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  1. project up and running again.

    that sounds like a cool project i bet that thing is a tq monster. headers are probably still a ways off project on this one but i had been looking at some of the universal header kits. the 2.5 inch rams horns with just a little cleanup look like they should flow pretty darn good, as good as any shorty block hugger header. so the headers are not high priority at this point but would certainly add a nice touch and a long/mid length header would certainly help when i get to it. i would almost think there has to be a decent production header that will work its just no one has found/made it public knowledge. i bet if someone could pull the car in a big warehouse of headers you could find something, its tight on the drives side and the steering falls in kinda a weird spot but iv seen worse to deal with.
  2. project up and running again.

    there ok at low boost with safe compresion ratio's there actually take more abuse than a hyperutectic forged is ideal, but 9.4-1 5-7psi should be plenty safe. just have to be a little more careful they wont take the abuse a forged pistion will. at the levels i plan on running it should be ok. 15lbs of boost pushing 700+hp it would be a ticking time bomb but ill probably be round about 500hp or a little less. as long as timing and a/f are kept in check and doesn't see too many drag strip passes should be fine
  3. project up and running again.

    yup i think i started watching roadkill during some point in there second season. probably subconsciously influenced my build to a certain extent. my engine combo is mostly based off cheap and good with what i had, magazines say the vortec head lt4 hotcam combo makes 400 flywheel horsepower. with flattops, i would have used flat tops had my block needed boring i might have even biult a 383 at that point. but the standard bore just needed a hone and cleanup re-ring and bearing. so figure 4% less for for 1 point less of compression then take real world into account. its probably a honest 360-370 crank hp witch wont be enough to get me into the 12's but considering i have probably 1800ish in the entire engine package currently drop a weiand 142 or similar on it for roughly 2500 should put me well into my 12 second goal for a still cheap engine. at a pretty modest boost level that should be plenty safe plus roots blowers are fun on the street. iv got a couple other blocks laying around too so i could still build a forged 383 block and swap the blower setup to that and drop it in over a weekend if i wanted to later on
  4. project up and running again.

    i had looked at the sanderson headers, to me they don't look like they would flow much if any better than a cleaned up set of 2.5inch rams horn's i may still buy a pair at some point. but a set of new re-production 2.5 inch rams horns are pretty cheap 30 mins each with a grider and they should flow pretty darn good. i guess i should also mention the heads got a tiny bit of port work done on the exhaust side, this vortec 350 engine came from a 3/4 ton truck had the 906 heads, the valve seats got blended and the valve guides got profiled on the exhaust side only. i wish i knew someone that had 100's of sets of headers laying around, there has got to be a decent set of headers that will work or even a combination of two sets. i may even build a custom drivers side mid length headers at some point. then i would think i could find a off the shelf header that would fit the passenger side.
  5. project up and running again.

    over 4th of july i got the engine stabbed in the car with a 700r4 and the car moving under its own power again. a lot of fiddling and tuning on it sense then and finally getting it dialed in and running great. got about 400 miles on it so far, runs great no blow by has not yet burned a drop of oil its almost running good enough at this point you could daily drive it if you wanted to. still need to drop the trans again and stuff a higher stall tq converter in it (trans was picked up off local classifieds and came with a stock converter, didn't want to put my new 2800 stall converter in a unknown trans right off the bat) even on a stock converter it will run a flat 5.0 0-60 on the street on a 235 50 15 all season tire.
  6. some may remember this car as i have posted pictures from some previous projects iv done with it in the past. its a 93 jaguar xjs convertible. so last fall i parked it one day was running perfect turned it off with the key and never did get it to start again. electrical issue. being iv always been disappointed with its power and the fact have a few late 90's vortec 350 4 bolt main rebiuldable cores laying around i figured id slap together a cheap "preformance" small block for it. upon tear down, found everything to be serviceable no machine shop work needed. just a hone re-ring new cam and crank rod bearings, re-used the stock cast pistons, installed a gm preformance lt4 hot cam, used comp cam tools to do the necessary valve spring seat and guide cutting pinned the rocker studs. installed new valves lapped into the seats, new valve springs to match the cam. there was a very small bit of warpage on the head that was shaved by gluing sand paper to a sheet of glass witch actually worked. after little time heads measured dead true. future plan as budget allows and after everything is ironed out with the swap is to add 5-7 psi of boost via a small weiand supercharger. to take advantage of the 9.4:1 compression ratio goal is sub 13 second 100+mph 1/4 milestreet car. car is deceptively heavy at roughly 3800lbs
  7. Mack Warranty

