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  1. you may have done this already but leave the fuel cap off when you start it...if it keeps running then your tank vent is plugged
  2. We drove the Mack to New Alexandria and back hauling my sons power wagon putting about 350 miles on her. We took rt 30 down to East Liverpool then across the river and up the hill to rt 22 . We gave the old triplex a workout that day...Everytime I drive the Mack I am reminded of my dad back in the day,driving his B-61 from Akron to Baltimore three times a week and If he were still here Im sure he would have given me that loving slap to the back of the head when I didnt catch a gear just right....just like he did when we were kids teaching us how to drive...Everyweekend there seemed to be a party where his buddys would come over and help work on dads truck,next weekend we would be helping work on one of their trucks and for us kids the reward was always the same....dad would lets us bobtail down to the deadend turnaround and back...thats why I love the old Mack and enjoy shareing these trips with my son....The show was great,lots of nice trucks,got to meet Barry and a lot good folks and hope to be able to come back..sorry,I think I started to ramble.....Jim
  3. I bought an alternator from a guy on ebay..qualitypower1..he put a double groove pulley on it and sent a bracket along that bolted to the stock generator mount..I bought it pos ground and ran it for a year then changed it over to neg. ground still keeping the series paralell switch...works good for me..Jim
  4. pretty sure thats the one sitting at Tiger General on St.Rt. 3 about half way between I-76 and 18 Medina...If you stop by check out that 1968 Cline winch truck with 8v71.....Jim
  5. Im planning to to haul the dodge to the BMT show at Watts Mack on the 22nd...its about a 3 hour drive....anyone else going? hope to see you there...Jim
  6. Our Mack and our sons 41 Dodge WC in the parade last weekend
  7. I didnt get to talk to anyone yet but I thought they maybe used the right tank for gas for the crane unit...left tank had a diesel sticker on it.....Jim
  8. B 83 SX sitting two miles north of Wooster Ohio on St.Rt. 83. Has Bucyrus Erie H-5 Hydrocrane mounted on it..looks pretty clean and and has a crane service logo on it...Data plate says B 83 SX 1230s something...call 330-669-3545....dont know anymore just passing this along....Jim...If anyones interested I can go back and check it out better for you....
  9. I used the 4635 bottoms and 4636 tops for my B model and have held up good until I lost a top on the way back from Iowa...the guy down at the napa store got me another 4636 top for 65.00 and i thought all was good till they added 25.00 shipping...what can you say!!!!...Jim
  10. The first dodge is my sons 1941 wc 1/2 ton,been in our family for 25 years...the second one is Roy Franks 1953 1 ton power wagon....the fuel filter canister has a fiber washer under the top nut and was falling apart so we used a soft copper brake washer instead...seemed to do the trick...Jim
  11. I got home last nite from our trip to the Power wagon rally in Fairfield Iowa ..We put 600 miles on her sunday and a little over 1400 miles total.We hauled two power wagons out and back on our trailer,my sons and Roy Franks ... everything went good except for the last 75 miles or so on the way out when she quit on us..after changing the fuel filter we were back on the road for about 10 miles when she died again.We got going again and made it to Fairfield where I got a copper brake line washer and put it under the top nut on the fuel cannister..it was ok after that..The truck ran great as we could run 66-67 in 5th and 53-54 in 4th high then 4th direct if needed and never had to go to 4th low on the big road...that double over triplex is sweet...I just kind of cruised along at 55-57 most of the way and we got between 7-71/2 mpg so I was happy with that and ran around 185 temp. or so all the way... Saturday we drove it over to Ottumwa truck show where we met superdog and spent a couple hours there before heading back to Fairfield.for the banquet.We left Sunday morning and it rained almost all the way home and every once in a while the old mack just fell down and then would pick up again,usually at the worst times ...up hill....didnt act quite like the filter...just a weird kind of miss and would stumble along at 14-1500 then get going again...very frustrating and pouring down rain...me and Roy checked everything and all looked ok...Went to Roys this morning to unload and had the same miss...just out of curiosity I dropprd the bottom of the air filter can and it was full of water!!!! poured it out,put some new oil in it and it ran ok going back home this afternoon...can we be that lucky??? anyway it was a great trip out and back and hope to do it again next year...thanks Jim
  12. Hey just wanted to say thanks to Superdog...glad I got to meet you and the guys...very nice show with some great looking trucks...it was only 35 min. from the Powerwagon show at Fairfield so we were able to drive over for a few hours before going back and loading up the trucks...I must be getting old cause after 600 miles on the B yesterday I didnt want to get out of bed this morning but Im still smiling...Jim ...
  13. Im tall and my sons are even taller yet and my problem is that the released clutch pedal comes up so high making it hard to get your foot up on top of it...The clutch seems to meet the adjustment specs in the Mack book,grabs about half way up and does not slip but I have 4 inches of down travel till you start to feel some resistance...can I use the stop screw on the linkage to limit how far the released pedal comes up..Im thinking if I could adjust the stop and take out 2 inches at the top I would then have about 2 inches of free play...any ideas,,,thanks Jim
  14. OK....since I already got rid of the reg/gen and went to a one wire alt I just unhooked the pos groung alt and switched the cables at the battery and switched the wires on the volt meter and everything worked like it did before but im now neg ground....Like Larry said,,,I was overthinking this...So now Im dropping off the alt to have it changed to neg ground...the paper work with the new series parallel switch said it would work pos or neg depending how the battries were hooked up so were good to go....thanks everyone... Jim
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