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  1. Rob i use a Rand Mcnally 730 or 720, its about 3 years old now and comes with lifetime updates. Only problem i have had is the charging cord which will vibrate loose over time. Had a Cobra that had to be returned before that due to freezing up constantely. Nice thing about the Rand Mcnally is that it can be set up to different lenghts, combinations, etc. Still use common sense, but i strongly recomend them
  2. Supposedly the tires will wear less on pavement mounted backwards. Could neither confirm nor deny this.
  3. Kinda has that 1940’s Chevy grill shape to me. The way the soccer moms drive you would think they was driving something like that
  4. I I would’ve loved to seen that. It’s a shame a lot of great places like this are gone
  5. Ol Chucke2009 gets a lot of b.s. over some things, but he has a great channel
  6. They come in real handy, I always tried to carry 4 2” straps & 2 4” portable straps. You would really be surprised how much I used them for the extra securement on the oddball loads
  7. Give ‘em hell Paul. The Veterans of our country deserves this. By knowing you over the years on BMT, I’d say they just stirred up a shit storm of great proportions
  8. Maybe it’s time to take it easy ol buddy and enjoy your life with a special lady in Florida
  9. People think I just fall off the earth from time to time, but I’m still around
  10. Great pictures as usual ‘ol buddy
  11. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Happy New Year
  12. I guess it's just so devastating being them.....dumbasses
  13. Hope for a full and speedy recovery for you buddy
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