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  1. Ezrider

    Joining the gang

    im actually not that big on ice fishing, iv gone a few times with friends, and i love fishing in the summer time generally fish the Missouri or sakakawea been meaning to plan a summer trip to devils lake but haven't fished there yet, drive threw devils lake quite a bit in the spring in the truck. but just never could really get into ice fishing much maybe if i had one of them ice castle fish houses id enjoy it more....haha lol
  2. Ezrider

    chicken lights for the mack truck

    interesting i don't know if i have ever heard that story, iv heard there was a company that hauled chickens in i think the north east somewhere that started it by putting some amber lights under there bumper, iv also heard that the glow resembles the glow of the heat lights in a chicken coop.
  3. Ezrider

    chicken lights for the mack truck

    looks great guys, in the past i had thought of mounting some under the cab where the lights themselves would not be visible but would shine down on my tanks i thought that would be pretty cool. i might still do that as i only have the lights under the sleeper and nothing under the front doors. i think the ones i bought off e-bay were something around $23 for 20 lights if memory serves so they certainly were not expensive i was a bit nervous about the way i did it as if i didn't like it there wasn't really any turning back. well not without a lot of work anyway....lol but im very happy with how it came out.
  4. i thought you guys might enjoy this one. i added some "stealth" chicken lights if you want to call them that....lol basically my goal was to not have it stand out and be gaudy looking on a mack when there turned off but still make the truck stand out at night. i think i succeeded at what i was going for. pretty happy with how they came out.
  5. Ezrider

    Joining the gang

    i have only pushed snow twice so far this year but one of them was about a 8 inch snowfall. i am perfectly happy when we don't get any snow....lol we have had several other snowfalls that were an inch or less
  6. and some people wonder why i run a 19 year old truck.
  7. Ezrider

    new parts on there way for the jaguar project.

    got my new driveshaft in today. then also biult a driveshaft safety loop out of some 1/4" thick steel
  8. Ezrider

    new parts on there way for the jaguar project.

    i haddn't actually noticed that. i would have thought that would have a straight axle under it. i actually did some work on getting a proper driveshaft for my jag today. well pulled the one out that i made myself out of the old driveshaft a different yolk on one end welding the slip yolk solid and cutting it to length and then added a sae yolk on one end to get the trans slip yolk on, it worked but it had a little bit of vibration over 75-80 and i was a bit afraid that it wouldn't hold up to launching with traction. found that the actual flange on the rear end was sae even though the u joint was metric, so we were able to find a flange that mates right up and will be a much larger u joint, having the new driveshaft built with some big non grease able u joints. hopefully should have the new driveshaft back in a couple days. still have a goal of getting it to the drag strip for its first pass in the spring. scaled the car a while back it came in at 3720. engine should make about 400 na running 7 lbs of boost on it could me making as much as about 600 hp. so it could possibly run as fast as very low 11's
  9. Ezrider

    new parts on there way for the jaguar project.

    that jag is pretty sweet certainly a bit of a mad max vibe going on.
  10. Ezrider

    Santa stopped early in a Penski Truck.

    looks bad ass, if you were located closer to me id gladly swing by to give you a hand in exchange for a ride in that beast of a car!
  11. Ezrider

    An old wrecker

    that is pretty cool, i am glad its not closer to me......lol
  12. Ezrider

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

    merry Christmas everyone
  13. Ezrider

    new parts on there way for the jaguar project.

    thanks! it runs even stronger now that the tune up is dialed in better with a different carb setup, also added water methonol injection. and more timing stickyer tires are certainly needed....lol but yeah it will blow the tires off from a rolling start in 2nd gear till you lift your foot off of it....lol
  14. Ezrider


    maybe trying to avoid copyright infringement?
  15. Ezrider


    man i never new mack made tmucns .....lol they look great otherwise though...lol

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