mariner here - page 19. http://www.mackdefense.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Mack_Geared_For_Victory.pdf Also, note the mention of the New Brunswick and Plainfield, New Jersey plants on page 23. Many do not realize that New Jersey was a massive Mack location for production, as well as spare parts distribution. http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/topic/34219-mack-trucks-the-facilities/ http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/topic/31969-bridgewater/
  3. The U.S. Navy assigned Mack Trucks the task of designing a 400 horsepower supercharged V-12 diesel engine. Mack used a patented welded (fabricated) engine block design to meet the navy's requirement for this experimental engine.
  4. Perhaps new gauges are still available from Stewart-Warner, which would be cheaper than reconditioning. 82311 ampmeter 82348 oil pressure 82350 air 82351 engine temperature (positive ground) 82353 fuel (positive ground)
  5. Simply contact Barry with your model and serial number, and find out the actual Mack OEM part number (why do this the hard way?). Given you are a special case, a customer in Russia, I'm sure he'd be willing to work with you.
  6. The easiest way is to provide Barry with your full model and serial number. He can then tell you the correct part number for the seals. He's going to tell you what the truck was built with, which could be Stemco, CR or National (they were all factory options). Your truck might very well use the following seals: Stemco 392-9094 (seal + wear band kit) or 309-0903 (guardian one-piece) CR 45099 (Mack # 88AX407) National 370022A (Mack # 88AX467) I personally prefer National.
  7. It's interesting that the new Mack website only mentions the Twin-Y air suspension (a.k.a Volvo Blade Air Suspension) and mRIDE (a.k.a. Volvo T-Ride). No mention of the former Mack's camelback suspension (which isn't by accident). The Twin-Y air suspension (a.k.a Volvo Blade Air Suspension) is a sales disaster. Volvo can't give them away. Volvo wouldn't even consider using it in the global market. They get sound engineering there in the form of the Volvo RADD-GR and RADD-G2 (on-highway), and GRAS-G2 (vocational).
  8. Exactly, it says "Click here for the most recent issue", and you get volume 3 of year 2013. Oh yeah, they're on the ball at Volvo headquarters in Greensboro.
  9. No. You do NOT use the 440SX30A in the vent window track. That requires an entirely different window felt. Your Mack dealer should have sold it to you, in addition to the 440SX30A (You'll see the 2795 vendor part number for the vent window felt when you look at the parts break-down of the 84QS55R and 84QS56R vent window assemblies). You cut one piece of 440SX30A in half to do the tracks on the removeable door panel. You take the remaining piece to to the upper door (without using the including brass retainers). You'll have a bit left over, which you cut off and throw away. Why aren't you repla
  10. I assume they sold you 4 pieces of 440SX30A (or perhaps it's sold under a Volvo global part number now). The 440SX30A is for the tracks in the door panel and the upper section (you'll need to cut/shorten that piece). However the vent window felt is different and is (was) sold under a vendor number, 2795-170014005. You only use the included brass retaining clips on the door panel tracks.
  11. That's it in a nutshell. Volvo wants to push forward the transition to Volvo global components. And, Volvo doesn't believe in glider kits. It's not the "Volvo Way". What American customers might want simply doesn't matter. The Volvo way is to tell you what you need. Those Swedes love to dictate, but are terrible listeners.
  12. http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/topic/26449-who-got-the-contract-to-build-mack-chassis/
  13. Trailer/Body Builders / July 15, 2014 Navistar, Inc. has started customer shipments of its first International DuraStar and International WorkStar vehicles with the company’s 9- and 10-liter engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions technology. The company’s internal testing shows these products are delivering up to eight percent in fuel economy improvement over the previous generation. “Our field test customers are seeing positive results – with our new trucks registering significant fuel economy improvements,” said Bill Kozek, president, North America Truck and Parts, Navi
  14. And of course, you can contact the good folks at Watts Mack for your E9 parts needs, the distributor that runs this website, Ask for Barry. http://www.wattstruckcenter.com/parts.php
  15. If you own a Dodge diesel pickup, the best thing you'll ever do is join the Turbo Diesel Register. It's a great bunch of people that share information and experiences specifically about Dodge diesel pickups (all years). I'm sure you can better understand your problem and find a solution thru the Turbo Diesel Register. www.turbodieselregister.com
  16. This the "Modern Mack Truck General Discussion" thread. It's not the appropriate place to be posting trucks for sale. To aid you in selling your truck, the good folks at Watts Mack (who manage this forum) have created a specific thread for people selling trucks. Simply scroll down the main menu to Market Place, and click on Trucks For Sale.
