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New guy

Roel Eenkhoorn

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Hi There,

I am Roel and i come from the Netherlands.

Since a month i own a Mack B53 and they are so rare, that i am the only one in Holland with a B53.

I have also a Pontiac Firebird Esprit 5,7 litre 1973 And a Pontiac firebird Trans Am 7,2 litre Stroked 1974.

I bought the Mack in the build up fase.

So its gathering parts to complete the missing.

Nice to meet you all.\Since i am new to the Truck parts any advise is welcome.



Hi Roel,

Always welcome to our European friends! I am continually surprised at how many American trucks and farm tractors end up in the 'Old Country'....

Could you offer any insights into why this is so?

Regards und viele Grüße (im Deutsch nicht niederländisch)


Fun is what they fine you for!

My name is Bob Buckman sir,. . . and I hate truckers.

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What European driver wouldn't want a B-Model? especially if they had to drive a turd like this! LOL!.........................................Mark

Oh, now you gone and got me all upset...... temper tantrums and pouting will commence. :loldude:

that "turd" was the king of European highways in its day... F88 was its name and it ran at 88mph..!!!! hmmm, could be an F89, even better..!!!!!

One of the first trucks I road tested when I got my HGV class 1 licence, syncro box, loads of power, used to leave cars standing at the traffic lights..!!! ok, it was the UK of the 70's and high horsepower was a 1500cc Ford Cortina..

Volvo of the 60's and 70's is not the Volvo you know today..... very technically advanced in the day, 52 tonne gross where legal, and a comfortable sleeper cab given the length laws that still dictate cabovers as a means of propulsion. Parked beside the Leyland product of the day it just looked fast..!!

Volvo and Scania ruled the roost from Ireland in the west to Iran in the east.... dealer support was top class... parts were always in stock.

OK... I know you were kidding..... and you are forgiven, I've called off the hit.... :whistling: but some of us actually like older Volvos and Scanias.... if there was an F88/89 anywhere in North America I'd be after it with chequebook ready... yes, I'm a fan..!!!

pic is one I found of the company I worked for, taken about 1976.

'New Volvo USA' I would not touch... not impressed to say the least...

BC Mack


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