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  1. And yet not a single one is white 😜
  2. both wires should rest on ground then when you activate the switch it puts power to one side or the other. you should have a good solid ground on both motor wires when the switch is off.
  3. i run mine between 1350-1800 its sweet spot where it seems to like to settle in and pull hard is around the 1450-1600
  4. i may have had 125lbs worth of parts leave there today.....lol
  5. I may have to try to put that in the title or the thumbnail when I get the video finished....lol
  6. coming up on 1.4 million miles on my 2000 cx613 with the e7460. its had some issues here and there but its been a good truck for me
  7. i have a feeling ill never want to see another huck rivet again in my life by the end of this project....lol
  8. thank you. i have learned a lot about making video's sense i first started. in fact still learning...lol its fun though i like making them.
  9. try not to..... lol a lot of times if i can get started on a project right away its easier to stay excited and motivated to work on it. if it sits around for a year it seems harder to get yourself motivated to start on it.
  10. got the first video of many on bringing this old gal back to life done for any of you guys that want to follow along.
  11. edit: tried to post some more pictures apparently its not cooperating with me today.....lol
  12. what a dirty old kw seat, with no air hooked up held in by 2 bolts and no seatbelts installed wasn't good enough for you? not every project comes home sitting on a milk crate....lol
  13. quick video clip from the drive home with it.
  14. 83 with a big cam 3 400 cpl 0531 and a 13 speed Iv always kinda dug the look of the round headlights on these. That is one sharp looking truck though It's a short hood. Someone may correct me on this but I think on the 359 the long hoods were only to be able to accommodate certain engine options
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