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  1. No Jake if memory serves me right
  2. I have seen this truck in person, and almost bought it. Very nice truck. Very little to no rust. I've still got pics on my old phone of it... 262 Cummins and a 13 speed. Really sweet era correct pyrometer on the dash... No power steering but steered like there was power... Make someone a good one! Was wondering if it would ever come up for sale again
  3. I remember seeing it a couple months ago when I was up there. Looked like a good one for somebody!
  4. I almost bought it years ago from Jack, but ya beat me to it! Now my interests have changed... Best of luck selling it!
  5. Mack 5 speed, Spicer 4 speed. Factory. Has power tower. 20 front, maybe heavier. 44 rears on Hendrickson rubber block suspension. Double frame, about 15 feet from cab to center of tandem. Have paperwork on major engine work not long before parked. $25K
  6. The E7 has a aneroid valve (puff limiter) and if you unhook it it will run worse!!! My E6 had the same setup on it. The valve that the line from the intake goes to is obviously the aneroid valve. Its on the governor. There is a plug that takes an allen wrench to take it out. Get in there with a flat tip screw driver, and turn it so it goes away from the radiator. (If I remember right) The goal is to have less spring tension on it. Its pretty obvious, nothing to screw up. Take it for a little spin. If you went the wrong way It'll be a turd...Just turn it back the other way. This setup is different than the earlier pumps. You could simply unhook them, or put a valve in the line...
  7. I've got an '86 with an E9 and 5x4 transmission that might be looking for a home, especially if guys are wanting that kinda money for them!
  8. The bed on my B61 is very similar to this one and I'd guess it weighs 4 or 5000 pounds at best. I hauled mine complete with a couple tires in it on my 1 ton flated truck and it handled fine
  9. Need more fuel to go with that turbo. If it only gets 1050 now
  10. Just pulling up on the pedal will not free the button
  11. I'm with green giant. That button under the pedal sticks, happened to the truck I drive frequently after it sat for a week, on my LTL ect. They suck how they are designed.Pry it up with a bar and squirt some panther piss on it
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