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  1. Welcome dude!!! Proud B53 owner here!
  2. I like the B serie the best.. so the 50's and 60's.. mine got now a 711 heart.....to improve those horsepowers a bit.
  3. Vlad, i have only engine parts laying around. And 2 doors for a B serie. and some bodyparts. but i know where to get those not so far from my place. greetz, Roel
  4. BTW Just found out that i have a rare 711 engine builed in. I didnt know that, but the original engine and transmission i als have.. so fot holland termes i have a rare B53 and an 711..
  5. Hi Gerard, I Am also from the Netherlands. Maybe if you would like you can see my B53 in progress. greetz from Rotterdam.
  6. Welcome....where are you from in Florida...I go often to Florida..Leesburg. Then i can be found much in Daytona greetz, Roel
  7. It must be rolling bij the end of the mont Vladislav! Since its imported i have to get a licenseplate here.. cant be quickly enough arranged.
  8. Thanks, so just normal 15W40.. I thought that maybe for a diesel this ol you would need different oil.
  9. Name: Mack B53 (1964) Date Added: 04 July 2014 - 11:15 PM Owner: Roel Eenkhoorn Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  10. Hi there, I am Roel from the Netherlands and i am restoring a B53. I think i will have many questions since i never restored a Truck. I posess also a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am [ 1974 ] And a PontiacFirebird Esprit [ 1973] ill post some pics, but i have a question. What kind of oil goes in a B53 and how much. Same for the transmission. Greetz, Roel
  11. I went to Mack Monnee yesterday, and i heard that my Mack B53 was one of 9 that was shiped in crates to Belgium. Their purpose was to become concrete mixers, cos this frame was specially for that. So i am the owner of a special truck, and as untill today it is not known where the other 8 are..
  12. Ok.. i thought i got so much welcomes trown over me.. but it goes about something else..
  13. This is the way i bought my B53 Got lots of parts already, it will be the trim i need, like floor and mudflaps. In the netherlands is a official Mack dealer.He will help me with missing parts. Greetz, Roel
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