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  1. i considered one of those when my casio's became extinct. i ended up with the Kyocera DuraForce PRO im on my second one of those now but they are pretty good, my first one still works but it did fall out of my pocket and get driven over by my mack so its a little broken but i still used it for a couple weeks after that.
  2. Ezrider

    Front Turn Signal Location

    i have noticed this as well. i have also noticed some automotive manufactures have noticed this as well you will notice a lot of cars the daytime running lamp will turn off on the side witch the turn signal is turned on.
  3. Ezrider

    Working at Home Depot Now

    i have used them when i only have 1 or 2 items and all the lines are long, i guess i don't mind them having one as long as they also have ample non self checkout lanes, to me its more a issue of if i am going to spend my money somewhere i expect a certain level of customer service. if a store is not going to provide me that and another one will i will go to the other store. really i would prefer they just had more open check out lanes vrs having a self checkout option. our local menards always has plenty of check out lanes open, generally when you go to check out there is at least one register the cashier will be waiting for a customer at the entrance to the till, at the most you may need to wait for one other person to check out ahead of you, guess what store i go to when i need home improvement items.
  4. Ezrider

    Working at Home Depot Now

    i make it a point to not use self checkout. have a cashier or ill shop somewhere else.
  5. Ezrider

    supercharger install video

    did a bit more tinkering and tuning on it today. got my street pully on now, i cant believe how good my math was on selecting the pulley sizes. the bigger pulley i intended for normal street driving on pump gas i wanted to make between 4-5 psi of boost witch is exactly what it makes i wanted the drag strip pully to make between 6-7 witch is exactly what it made...lol iv had a bit of a tuning issue trying to run this 750cfm vacuum secondary carb. basically it has a bit of a lean swing as the secondary's open up never had this issue normally aspirated, in fact i was running the lightest available secondary spring with no issue. basically my theory because the blower is actively creating a artificial vacuum under the carb its creating a good bit more air speed threw the primary's causing the secondary's to come open faster than they normally would and the boosters just are not able to keep up with the rate of opening on the secondary's. iv gotten rid of a lot of that by going to much heavier springs in the secondary's to slow the opening rate. witch makes it drive able, still had pretty much a 2.0 swing in a/f ratio as the secondary's open up. it comes back to where it should be once the secondary's reach wide open it stabilizes. in my initial tune up i kinda worked around this by just making it really fat and rich everywhere so even during the lean swing between when the accelerator pump shot ends till the secondary's reach wide open and stabilize it still stayed an a decent a/f ratio range. with the tuning setup like that it was pretty bad on fuel, of course a lot of that has to do with my right foot testing out the new found power, but it would burn threw a half tank of fuel pretty darn quick. it was a bit excessively rich everywhere else to try to compensate. i have no idea how bad the fuel millage was but the car was getting about 14mpg before the blower and i would bet i was getting half that. today after dropping the boost down to a more pump gas friendly 5lbs peek with a bit less airflow demand it was really even more excessively rich so i pulled two jet sizes out of both the primary and secondary's, ended up with a a/f ratio around 14.0-14.2 at steady state cruise at 70mph once you tip into the throttle enough to open the primary power valve it would drop into a nice 12.2 and would run threw the top end once everything stabilized out at 11.9 very happy with those numbers. however this caused my lean swing to go lean enough to cause a stumble and considering you are making power at that point and under boost really not a good place to be leaning out. so i went with a even heavier yet spring in the secondary's so slow there opening even more. to keep the lean stumble at bay although its still swinging into the high 13's to low 14's witch im not really comfortable with. also going so heavy on the secondary springs makes the power come on more like a turbo car than a roots blown car. i don't have much on hand for tuning accelerator pumps but i suppose i am going to have to order some, really everything on the primary side is working very well. my modification for a boost referenced power valve works flawlessly but the lack an accelerator pump on the secondary side is hurting me, i think my only shot of making this carb work on this application is a big accelerator pump cam and pump with a small nozzle and try to get the longest duration shot that i can and hope that it will carry threw the secondary's opening up. if that doesn't work ill probably have to go to a double pumper witch would really be the right carb for the application anyway.
  6. Ezrider

    A mans apron

    with my skills in the kitchen i might need a fire retardant apron. reminds me of the time in my younger days i thought cooking bacon drunk and naked was a good idea, the 2nd degree burns said otherwise.
  7. Ezrider

