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  1. Ezrider

    Oh No! Are they that lost?

    if your too dumb to figure out how to get a stamp and send a envelope in the mail your too dumb to have any rights.
  2. Ezrider

    New Fad for Cars?

    it was kind of funny one time i was wearing a sweat shirt that had a pretty good hole burned in it because it had cought on fire while i was doing some welding. and i had a lady come up to me and ask me where i bought it...lol apparently she thought that i bought it with a big hole burned in it.
  3. Ezrider

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    just thank god no one died. i think i would have taken the ditch if i didn't see that in time though.
  4. Ezrider

    New Fad for Cars?

    the fake rust thing is nothing new. the rat rod thing i can kinda get. but the fake rust thing is just stupid.
  5. iv got a detached garage as well but i think 2 camera on the back side of the house could probably cover the back door and the garage fairly well. wired probably wont be too bad to install run the wires threw the soffit and across the attic and drop them down a centralized place in the house.
  6. Ezrider

    car smokes every time i floor the gas pedal

    i got the transmission swap video finished and uploaded.
  7. 🤮🤢 replace a beauty with a pile of sheet. that's progress for ya.
  8. Ezrider

    They knew over 100 years ago

    i think your argument is invalid its not just the density needed for homes/buildings stores ect. but how how many square miles does each person require in terms of how many square miles does it take to raise/grow the food that is consumed by each person per year. how many square miles does it take for the water shed to fill the rivers and that is turned into drinking water. how much land does it take to process the waste created by each person. you look at a state like north Dakota that has a very low population density but very little of the land is un touched. its all farmland or oilfields witch is tilled and cultivated pesticides and fertilizers applied ect ect. (even cereal is unsafe to eat thread) in order to produce higher yields. the run off of witch goes into the ground water and rivers how much land does it take to absorb and purify that. how much land is disturbed to produce the diesel fuel that powers the tractors that till the fields and put gas in the cars that transport the people to there jobs, transport the food from the fields to the processors to the stores. i think to answer the question you really would need to figure out how much land is indirectly affected by each person and i bet the numbers would be far higher than one would expect. then how much of the land in the world is actually suitable to be a cleansing garden of Eden. green energy can certainly play a big part in reducing the foot print of each person. i don't think the technology is quite there yet. it will come. however the technology needs to get to the point where its competitive with fossil fuels before it will become more widely implemented. i think global warming is a crock of you know what but i do believe that each persons footprint does make a difference in the overall health of the planet.
  9. she didn't do very good the first time he showed up the second time he showed up she did a much better job. we really have not had any issues in the past here. i worked with her a bit on drills today and will be doing more in the future. we have not really had any problems here in the past. ill be home on some week days next week i will definitely be paying the chief a visit. im glad you guys have brought up the issues with wireless wireless probably would have been my preference if you guys had not mentioned the issues.
  10. so yesterday i was on my way home but still a few hours out. my other half was at home alone. and some guy showed up at the house frantically banging on the doors and then going around and trying to push on the doors going from door to door of the house including the back door threw the gate. and rattle the door handles. when she tried to peer out to get a look he was trying to look inside the windows so she quickly ducked back around the corner and waited it out with my smith and Wesson model 19, loaded with hollow point 357 rounds. waiting to blow the guy away if he made entry into the house. after several mins the guy left. didn't get a description but called the non emergency police number to report the suspicious activity with out a description of the guy or anything else mostly just in case there was a developing pattern in the area. then about 45 mins later the same guy showed back up again. she was able to get a better description of the guy his vehicle and a partial plate. and a call to 911 as it was happening. the guy didn't stay as long the second time and was gone by the time the police arrived. of course the cops were pretty rude and acted like she was wasting there time, asking her questions like are you drinking and how do you know it wasn't just a salesman or something. they did agree that trying to open the doors and look in the windows was suspicious activity though. they made a report although i don't expect there to be any follow up on it based off there attitude. i was still a couple hours out from home old mack running on the rev limiter. although we live in a pretty nice neighborhood and not really had any problems in the past i think some home security camera's would probably be a wise investment, would gather far more information in a situation like that than a person could possibly remember. i was wondering if any of you guys might have any recommendations on a good home security camera system say 5 camera's and good enough quality of picture to be able to read a licence plate at 50 feet away. if nothing else would help explain to the cops why there is a bullet riddled corpse in my house should someone gain entry.
  11. Ezrider

    They knew over 100 years ago

    i think what ultimately ends the world as we know it will be a mega natural disaster. volcanic eruption that blankets the entire atmosphere or something along those lines. kind of like when a forest becomes overgrown with brush and a lighting strike starts a fire and the forest burns and then the cycle starts over again. in a billion years the new evolution of the human will be digging up our "primitive" citys. at the risk of sounding crazy though i really think we are much smaller than we really think. our understanding is only of what we can see. if you think of how a atom resembles a solar system. what if were living on a electron (earth) in a atom (solar system) revolving around a nucleus (the sun) in another world. just one of my crazy theory that i have no proof of. but even so the human race is a very smart adaptive species. as the climate and other changes happen (they will they have threw out all of recorded history even without human intervention) we will adapt.
  12. Ezrider

    They knew over 100 years ago

    Population control won't/shouldn't happen. It goes against human nature.
  13. Ezrider

    Beautiful Catastrophe Cont.

    I hope there was a clean pair of shorts near by somewhere yikes
  14. Ezrider

    They knew over 100 years ago

    the human race is a invasive species that has taken over the planet and over populated. at some point the earth will balance itself out by wiping the majority if not all of us off the planet. the simple fact is no mater what you do the earth cannot support the population of the human race.
  15. Ezrider

    car smokes every time i floor the gas pedal

    LMAO Lucas is a big part of the reason why i put a Chevy engine in my jag. i bet that big block jag is a blast. i probably would have gone big block if i didn't already have a rebuildable small block laying around when i decided to chevy swap it.

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