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  1. You can buy Lucas Blinkers Fluid with "Stop Leak Additives", kinda pricey though,,,,randyp
  2. They been eyeing me, I'm too fast for em,,,,,,randyp
  3. He was "sickly", but my witch doctor powers cured him,,,,,,randyp
  4. Crap! I give up !! ,,,randyp
  5. dammit!!!!! Well,,I caught a turtle laying eggs in front yard
  6. Let the fun begin,,,randyp
  7. Heres what I'm sticking in my hole,,,(house)
  8. Why can't I get pictures in right?
  9. He flew up from roadkill right in open side window,,I managed to get him around neck and drive at same time,, course he spit and shit all over me and truck,, not a good day,,,randyp
  10. I really like this trailer, electric over hydraulic ramp, 15,000 lb electric winch on front,,,randyp
  11. Also lil Misses helped me move some equipment today, hehe heh,,I neglected to tell her she was sitting in very seat that I choked buzzard almost to death,,,randyp
  12. This rain here has ground saturated and rotten,,,randyp
  13. Dernit, powerband just seems so much easier on engine that way,,,i think I'm gonna keep breaking Macks rules,, thanks my friends,,randyp
  14. Wow! Good work my friend! Amble off down here to Texas and help me with mine, while your wrenching on it, I will go catch us a fresh pig and throw on cooker, maybe a side order of fried buzzard wings too. randyp
  15. Empty I just drive 5 speed high, does great! randyp
  16. Other Dog is still my hero and mentor!! randyp
  17. I'm old enough to know more, but I have forgetful mind in my old age. I bought a real clean 80 r-model dump truck couple years ago, 2 stick 6 speed. A Mack mechanic at dealership told me to never ever do any thing other than when leaving pit, use first gear, low range, shift to high range on highway and just drive it like 5 speed. Well, bout the last month I been shifting 1,2,3 low, then go to high side after winding 3 low out, gear ratios are spaced closer like that, faster recovery time, less jet black smoke, and nary a scratch of any kind at all. I even downshift high to low sometimes on certain road conditions, no scratches at all. My question my friends, am I messing up? Doesn't seem to bother trans at all, and truck stays in a cleaner powerband. I think that dealership mechanic was full of doodoo,,what y'all think? randyp
  18. Yes, I bought a Pintle trailer that will do all I need to do, really nice 25 ton Interstate with electric over hydraulic ramp. I can pull it with dump truck so don't have to have a "dedicated" haul truck, less insurance, registration, etc. I retired olé Killer, sure hated to, love that olé truck, me and him made lotsa tracks around here. randyp
  19. heh hehe,, still doing lots of site work, I gave up buzzard wrestling, too hard to get that "smell" outta clothes. The boy doing just great, school going good, good grades and all. We are bout ready for a break from rain here, been raining like crazy since January! Hope you and family are all doing well,,,randyp
  20. Boy! I screwed that one up!! lol randyp
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