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  1. Hey Wheeler So the criuse switch changed the ecm settings, certainly makes sense, however crazy to think it can happen. Great techenical advice. Which state do you reside in? Thanks again!
  2. Engine usually idles at 650 rpm, recently has dropped to 500. This is not a real problem. Any thoughts on where to start looking
  3. Just wanted to say hello, my blame is Randy and I am responsible for 11 trucks. 5 are Mack's from 05-07. I manage most of the repairs myself or under see all mechanical I job out. I recently posted a problem which Wheeler assisted me on would like to give a big thanks to him for his professionalism. I will try to assist where I can & look forward to everyone's company. Let the big dog eat!!! Lol
  4. Hi Wheeler Truck is 06. I did locate the sensor. It was on the left side where u mention. Thanks It will go back on the road on Friday just need to some minor ac repairs. I will let you how it performs under load. Thanks Dogly
  5. Hi wheeler I have checked all hoses found small leak on turbo pipe flex line replaced it I have a sensor shows the placement is under ECM Still trying to locate Any hints
  6. I have been experiencing intake manifold problems and this has been causing damage to emssion hose and power issues intermittly
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