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F model for sale in Florida

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You know....I was just about to say 141,000 miles my ass, maybe 1,141,000......But now that you mention it, yeah I am thinking old fire truck- But even 141,000 for a firetruck is high, unless if the owner did use it to pull some freight before he decided to sell it. Wish I had some money, that would be a nice toy to have.


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Yeah we just recently got that truck in, meant to come over here and share it with you all. It's definitely not the original mileage on it, but I get calls all the time with people asking, "What's the odometer read?" even after I tell them it's not original so it just saves me a step. It's just a 237, the horsepower's just a typo I'll fix on Monday. I'd work with any of you on the price if you're interested, the truck isn't perfect, but it's the nicest Fmodel I've ever seen come through.

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