  17. Heavy-Equipment Firm Faces Allegations of Emission-Control Problems Wall Street Journal / June 12, 2014 Caterpillar Inc. faces at least 15 lawsuits over allegations that engines for trucks, charter buses and school buses it sold between 2006 and 2010 were prone to regular breakdowns and in some cases caught fire. Although the alleged flaws aren't known to have caused deaths or injuries, the suits are a potentially costly embarrassment for a company that regularly says the reliability of its products justifies premium prices. Earlier this week, Caterpillar acknowledged an agreement to pay $4
  18. Odd, I'm not seeing any news links on your posts. Navistar has never worked with Scania. The former Mack Trucks is the only U.S. truckmaker that Scania ever cooperated with. MAN and Navistar are not actively cooperating (as, for example, in a joint venture). Navistar merely purchased a license agreement to produce the MAN D20 and D26 engines in their own U.S. facility. And since Navistar has made moves to break the terms of the license agreement and export these license-built engines abroad (into MAN's global markets), not to mention ignoring MAN's advice on EGR's limitations, the German truck
  19. Did the PAI distributor say their replacement version was no longer available, or that they simply didn't stock it? Horton makes the best fan clutches in the business, and they have a distributor in Victoria. NORMAN G. CLARK PTY. LTD. 44 Kylta Road VICTORIA HEIDELBERG Australia, 3081 -17592 +61-3-9450-8200 customerservice@ngclark.com.au While they might have to contact Horton's U.S. headquarters to confirm the right replacement for your application, I'm certain that Horton has an on-off fan clutch for your truck. And it will be superior in performance to the viscous Schweitzer unit you had. I
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmHFcHmFdvI Located in Molsheim, Germany, Mercedes-Benz’s Custom Tailored Truck (CTT) unit performs factory-quality conversions on standard Actros and Arocs vocational chassus. CTT handles development, production, sales marketing and service documentation, providing customers with a seamless solution. End customers benefit from the fact that the trucks converted by CTT enjoy the same high Mercedes-Benz standards of quality as regular production vehicles, and the same warranty and after-sales support. Custom-built trucks from Mercedes-Benz’s Custom Tailored Truck
  21. The Mercedes-Benz Actros SLT flagship heavy hauler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C5-MeXXmPU The Mercedes-Benz Arocs SLT heavy hauler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INt1_--DSpE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is72P3nNxCw
  22. The video is quite interesting, giving yanks some idea about trucking down under. Note that he's running at 62 tons (136,687 pounds).
  23. Tell your Mack dealer that you want a part number 21SU18.
  24. As enthusiastic and capable as Ford heavy truck producer Otosan is, one wonders why Bill Ford isn't giving them more financial support. Ford Otosan would be the ideal catalyst for getting Ford back into the game, in the global market with a cutting edge European style COE. U.S. market competition is fierce resulting in reduced profitability. It's only beneficial to truckmakers to a limited extent, in adding to your global volumes. The global market is where the volumes and profits are.
  25. Truck News / May 20, 2014 Mack Trucks announced today that it recently named its new vice-president of national accounts. In this new role, Stan Mikalonis will spearhead Mack’s national accounts team and will be based at the Greensboro Mack World headquarters. “Mack is pleased to welcome Stan to the team,” said Stephen Roy, president, Mack Trucks North American Sales & Marketing in an release. “He brings a strong heavy-duty industry background, which will prove an invaluable asset as he helps us further our partnerships with national account customers.” Before joining Mack’s team, Mikalo
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