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  1. bull dog bit back.

    yeah mine has straight pins rather than taper, but in theory removal is exactly as you described. i think the taper pins are a much better way to do it than straight pins kinda like a tie rod end. as once you get the slightest movement they will fall out. problem comes in when they have been installed on the truck for god only knows how long and road grim water salt ect. the pin seizes solid into the axle eye.
  2. bull dog bit back.

    iv had wedge bolts get stuck pretty bad before too. but these ones came right out. really everything came apart nicely other than the splines on the s cam were stuck on the slack adjuster and after getting that apart the splines were pretty much gone, but wedge pin knocked right out no bolts were unusually stuck/stubborn. i really thought half way into it that it was going to be a easy kingpin job. worst i had before this one was a izuzu npr where the king pins were so froze up it was hard to turn the wheel with power steering. and i think even those kingpins came out easier than these ones did.
  3. bull dog bit back.

    the wedge bolts? yes well aware of them, and yes they were removed. the kingpins are out now they were just very tightly seized in the axle eye.
  4. bull dog bit back.

    anyone that could hit that hard i wouldn't be screwing with.....lol it would take a mountain of a man to throw a punch like that. i think its probably going to look worse before it starts looking better.
  5. bull dog bit back.

    no video today. but there may be one next week showing how i finally actually got the thing apart. started changing king pins on the mack, they turned out to be the most suborn kingpins iv ever done to date. (my Mack is a mutt with Eaton axles) started at them with a big drift and a 20 lb sledge hammer and some heat had already been at it a little while. wasn't recording at the time but gave my drift a mighty wallop with a 20 lb sledge hammer and all of a sudden i am seeing stars. not really sure exactly how it happened never even saw it coming but my drift flew back with vengeance and knocked me just to the lower left of my nose. whole left side of my face is swole up black eye and i think it knocked about 8 teeth loose......lol really would not be surprised if there is a fracture in my cheekbone. in the end took every bit of 40k lbs of hydraulic force and then maybe some. plus some heat before they finally decided they wanted to come out. thankfully still have both my eyes, i did have normal safety glasses on but it knocked them clean off my head. the impact was below them anyway but im not sure they would have been effective against a 1 inch drift flying threw the air at mach 2. thankfully still in one piece even if i may look a little funny have trouble chewing and so on and so forth don't think there is anything that won't heal anyway......lol
  6. Beach replenishment in Florida..

    50 to 56 dollars an hour no way you would get me to run for that.
  7. Weatherman is wrong again

    i think we are supposed to be getting above freezing today here in north Dakota. kinda looking forward to that.
  8. yeah that is certainly a far different car than a base model bare bones car, although i must say even her focus did handle fairly well for just a basic transportation car. iv never drove any of the special package focus's id hear people talk about a focus being a fast car and i was just kinda like well my focus is not....lol
  9. nice, i was never too impressed with the focus i did not drive it much thoguh, it was a good inexpensive transportation pretty reliable it was just a base model manual windows locks ect. i seem to remember changing ignition coils a couple times. and a few other little things but relatively trouble free for the 10+ years or so we had it. we bought it as a couple year old used car for not a lot of money. fit and Finnish is nicer on the altima its quieter and smoother. i suppose we have had that 2 years now and i think it only has 15k miles on it right now so we have not done anything to it but change the oil a few times. (she doesn't drive much if you cant tell....lol) she really liked her focus though. she would still be driving it now if some dingbat didn't total it for her. i tried talking her into a new focus or fusion but she did not like the look of the newer ones. she wanted a Honda or the Nissan i thought the Nissan seemed like the better of the two.
  10. oil is coming out of an air tank

    most the time means its time for a new compressor. if its a new to you truck i would drain and monitor for a while first. could also check your turbo for blowing oil too. but every time i have personally seen a lot of oil in the air tanks a new compressor fixed the problem. a compressor that is passing a lot of oil will ruin your air dryer cartridge as well.
  11. i would never consider using a toilet paper filter for a engine.....lol just does not seem like a good idea interesting on the ford. we had a 2003-4 ish ford focus up till a couple years ago when someone decided to smash into it for us only had like 70k original miles on it (wifes car) she has a new nissan altimia now. she remembered that she had picked up a fram filter for her car last time she had me change the oil on it and made me go out and change her filter after she watched my video.....lol
  12. i would not be surprised if Walmart changes manufactures often. one thing i did find interesting is the walmart filter i bought for this test was on sale for $2.00 the average fram filter on the shelf was around 3.60 shelf sticker showed normal price on the super tech filter at 2.89 almost made we wonder if they were trying to move out a production run or phase out the filters. but who knows. i did find it interesting that they were not only cheaper but appear to be better constructed. i have heard of this with people who make there own home brew bio diesel. i have never heard of it being used in a high temperature high volume high pressure application such as a modern engine.
  13. its one of them things i think every car guy has heard someone say fram oil filters are junk. i know i have but my thought was well they are such a large manufacturer surely they have a engineering department and make a product that is just fine for normal use. and they might be, but once you actually see how there made its like do you really want to take a chance? i would suspect there failure rate is much higher than there competition. also it seems to me the stamped steel spring/center cap would be very prone to letting unfiltered oil bypass the filter. i have always avoided fram but i wasn't scared to use one from time to time until i actually saw the insides for myself. i cut open a number of filters both for the big truck and break in filters on engines and stuff like that just to inspect for potential internal problems, i am kinda surprised i had never cut open a fram in the past. i wouldn't be afraid to run the super tech filter but i have no way to test the quality of the filter medium and would still shy away from them in preference to a wix, lubrifiner, or oe filter. givin the choice. before i cut these filters open my preference between the two probably would have been to the big name fram over supertech.
  14. lucas is why my jaguar has a chevy engine.....lol
  15. i thought this was rather interesting maybe you guys will too. walmart brand supertech oil filters vs fram