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  1. Ezrider

    Real Swift

    i have a harder time backing up a bobtail than i do backing up a trailer. its like my brain gets crossed up. i almost never bobtail....lol
  2. Ezrider


    so very cool. id rather see that old kinda rough looking old iron that still actually works than some freshly painted machine behind glass that just looks pretty.
  3. Ezrider

    Dog running hot but then cools quickly...

    not at all what i was expecting...... looks like the dog is enjoying itself though....lol
  4. id give the guy 500 bucks if he delivered it to me, and then id probably regret it after it got there....lol
  5. Ezrider

    1976 crestliner nordic day cruiser

    yeah it was a nice afternoon on the river. i really like the boat. i searched for a long time to find that one. i wanted a boat with a cuddy cabin but i have a strong preference to aluminum boats. not a combination that comes up very often....lol
  6. first time out of storage sense the fall
  7. good article. iv seen a lot of people come and go over the years. part of me wants to get out as well. just burnt out, but i do pretty well at it most of the time and would hate to cut my yearly earnings by 75% to get a 9-5 home every night job.
  8. Ezrider

    Always trust your GPS even if your eyes don't

    a lot of my routes may seem a little illogical at first glance but it will be shortest miles while avoiding certain stretches or load restricted roads or other things like that. trying to get the gps to route you properly can be near impossible. esp in the spring time with frost law restrictions all over the place. i do like the google maps/google earth app on the phone for getting into my final destination if its somewhere iv never been. you can punch in the address then go to earth view and 1 make sure the address on the bol matches on the map to where your be unloading sometimes google will think a address is 4-5 miles away in the middle of a corn field also give you a bit more visual reference of how your going to get in and out if the entrance is actually off the next street over ect. or sometimes they will put there address for there little dinky office in the middle of the town on the bol rather than where its actually delivering to. pretty sure they don't want 64,000 lbs of ammonium sulfate unloaded at there 800sq foot office in the middle of town. or like one time i had a 64,000 lbs load of road salt on and the address on the bol was a p.o box. pretty sure that load isn't going to fit there....lol after iv done all that i call them and verify how to get in and out. i like to scope it out for myself on google earth before hand though because there directions can make a lot more sense when you have already kinda looked over the area.
  9. Ezrider

    Always trust your GPS even if your eyes don't

    i use my gps to read road names before i can read the signs i plan my routes off a paper map then just have my gps turned on but not in navigation mode. that way you can see what streets/highways are coming up from 2 miles away.
  10. Ezrider

    Selling products that don't exist.

    i had a simular thing happen on a e-bay purchase recently. purchased a msd streetfire ignition system. after a few weeks still no tracking number sent. then i get a call saying it was back ordered from the manufacture and they would send me a tracking number as soon as it ships. ok whatever not in a big hurry i was super busy by that time anyway. a couple weeks later i finally see a tracking number for it pop up in my e-mail great. never actually looked at it but just saw they had sent it. Then a couple weeks later i asked the other half if a box had shown up for me yet, she said no, so i check the tracking number apparently they sent it adult signature required. attempted to deliver 3 times without leaving a notice and then was holding the package at the hub with 2 days left before they returned to sender. had to send her over to ups on her lunch break to go pick it up. i was very tempted to just let them send it back at that point and then try to get my money back.
  11. Ezrider

    bought another Mack, what to do with it

    well iv got work for a second truck if i decide to go that way and iv got someone that wants to drive it. im going to be starting on a 2 year project i could add another truck on next week. hopefully going to find time to go drag the other Mack home here in the next couple weeks and see what iv even got. would be a good job to do it on if im going to do it very short hauls hourly rates should be pretty decent margins. its all going to depend on what kind of work this other truck is going to need to get it road ready. i have not committed to anything yet. i guess im kinda looking at it as if i don't have much money in the truck i don't have much to loose by not trying it. if they blow up the truck or destroy it in one way or another it becomes a parts truck witch is kinda what i bought it as in the first place. having some good work for it where i can put my truck side by side with the other should eliminate a lot of potential headaches and if we have some minor issues with the truck i can have my service pickup parked within a few miles of anywhere the truck will be. so i guess im thinking i might try it out and see how it goes. i told the contractor as well as the potential driver that even if we do this its going to be at least a month out before i am ready and im not going to say that we will or won't do it until i get a chance to drag the truck home and look it over.
  12. Ezrider

    bought another Mack, what to do with it

    i don't really run side by side with many guys running new trucks, most the guys i run with are running big kitty cats, acerts,6nz's 550+ hp i beat those guys by a good 1mpg in fuel economy when you compare ifta's not what the drivers claim they get. or you fuel at the same spot run the same load and fuel at the same place and time the next day i almost always use 20-30 gallons less fuel. a lot of variables in the stuff i do as well. one day i might run 750 highway miles the next day may be back and forth across the same 5 mile stretch of road all day long. always heavy 90k-100k lbs idle time the winds we get in this part of the country can kill 1mpg pretty quick on a windy day as well. my 1/4's normally range from about 4.8-5.2mpg
  13. Ezrider

    bought another Mack, what to do with it

    i think by the time these trucks are old enough to not be feasible to keep them on the road anymore. it will probably be time to buy a new truck off the lot. assuming i am even still trucking at that point. with all the problems the dpf scr def trucks have new id hate to even think what it would be like owning one at 18-20 years old.
  14. Ezrider

    Where’s 41chevy?

    im very sorry to hear this. my condolences to you and your family. the loss of people that close to you is always rough hang in there.
  15. Ezrider

    bought another Mack, what to do with it

    i do like the idea of having a spare truck. when something breaks and i cant get parts for a few days rather than frantically trying to find someone that has the parts i need and ordering them next day air or driving 200 miles in the pickup to another dealership to get them. you just hop in the other truck order the parts and fix it next week. im not big on having a hired driver there are times it would certainly be worthwhile would be nice to find a older semi retired driver that just wanted to work a month or two here and there when the good jobs come up that it would really be worthwhile but that is probably a pipe dream...lol i really like the idea of not having to shut down to re-paint my truck. paint has been progressively getting worse every year and its starting to get to the point that it looks bad. i know i could easily end up putting 60-70 hours into a paint job on it pretty easily to do a decent job and do it right. generally about the time i think nothing good is going to come up for a week or two and i might start on it something good comes up. or when i do get a week i think something is going to come up that i want to be available for so i don't want to start it. so i am thinking i will probably do that first get the truck picked up gone over and road ready then run it for a little bit while i re-paint my current truck that will give me a good chance to shake the new one down too. if nothing else it could be a good flip. surely a usable truck is worth more than scrap...lol when i bought my mack i kept my old fld around for a little while as a spare truck, but i really had no desire to ever drive that fld again after i bought my mack so i rarly ever used it. it was a fair bit of money every year to keep plates and insurance on two trucks rather than just one so i eventually sold it. this one being virtually the same truck other than being a 427 rather than a 460 i think i would probably be more willing to hop in it and use it than i was with the fld. when the choice was wait a day or two for parts or drive the fld i would wait for parts. i shouldn't mind jumping in this other one. last year i had over a month of downtime on repairs that would have certainly been worth while to have another truck last year.

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