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  1. Where can you get replacement vin number tags for the R Model Mack door? Thanks Doug
  2. $3000 Two trucks with a lot of parts. One cab is off in primer. One frame has been blasted and painted. Call Bill 318-729-7355 7am until 7pm No emails or text. There is pictures of all this a few months back on here in the for sale adds posted by me. Doug Sr.
  3. Bill told me today he would trade the B61 for a 70's Ford one ton truck. Doug
  4. Call 318-729-7355 for more info.
  5. I have not looked in it in a good while but I don't think it is to bad.
  6. Super Dog we are in the North central part of the state. Olla LA Half way between Monroe and Alexandria on HI way 165. Doug
  7. I will have to ask Bill. I will get back with you. Doug
  8. Call Bill at 318-729-7355 for more info on these trucks.
  9. A lot of people looking but not the first call yet. Doug
  10. Bill said he would take $1000 for the B61 and $400 for the gasser engine with the baby quad. Doug
  11. Loading will not be a problem. Doug
  12. Bill said he may would split up the trucks or the gas engine with the baby quad 20 speed.
  13. Yes it is the same truck. He got the B 61 to cut the frame off and put it on the one we was building. It would have a better road gear. Was going to put the triplex from the other truck in it also. He has so much going on and did not have the time to work on it.
  14. It is best to call before eight pm central time. Thanks
  15. B 42 and B61 package deal. The B42 has the cab off. It has a diesel engine with a duplex trans. Has a three speed aux behind it. The engine runs. The B 61 is not running but the engine is still in it. It has a triplex trans. Have a lot of extra parts. Also have a 401 gasser. It has a 20 speed baby quad still bolted to it. Was running but needed a rebuild. The quad shifted good. Call Bill at 318-729-7355. Serious callers only please. $5000.00 takes it all. Phone calls only please.
  16. The screen is stopped up. Take it out and throw it away. Doug
  17. You got that right about needing to use sr discounts while you can. I like to get my sr coffee at McDonalds. They have pretty good coffee. Doug
  18. I take my sr discount every time I can. Doug
  19. I have a friend that just bought the stuff to do it with but has not got around to setting it up to try it out. Doug
  20. If they squat to pee you will never figure them out. Bottom line Doug
  21. I have an 03 F250 with the 7.3 I bought new with only 36000 miles on it. Still smells new inside. Stays in the garage with the door closed. Doug
  22. Knock on wood. We went to Texas last weekend and put over eight hundred miles on it. It ran good. I got my fingers crossed. Doug
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