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  1. where i work we have an 07 granite it has a mack engine, mack trans, mack rear ends and even camel back suspension. They have owned it since new and it has never had a gold bulldog. I've always wondered why that would be
  2. I overhauled an e7 last year and just used permetex high temp RTV on that lower notch.
  3. well my plan is to do a frame up restoration and make it a flat bed. I want to drive it daily that's why I think the 5.9 would be a good fit but I also like the idea of having a twin stick
  4. Hi my name is David and i just joined acouple months ago after i bought my first Mack a 1952 A-40. It has a en 377 and a 10spd mono shift trans. I just got the engine free so this winter my plan is to try and get it running and start restoration. I have been thinking about putting a 5.9 cummins and a duplex in it has anyone done this before? Anyways great site and I've learned alot the short time I've been here
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