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  1. i watched a guy do this one time on a post pulling out of a fuel island. sounded like gun shots going off.
  2. with extreme cold -40 and a clutch brake covered in grease was what was making me think the grease might have had something to do with it. its possible you might be onto something but the issue hasn't repeated itself yet. for a truck with a hired driver id defiantly be setting the clutch brake so you had to shove it into the floor. i know how to drive a truck so i like it to be up a little. i went to the babcock clutches cause i was having issues with the hinged 2pc ones that you set by pressing the clutch coming un hinged. id loose my clutch brake pull the cover and it would be sitting
  3. the clutch brake adjustment itself is in the linkage but set the clutch first then adjust the linkage, check and make sure your clutch brake is not damaged and replace it if necessary.
  4. i generally use the 2pc seals for trouble wheel seals as well. installation is easier than the sleeves and no special tools and they work good.
  5. sticky unloader valve can cause the compressor to not build air.
  6. or get a 359 has so much class and pride it doesn't need a class and pride emblem on the sleeper.
  7. the budd wheels are stud pilot, use a tapered ball and seat to center the rim on the hub. hub pilot witch is the later 10 hole style are hub pilot the wheel centers on the hub and the nuts clamp it in place. one common misconception is that is that a stud pilot wheel the weight of the truck is carried on the stud and hub pilot the weight is carried on the hub. neither is true. the weight is carried by the faces being clamped together the difference is just in how they locate the wheel on the hub when mounting them. here is a video i did converting the steer axle on my old peterbilt
  8. last time i looked at them they were a lot more than $100 might need to look again
  9. iv seen a number of shops using them. i have used them before and they are slick. too spendy for me though. a good set of ken-tool bars is easy to dismount with as well just takes a few times of doing it to get the feel for it. if i did tire work every day id certainly have one though.
  10. id love to have a early bronco but im priced right out of the market on those...lol
  11. our govoner has been fairly level headed compared to most. still don't agree with some of it. but even then he has been under pressure from other states that he is not doing enough even though i recently saw a report that our hospitals in the state are currently only at %1 of capacity.
  12. yup, i was always told your suppose to rotate your tires often to keep them true. im not sure that it makes them last longer like they say though, i seem to go threw tires pretty quick esp in the rear. maybe i am doing it wrong
  13. we got a bit last week maybe a inch luckily it melted pretty fast. with getting a major snowfall first week of October this winter it feels like its just never going to end.
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