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    pushing dirt, hauling dirt, moving equipment, tearing stuff up, raising hell, staying at hunting cabin cooking and eating stuff aint good for me, watching sky for mother ship to come back, teaching grandson how to do all the above, anything MACK, baseball, football,,,,,theres more but too lengthy
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  1. You can buy Lucas Blinkers Fluid with "Stop Leak Additives", kinda pricey though,,,,randyp
  2. They been eyeing me, I'm too fast for em,,,,,,randyp
  3. He was "sickly", but my witch doctor powers cured him,,,,,,randyp
  4. Crap! I give up !! ,,,randyp
  5. dammit!!!!! Well,,I caught a turtle laying eggs in front yard
  6. Let the fun begin,,,randyp
  7. Heres what I'm sticking in my hole,,,(house)
  8. Why can't I get pictures in right?
  9. He flew up from roadkill right in open side window,,I managed to get him around neck and drive at same time,, course he spit and shit all over me and truck,, not a good day,,,randyp
  10. I really like this trailer, electric over hydraulic ramp, 15,000 lb electric winch on front,,,randyp
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