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  1. WE have way too many hours in the truck - started out as a repaint - gradually got into more detailed scope of work.Learn a lot, but probably would not take on a project like this again. WE are more heavy truck collision repair specialist.
  2. He has a flatbed dump with slat sides that he is going to install on it
  3. WE finally got it done! Customer Newport Sand & Gravel is picking it up Thursday. He has been to see it and is thrilled with the final outcome. Took it for a quick spin around the yard this morning - forgot how small the cabs were on these trucks.
  4. New Mack Granite Mixer - Ready Mix USA bought 40+ from Mack this year - 6 got delivered to thier eastern Tennessee operations - very nice trucks.
  5. WE have a wheel polishing machine at our detail shop in Knoxville. Get $70.00 per wheel - machine runs 8-10 hours per day. It generally takes about 1 hour per wheel if they are bad - need to grind them about three times to make them look good. The machine is expensive to own/maintain/use - cost about $3000 just to have it on site!
  6. There is a Walker's Truck Contractors in New Market, TN just east of Knoxville. They are into a lot of things - run about 60 dump trucks. WE sold them 3 new Granite trucks this year. They have a much bigger operation in SC, buys all the dump trucks KW out of our Greenville store. Good operation.
  7. He is changing out the wheels and tires when he gets it home
  8. Freshly Painted DM690S Cab and Chassis. Customer Newport Sand & Gravel is going to make it a dump truck. Same paint scheme as the 1966 B61 we are doingfor him.
  9. Our owner of 44 years said the RD800 series was one of the best trucks Mack ever made - plenty of them still up in the coal fields of Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia as well as plenty of DM800's - all 65 bogies. WE have had good experience with the M-Drive - had a customer bought 16 last year and 40 this year for tanker application. Have not seen a lot of issues in the shop either.
  10. The M-Drive transmission is not yet approved for any Mack GU applications at this time - we are being told it will be available 3rd quarter 2014 for GU applications
  11. Sold 4 of these to a local customer for an off road sand mining application. MP7-395, Allison Automatic Transmissions, 23,000 front axles, 65,000 rear axles - were originally ordered to be bodied as coal trucks(our numbskull in chief has destroyed that industry). Customer has 2 in service already doing a great job for him.
  12. I been to the plant in Hagerstown on a number of occasions. MOST of the components including the blocks are the dame for the D11/MP7 and D13/MP8 engines. Mack has some variations in settings due to their larger vocational requirements. The MP 2010 compliant SCR engines have been doing a great job. WE have near 300 day cab and sleeper tractors with MP8-415 and MP8-445 engines in our WE Lease lease & rental fleet of 1400+ power units and they have been doing a great job. The M-Drive is making great strides every day with our "stick" customers. WE have done demonstrator units with some non Volvo/Mack customers who would have never thought about Mack for sleeper use - I am quoting each of them 5-10 new Mack sleepers. Customers today are looking for durability, reliability, fuel economy, performance and servicability. From my point of view the Mack MP series 2010 compliant SCR engines are delivering superior results all around
  13. Never shot a gun in my life until I went into the Marine Corps in 1977. Had not shot one since I got out in 1981. I now have a TN concealed carry permit and a semi-automatic hand gun, will have a 12 gauge shotgun and a hunting rifle by spring. This arrogant incompetent jerk and his equally inept administration can't get put out of office fast enough. Not a hunter, but agree with all manner of hunting and am now a member of the NRA. If you don't exercise and fight for your rights these elitist a-holes will take them from you!
  14. Returned back to customer Ready Mix USA today - lots of work on this mixer, but customer is happy with final results!
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