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  1. i much prefer base clears. i feel they hold up better and give a better appearance. as far as having to sand it, you don't have to sand in between your base and your clear unless your outside of the re-coat window, you don't need to sand it afterwards unless you want to. i can shoot pretty darn flat most the time i leave it as it lays unless its something where i really want that perfect Finnish. ill just spot any flaws or dust nibs and and then buff. clears are also easier to fix if you have issues or damage in the future.
  2. https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/query.asp?searchtype=ANY&query_type=queryCarrierSnapshot&query_param=USDOT&original_query_param=NAME&query_string=3039591&original_query_string=HERMS TRUCKING INC https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/query.asp?searchtype=ANY&query_type=queryCarrierSnapshot&query_param=USDOT&original_query_param=NAME&query_string=1027641&original_query_string=HERMS TRUCKING LLC dont know if that helps you out any
  3. looks sharp...lol iv got a couple trucks he can do if he wants to travel....lol
  4. iv always just used the mack branded ones from the dealer. normally get about a 10-12 months out of them before they start leaking then there only a couple months from riding a pogo stick after that. normally run around 80-90k miles a year. 2000cx613 i too would like to find something better but sounds like mine have been doing better than what yours have been.
  5. Ezrider

    Bored also

    Upon a second glance and noticing the front suspension looks like it's probably a f100....lol
  6. Ezrider

    Bored also

    You and I both lol. Credit though for taking on that project I hate putting stuff back together that someone else took apart. Atleast being a c10 shouldn't be two bad and really good parts availability to be able to find all the bits and pieces that have probably been lost
  7. For sure look forward to warmer weather to get the jag out again I heard were supposed to get some more snow moving In tomorrow. It's been a long winter this year with first snow first week of October but atleast we haven't had a whole lot of bitter cold this winter. I think the pics still work if you click on them. If not I'll try re posting some of them again sometime me and computers just don't get along....lol Thank you 👍
  8. yeah kinda am....lol trucking has slowed up the last few weeks so i knocked out some big tasks on the truck while i have some extra time. this weeks been kinda slow peterbilt is on jack stands in the shop waiting on some parts for the front end. so my shop is kinda tied up. so been kinda tinkering and relaxing this week. kinda nice to catch your breath for a min. got to get the mack in the shop soon and gone over before spring fertilizer season hits. then it will be back to balls to the wall again....lol
  9. i replaced the harness on my 2000 there was quite a few places the injector portion of the harness was chaffed cracked ect. i don't have a diagram handy to help you out but. once you get it fixed for now i would consider planning to replace the harness in the near future. i used to have all kinds of phantom codes that would come and go on my truck new harness solved all of that was a worthwhile repair imo.
  10. ever sense i got a new computer quite a while back i havent been able to sign into the site, id stop by every now and then and read some posts could still log in from my phone as my username and pasword were saved there but couldn't log in to post from my computer. well today i decided i should really try to reset/recover my password so i could log in here from my computer again, well after a few failed attempts there i realized i had been trying to use the wrong user name :doh: lol haven't had a whole lot of free time for a while between working and working....lol for those that don't follow my youtube page been making lots of progress on the peterbilt though working on it in pretty much every spare moment i can get. its come a long ways still got a ways to go
  11. And yet not a single one is white 😜
  12. both wires should rest on ground then when you activate the switch it puts power to one side or the other. you should have a good solid ground on both motor wires when the switch is off.
  13. i run mine between 1350-1800 its sweet spot where it seems to like to settle in and pull hard is around the 1450-1600
  14. i may have had 125lbs worth of parts leave there today.....lol
  15. I may have to try to put that in the title or the thumbnail when I get the video finished....lol
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