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Several Old Macks for Sale


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We have the following Mack trucks for sale:

1926 Mack AC with factory mounted winch – engine rolls over stored inside

1974 Mack DM695 SN# DM695ST1789 – Mack 866 325 HP V8, Mack 6 speed Trans, 54,000 lb rears. New Cab, fenders and interior

1927 Mack AC with 1930 Byers Crane

1960 Mack B83 SX SN# B83SX1638 220 Cummins, Mack Quadraplex Transmission with power tower, 65,000 lb rear axle, new tires, 60,000lb Branden Winch, rolling tail board

1978 R Model SN# R686ST17442 – 237 Mack engine, 5 speed trans, Mack Rears

1981 R600 SN# M2N17845B4067403 Mack 300 Engine, 5 speed trans, Mack Rears, fifth wheel and wet line

Mack M70 SX Prime Mover 750 HP V-12 Cummins, Clark Automatic Trans, 140,000 lb rear axles

Trailer for above unit – Rogers 300 Ton trunion axle with 3 axle jeep

(2) new R Model fiberglass Cabs

(1) used R-model hood

Other items for sale

1946 Dart Model 150 SN# 120390 – 275 HP Cummins Super Charged Engine, 5 Speed with 3 way brownie and power tower, 60,000 lb Timkin rear axle, 60,000 lb Tular winch, Rolling tail board

1946 Minneapolis Moline Industrial Tractor – Boom and 10,000 lb Highway winch

If you are interested let me know and I will send pics with asking price.

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When did Mack start making fiberglass cabs for an R model?

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