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  1. Happy Easter Everyone! Tom
  2. http://boston.craigslist.org/nos/cto/4418613227.html http://harrisonburg.craigslist.org/cto/4405682660.html
  3. From my angle it came off as you where... My apologies if you wherent. Great Story!!!! Thank you for sharing!! Thank you!!
  4. Thank you everyone!!!! Took a very long time to find the right one, and in my price range.. Very excited about my purchase!
  5. Thanks Mike!!!! I cant wait to get her home. Shes been off the road for 5-6 years, Driven and started every once and awhile. Drives and shifts great. its going to be a work in progress for awhile until i can go over everything. Cant wait till shes on the road! Tom
  6. no not locally.. I wasnt that lucky! lol Its about 1300 miles away! Tom
  7. Thank you everyone else for all the compliments! Ill be sure to post more pictures on its journey home. Interior is in decent shape, needs a very good cleaning though!!
  8. Uhm okay.... Before you start being a dick let me explain myself. Not that i really have to but just for fun. The reason why i couldnt afford insurance for the first truck is because how new the truck was and my age.. With a truck thats over 30 years old insurance is much much cheaper... But the Insurance is already covered and already have the down payment set. Thanks for asking.
  9. Finally got my hands on my dream truck!!! 1979 International Transtar II 4070B Eagle. 400 Big Cam cummins, 13 speed, with factory air ride in the rear. One owner truck, with the original title from 79'... 439k on it. She comes home 2nd week in January! here she is.
  10. I just saw that truck for sale on CL again. Hope it goes to a good home. Tom
  11. Very true, I didn't quite specify as there are multiple Mikes on this site. I found it surfing craigslist and posted it up. They need to be saved, the H model caught my eye too. Tom
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