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  1. i got help from 'David' on this site when i had to find rims to replace mine. aj
  2. i bought a piece of 4" exhaust pipe and had a friend that owns an electrical company use his pipe bender to make mine. i was able to use my old exhaust pipe to get the correct angle to get to back of cab. the angle isnt real critical as there was plenty of room to route the pipe. i bought a piece of exhaust pipe but i really didnt see much difference from the 4" steel conduit he had at his electrical shop. aj
  3. you can kinda see where the original battery boxes were. aj
  4. welcome. are you going to leave the dump bed on? looks like a nice project. aj
  5. your truck looks awesome. color is great. how did you do the interior?
  6. search for steering wheel restoration in march of 2010.the post by phantom309 goes over the process. ajt
  7. i like the firewall painted with the interior color. aj
  8. it is probably a standard now.......but i hate whoever started this 10% buyers premium bullshit. i would like to work for these people and add 10% onto my bill when i send it to them. i have left more than one auction after puttting too much thought in it while bidding. aj
  9. aint been the same without ya. summer is winding down so hang in there.aj
  10. probably anybody that wants free housing thanks to you. aj
  11. great video. i enjoy your posts and your enthusiasm. aj
  12. nice pics. I enjoyed lookin at them. that's a cool suburban. aj
  13. I run octane boost in my old car to make sure im getting premium fuel.
  14. How did they get the truck from site to site. that would be different to see that truck traveling down the road to the next circus. aj
  15. there was a good thread on this not too long ago. try a search on the subject.aj
  16. that lock cylinder also fits another purpose. thats how i found mine. it was listed as 1930-1960 mack truck.international glove box lock. see if this helps at all.(my invoice also said Nash item # 220417572355. if this is still revelant)aj
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