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  1. Power comes from the circuit breaker to the courtesy switch then to headlight switch then the foot switch. If you have power at the breaker and no power at the light switch or foot switch check the dash mounted courtesy switch. This is not a standard two pole switch, I had to get one from the Mack dealer. One set of poles are normaly closed when the switch is in the center position, when operated this opens the circuit to turn off the headlights and clearance lights. The other set of poles are open, when operated this closes the circuit to turn on high beam and clearance lights. This is a lit
  2. Check the groung wire to the hood for headlights and running lights. Had this issue on a GMC throwing a coolent sensor code and shutting down the engine.
  3. It is a 1968 R600. Check out the you tube video of me hauling a steam engine for the LaGrange engine club show this weekend in Wellington Ohio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RO0HFu7wWM Jeff
  4. Here are a couple of pictures of the oil connections on my END711. I hope it helps. Jeff
  5. This may be it. It was shown at the Ohio Vintage Truck Jamboree, Ashland Ohio in 2012. Dan Aldrich photo. Jeff
  6. Here is a picture of my dash. all original except for the air gauge. Jeff
  7. R609T7446 It was a little workout for the Mack and I am getting better shifting the duplex. It is easer shifting with a trailer and load then bobtail.
  8. Billyjay Sorry I missed you at the show I spent most of my time with the steam engines. You have a very nice B model. The picture is of my 1968 R609 I hauled the steam engine to the show and gave the Mack a little workout. The Load King folding neck trailer makes loading and unloading very easy. I was also involved in the moving of the 110HP Frick. (nice to have friends)
  9. Vinny, Sorry you are having a hard time getting a price. Was it Custom Chrome you called? Send me a high quality picture and I will stop and See Jon and get you a price. If you are interested is using them after I get a quote you can send it to me and I will take it across town and get it done. My chrome job was $60 in 2009. Jeff
  10. Vinny, If you go to his web page and look in the chrome gallery my emblem is in the third picture. I will look to see if I can find what the cost was. Jeff
  11. Vinny, I had my R600 emblem done by http://www.customchromeplating.com/ Jon Wright does show quality work at a reasonable price. Attached is a picture of my emblem. Good luck your truck looks great. Jeff
  12. On my 711 the serial number is stamped in the casting in front of the injection pump. See the attached picture.
  13. Larry, I just had mine done. The company sends us to Lodi hospital and we are in a pool for random drug and alcohol testing. You may be able to get hooked up with Lodi, the phone number is 330-948-1222. the company requires us to register as a 3 with the state, but I register as a 1 as I also traval out of state with my personal truck. I never went to the DMV, I e-mail the medical certification to the state. Jeff
  14. I have a Fontaine No slack fifth wheel on mounting plate,asking $250 Also have R model headliner, Asking $35 Located in Grafton,Ohio Thank you, Jeff
  15. I have a R model hood I would like to sell. The hood measures the same as the one on my 1968 R609. It has some old repairs and cracks and will need some glass work. I am asking $225 and is located in Grafton, Ohio Thank you, Jeff
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