    Horrible fire.... :-(

    dang that sucks, glad everyone is ok however.
  8. Ezrider

    The Powerball

    if i won i would have kept quiet about it, probably pick out a few charity's to give a nice sum of money to and quietly retire make a few investments. build a massive shop and do whatever i wanted...lol
  9. Ezrider

    supercharger install video

    yeah i am more or less in the same boat, i pulled this engine apart a couple years ago and freshen it up, but its still all basically stock rotating assembly with cast pistons. i could drop the compression ratio a bit going to a larger chamber head, but a better flowing head and lower compression im sure ill be tempted to crank the boost up a bit and by that point ill defiantly be needing to make some upgrades in the rotating assembly. iv got another block on the stand that is planned to go in another project that needs to be sent out to be re-bored, really tempting to build a bullet proof blower bottom end out of that one and put it in this car. i am now at what i had in mind when i started this project i just have to decide if i want to push it further or leave it alone. the other project is slated to be a fairly mild n/a engine. so i got to decide if im leaving well enough alone or going for more before i send that other block off. this car is intended to be a street car that will only rarely see the drag strip its already making enough power that you can't really reasonably use all of it on the street so im kinda leaning towards leaving well enough alone and only going back into this one down the road if it makes me. i did assemble it with boost in mind. ring gaps are opened up and bearing clearances are on the loose end to run 15-40 oil in it. im going to put a few more miles on it before i make my decision though. i think stock cast pistons are stronger than people give them credit for, i have seen them take a pretty good bit of abuse, where iv seen hyperutectic pistons everyone loves break into a million pieces with very little abuse. i do kinda wish i would have sprung for some forged pistons when i put this one together though would be a bit more piece of mind. i am fairly confident as long as i keep it down around 4-5 psi on pump gas and 7 or less on the rare drag strip pass on race gas, and keep the timing reasonable and keep it tuned up on the rich side it should last. n/a it really liked to be set to around 38* of total timing and never showed any signs of detonation there so the engine doesn't seem to be prone to detonation. so far iv only been running 25* of total timing. with the blower
  10. Ezrider

    supercharger install video

    nice the angle the video was taken at almost made it look like one of these the 390 is a bit interesting i know people have made lots of horsepower with them but it doesn't seem like there was a very large aftermarket support for them. i bet with the manual transmission and the Detroit diesel blower on it that thing is a smoke show for days. on mine even with my little blower 1st gear is nothing but a smoke show even 2nd you can pretty much light them up at will as well. i am defiantly expecting to need slicks to put down a good et, expecting a similar mph to what your getting. my list to get it drag strip ready is getting pretty short hopefully when the tracks open up in the spring it will get its first pass in. with a auto in mine though ill probably have a little better luck getting it to hook up.
  11. Ezrider

    supercharger install video

    sweet, looks like one sweet galaxy. i am running what i intended to be my race gas drag strip pulley belt was a little to short for my 4-5lb pulley running enough octane booster to get me up to about 98 octane. but another belt and 4-5lbs should be 91 octane friendly and where it will run most of the time. bench racing should make 590hp at the 6-7lbs im running right now, but the tune up is really conservative. about 530 at 4-5 it almost looks like one of those edlebrock blowers on your car. i wanted one of the smaller case blowers because i didn't want it all hanging out. but just with the carb and the scoop sticking out of the hood still so many people turn look thumbs up or want to check out the car when i pull into a parking lot....lol the car has always gotten some attention at gas stations and what not but i wasn't expecting near as many people to notice it as they do....lol yes i am a fan of roadkill and there draguar xj12 is pretty sweet. i think my favorite road kill cars are probably finnigans gasser and the crusher camero when it had the blown big block in it. followed by the rotsun.
  12. Ezrider

    supercharger install video

    got the video finished and uploaded for the install of my supercharger on my jaguar xjs
  13. iv seen a few with heavy specs but not a ton, iv seen more light spec road tractor visions converted into dumps than iv seen actual heavy spec visions.
  14. Ezrider

    1946 Woodie

    nice! defentaly looks like it would be a good restoration candidate.
  15. Ezrider

    new parts on there way for the jaguar project.

    thanks for the tips, that is going to hopfully be a soon project. want to get it ready to hopfully put a time down on a drag strip next spring. i got the smaller of the two pullys i bought on it today and got the boost down to 7 psi, really want it more like 5 psi for street driving on 91 octane. still got the timing at 25* total and lots of octane booster in it seems happy so far, my secondary's were way off bumped probably another 10-15 jet sizes up in the secondary and another 4 in the primarys. i think i went up 2 or 4 in the primary's and 7 in the secondary's as well as blocked off the secondary power valve before i ever bolted the carb on the blower. its got a little bit of a surge in the secondarys and the a/f ratio swings almost 1 whole number with the surge does stabilize out eventually though, i think the blower is creating enough air volocity in the carbs its pulling the secondary's open faster than the fuel can keep up being there is no accelerator pump on the secondary's. went quite a bit heavier on the secondary spring and that helped quite a bit. got it to where everything stays nice and rich even on the leaner parts of the swing. would stay between 11.5-12.5. still got some more fiddling to do to try to get it dialed in. it does good burnouts for distance in 2nd gear now though.....lol jag_super_charger_burnout.mp4

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