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  1. Give ‘em hell Paul. The Veterans of our country deserves this. By knowing you over the years on BMT, I’d say they just stirred up a shit storm of great proportions
  2. Maybe it’s time to take it easy ol buddy and enjoy your life with a special lady in Florida
  3. People think I just fall off the earth from time to time, but I’m still around
  4. Great pictures as usual ‘ol buddy
  5. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Happy New Year
  6. I guess it's just so devastating being them.....dumbasses
  7. Hope for a full and speedy recovery for you buddy
  8. Not sure about the Icon deal myself, I have a 2014 Fitzgerald glider peterbilt 386 I drive at Everhart transportation and love it, 525 horse Detroit 13speed 3.55 rears. Pulls real good in the hills and haven't had a complaint with it yet. Get a respectable 7.2 mpg on a 68mph average, and the best part no emissions crap or Def nonsense to deal with. Had a 2007 freightliner Coronado before that and never had a breakdown with it. I'll stand behind Fitzgerald gliders all day long because they offer good trucks any way you want them spec'd out, you can't go wrong with that
  9. You are such a poet, I bet 58fwd is writing these down
  10. she was wearing one of there uniforms, dirty sweat pants was probably on back order.....lol
  11. I agree with you 100%, your not becoming a dinosaur you just have respect for yourself, others,and your job. I never have claimed to know everything about trucking and probably never will,but you have to be willing to learn the job. That's what a lot of the New drivers don't wanna do. My whole trucking career i've always watched others, asked advice and picked up on a lot. The whole backing up deal to me is set yourself up, look at everything around you. I'll be the first to admit i've screwed up a few times, but I learned from my mistakes and a lot of these new drivers don't care if they do. I agree with farmer and maint1, practice......it's really getting sad out here anymore
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