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  1. There was a guy in Canada that had at least one Superliner with an 866 but it may have been a glider.
  2. Yaworski also had at least one B815 and I'm pretty sure it had 80,000 rears too.
  3. Not mine, but it is a DM897SX. Can't trust everything you read on the interwebs.
  4. Does anyone have more information on the low production models like the DM833?
  5. As I understand it, the DM819SX came with an 864 V8 but it had problems so Mack installed a new Cat to appease the owner.
  6. Please post a video of it running. Thanks.
  7. I say go. Let us know if you find the New York thread.
  8. Good luck with the move. Post some pictures.
  9. Take lots of pictures. Will you be driving the DM800 or mixer down?
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