    well got the truck back today. seems guy 2 thought guy one had already done the overhead after having things back apart but guy 1 had not done that. so they ran the overhead jakes still seem a little weak for being bobtail but a lot better than they were. i don't drive bobtail much so i guess im not sure if they are normal till i get a load on it but they feel better anyway.
  8. Mack Warranty

    got the truck back today for a total of 2 miles, jake's still are not working properly turned around and threw them back the keys.
  9. Beautiful Catastrophe

    that had to make quite the racket
  10. Mack Warranty

    well in there defense they asked me if i had yet contacted the dealer who left the metal in my engine my answer was no, because i had called them first. Their reply to that was essentially that they can't help me, that the issue needs to be resolved between me and the dealer. had my answer been yes and they refuse to do anything i may have gotten a completely different answer. my next call was to the mack dealer and at this point they have not denied any responsibility said that my truck should have never left like that and has authorized the home dealer to pull all the covers off and oil pan, and to also inspect the rods and mains. clean and inspect everything and then we will go from there based off what is found. they have not resisted anything yet. if there is a dispute on anything i will probably go back to the customer satisfaction number again. they did take my information down vin of the truck my company info phone number ect. so i image it is recorded somewhere that i have contacted them.
  11. Mack Warranty

    yeah im very close to the driven to murder part. prior to this whole ordeal i have been really happy with my Mack. to the point i was thinking in maybe another 5 years or so i might treat myself to a bran new ch. right at this moment i would not even consider owning another mack. if we can get this thing right i see no reason why it should not give me at least another 5+ years of trouble free service outside of your normal old truck stuff. i would hope by this point they will be using a microscope on everything they touch and be sure that its right when they are done.
  12. Mack Warranty

    well the customer satisfaction number, gives no satisfaction. i called them first this morning, they essentially told me there is nothing they can/will do about it that i just need to handle it personally with the dealers involved. then called the dealer that left all the metal in my engine and they didn't even try to deny it told me to get it over mack here and we would have to do the process again in reverse this time. Mack here is basically going to pull the pan clean it inspect everything and then go from there. and also diagnose the poor jake performance issue.
  13. Mack Warranty

    honestly a picture would not have really showed much, sitting in the oil in the bottom of the head just looked like a couple small pieces oily grit. the casting texture of the head helped in blend in more as well. it really wasn't till i started cleaning it out that i even realized just how much was there. guessing by how much i pulled out that was still in the top of the head i would imagine there is still a fair bit of evidence that washed down into the oil pan. i should also have the rag i was cleaning my magnet off onto. all the low spots of the casting where the oil tends to collect were just full of magnetic particles. as well as the top of the allen head plugs ect. i think i defiantly need to phone at this point. i don't even know what to say a big part of me just wants to figure out whats up with the jakes and get on the road, but really to leave all that metal in the head and send it out as a done job is just beyond me. how much of that washed down the push rod tubes and over my new camshaft what kind of long term problems may come of that. how long may it take for them to show themselves if there was any ill effects i dunno.
  14. Mack Warranty

    i do believe the customer satisfaction number will be hearing from me first thing Monday. what makes this right though i don't know i just want my truck to be right, iv already had a ton of down time this year, 2 weeks plus waiting on a replacement engine and install of said engine does not sound very appealing to me either. you're probably right that i shouldn't have cleaned it up but its kinda instinct when you see something like that to try to get it all out right away.
  15. Mack Warranty

    It's looking like it's going to come to that. I popped the valve covers today to see if I could see anything obvious for poor Jake prefomance. I did find something quite alarming right away. There was still tons of metal debris left in the engine from drilling out the stud I was pulling it out with my fingers to start with curly Q's 1/4 inch long and lots of smaller Ferris debris I cleaned out with a magnet. As far as the Jake elecrical continuity is good solinoids are functional. Ran the engine with the valve covers off oil flow to the top end seems normal to what I have seen in the past. The only thing that seemed different that what I have seen before is when manually activating the Jake rather than the oil shooting out the top of the control valves on the top of the Jake housing it's shooting out the two ports closer to the center of the housing on the side facing downward at a angle. I guess I don't remember last time I did that there being much oil coming out there but I remember the oil shooting out the top of the housing from the control valves near the pins. I didn't check the entire top end lash settings but I checked a few everything I checked was proper.