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  1. 50's nhra video done by hot rod magazine

    thanks for posting, i wish i had time to watch the whole thing at the moment. ill have to come back to it later.
  2. how to milk sheep

    that is disturbing....lol although iv seen worse looking bellied up to the bar.
  3. Today's Project:

    that will make those night projects much easyer. nice job.
  4. im not sure where they figure the 3% gain a car designed to run on 86 octane will not gain %3 fuel economy by running 95 octane. unless they are talking about just new cars and being able to design them around 95 octane rather than the consumer not wanting a car that they to buy higher than regular octane fuel for.
  5. we have not had a lot of big single snow falls this year just lots of 1-4 inch storms lots of cold. first snowfall in october most recent last week has made it a long winter. we have even been sub 0 within the last couple weeks. so 40's and 98% of all the snow being gone is such a welcome change. i think we got a lot more snow last year than you guys did though. esp around Christmas time. we got hammered 3 times back to back less than a week apart with each one dropping more than a foot of snow over 2 feet on Christmas day we had waste deep snow everywhere and were running out of places to stack it.
  6. haha, yeah we got a little snow i think it was Thursday they were calling for quite a bit but i think more of it came down as rain than they expected might have not traveled exactly as they expected either. it melted the next day its been well above freezing every day sense. i think were supposed to break into the 60's this weekend. almost all our snow is gone now a tiny bit left in some shady grassy area's and the piles from plowing this winter are not gone yet. but its been a long winter this year. so glad for it to finally start feeling like spring.
  7. Took me a minute to get the jist of your comment! (I'm old) I personally refuse to own a smart phone I have no need for 300 "friends" I've never met! I realize they are fascinating I also realize that the many members who are contractors have to have one (their customers expect it) but every time some idiot walks into me while talking on one or I'm in a doctor's office and every person waiting is staring at one like a zombie I long for the days when I ran several small businesses with a double entry ledger and a #2 pencil! They've already put the local bookstore out of business,libraries will be next. Ok my rant is over!

    1. Ezrider


      it took me a second as well, it was part of why i found it funny. i resisted the smart phone thing for a very long time, i have one now but my use/ability to use it. is fairly limited. if i didn't have some customers that want to communicate by text message i probably would still have a flip phone. my other half still does not have a smart phone. 

  8. here ya go rob. we didn't get too crazy right at school some of the teachers were real joy kills but we certainly had our places we went to act a fool. including one stretch of road that had so much rubber left on the asphalt it could pass for a legitimate drag strip...lol
  9. Gonna build another semi trailer:

    you could probably control the rate of decent by reducing down the exhaust port. use reducer fittings till you get down to a small enough size that they come down nice and easy.
  10. i ended up making a jag video sooner than i planned. i had planned to save that footage for a carb tuning video im planning on doing but i got a little excited and made a early video....lol i ordered some different stuff online for that so i have to wait till that shows up its got a really bad lean spot at steady state throttle just slightly accelerating so i ordered some different power valves also ordered a holly vacuum secondary spring quick change kit (hoping it will work on the summit racing house carb (motorcraft shoebox knock off)
  11. only time i have ever ended up completely spun around unintentionally as in not screwing around in a semi-safe place. was probably 8-9 years ago something like that was December i remember i was driving a pickup out to Oregon from nd to visit my dad for Christmas. really early morning hours. i think i was around miles city mt if memory serves. im driving along cruse control set on 75-80 mph. had not seen a single rain drop or snow flake in the headlight but remember thinking oh looks like they just re-paved this road. (first clue right they don't repave roads in late December...lol) went under a over when i came out the other side i felt a little bit of a wiggle. first thought was must be getting windy out. then it dawns on me hey maybe the road is icy i should probably slow down a little bit. so i tap the break pedal to kick the cruse control out and it starts fish tailing i lost it did a couple 360's down the middle of the interstate ended up facing the right direction looked down and i was still at 65. eased off onto the shoulder of the road to clean my pants and move some things that had gotten thrown around in the truck and you couldn't even walk on the road without holding onto the side of the pickup. eased up the shoulder of the road till i could get off the highway and waited for the salt shakers to go by a few times. apparently some freezing rain had just moved threw the area just ahead of me.
  12. my brother had a xj6 for a while it was a very nice car. i have not drove a xj8 though. i saw a supercharged xj8 for sale a while back i bet that would be a pretty fun car. both my xjs and my brothers xj6 were both downright scary to drive in the snow so there kinda summer only cars to me. i picked up my xjs witch was a 4.0L inline 6 car pretty cheap a number of years ago now, it had a really bad amateur paint job on it but was otherwise pretty sound. no rust ran good. drove it for a year or two then blew the car apart and put a decent paint job on it and rebuilt the suspension. then the ecm died on it. even with the stock engine it was a fun car to drive. of course all its power was on the top end and the factory transmission had a really high 1st gear so it was kinda doggy around town. didn't really wake up till you were exceeding most speed limits by a lot. i think stock horsepower on my xjs was around 230hp peppy but not fast. now how it preforms is how i feel that car should have preformed from the factory. its still not super fast but its got good get up and go it hooks hard still corners and holds the road good, the suspension works really good. its a little soft for a handling car but it tracks corners exceptionally well but its got a nice ride and it weight transfers on launch exceptionally well. the biggest down fall of jags is the electrical systems don't age well. and some things are over complicated/engineered without serviceability in mind. i believe newer years they made some pretty good improvements in both those area's. started using weather pack connectors in the harnesses and re designed some things for easier serviceability. like on my jag the rear break rotors are mounted inboard on the rear diff center section rather than behind the wheel, they did this to reduce un-sprung weight but if you need to change the rear rotors you have to drop the entire rear end/sub frame structure out of the car.
  13. yeah there 2.5 inch rams horn manifolds. there mostly for fitment but they don't flow bad esp if you clean them up. they say there is only one header made that fits this swap and there not a very good design. ill probably make a custom set of headers for it eventually...lol in the next 1-10 years. the heads are vortec truck heads from 96-00 chevy trucks, best flowing factory head Chevy ever put out modified a bit in the spring seats and guides as well as springs and a few other things. to handle a .525 lift camshaft. exaust side ports have a little clean up work done and guide profiled its claimed to be a 400hp engine combo i think its a bit shy of that. have not had it on a dyno and its not totally dialed in yet either. plans include more power.
  14. here are a couple pictures from putting it together, i think it was last winter/spring i put this car together did the engine over the winter then did engine swap in like less than a week. iv still got some stuff to sort out on the car but over all it works really well.
  15. lol yeah still have not messed with getting the tach to read right yet. but im pretty used to what the gauge reads compared to what the real rpm is. 2 extra pulses per revolution throws things off a bit yeah its a small block Chevy currently running vortec heads and a lt4 hot cam.