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  1. 2500 is a good starting point. if your driving it or have a good driver in it and get 800k-1mill out of a clutch your probably looking at new input shaft cross shafts and bushings possibility linkages as well and a rear main while your in there is a good idea. if you have hired drivers that rip a clutch out every 2-400k you can probably get away without a lot of the extra's
  2. a new project of mine. shop related vidio

    i don't personally have anything i was still young enough back then to not think to save anything. i would imagine my dad probably would have saved some stuff from that. he is gone now but its still possible for some of that kind stuff to surface eventually.
  3. a new project of mine. shop related vidio

    great tip on rotating the cam around i had never even thought of that. i think i will start doing that in the future. the independant film stuff i did was back when i was a teenager living in California. i forget what the name of the movie was supposed to be i know they never ended up filming it witch is a shame they put a lot into the movie and large elaborate sets. i kinda stumbled into that because i was a boom mic guy on a different one of there movies. and we were filming out in the desert near 29 palms and it was 100+ outside and i was pretty buff back in those days. i had taken my shirt off and was sweating and they decided they needed to use me as a milititary guy holding a machine gun shooting up alians. the comercial i did was just a local commercial for a car dealership.
  4. a new project of mine. shop related vidio

    speaking of the jaguar did you see the engine masters episode. where they try to find out how much boost stock cast pistons can take they end up shoving a crazy about of boost in it and it stayed in one piece with over 20 lbs of boost and something like 800 hp (numbers off the top of my head and i watched it a while ago) defiantly makes me feel better about my plan of 6-8lbs of boost on a basically stock bottom end.
  5. a new project of mine. shop related vidio

    i did do a video recently of the jaguar. not my best work so far. but its basically just a walk around video and showing a few things about the car. and rambled on way too much....lol i have not gotten a whole lot done on it mostly just driving it. now that its winter time and i wont be driving it much anymore hopefully ill start making some more progress on it again. iv got a stack of parts on the shelf for the car. the first big thing i need to do is drop the trans and swap the tq converter and get my 4th gear lockup kit installed. and need to re plumb the fuel system and re-do the exhaust.
  6. a new project of mine. shop related vidio

    thanks for the support guys, good thing im not too worried about cranking out a video every day. iv got a fair bit of stuff filmed waiting on edit been doing some long days in the truck this week have not really had time to touch it. it will probably come out in spurts a video a day here and there then nothing for a week or two. it takes quite a bit of extra time between filming something your doing and then reviewing the footage and editing. of course that's part of why im just trying to do video's on things im doing anyway not doing any project just for video yet. i did miss a chance to film what probably would have been a really good vidio here the other day, other than i was freezing my sack off and was on the side of the road. but the unloader valve stuck and truck wouldn't build air. pulled the unloader valve apart cleaned it up and put it back together. worked like a charm. didn't even think about filming it till i was warm later....lol. diesel dave it looks like you have some great stuff on your channel ill certainly be spending a few hours checking out your vidio's....lol
  7. Urinals in the garage?

    i don't see a problem with it especially if there is no other restroom in the garage itself even more so if sudsy beverages tend to be consumed in there.
  8. a new project of mine. shop related vidio

    there is going to be people who are going to find something to troll about on anything. iv got pretty thick skin and expect some of that. might actually help me out a bit. part of how you tube rates how relevant your video is to a search on the subject has to do with not only watch time % but viewer interaction how many people like or comment on your video's. so if you have two video's that match the same key words and one has a bunch of likes and comments and the other does not the one that does gets ranked higher in the search results. about 8-9 years ago i made a video for a discussion on a gun forum and put it on you tube. and it actually got a lot of views when it was new, hasn't had any in years and its a pretty poor quality video esp by today standards. but i think that one had something like 17-18k views. and it got a lot of harsh comments, some deserving so some i deleted cause they were like "your stupid and dumb and i bet your moms a crackhead" type comments....lol but i left most of them. the truth of the mater is that trailer is its own jack stand. its a empty tri axle side dump the suspension is designed to not let the suspension move side to side only up and down. let alone the other 2 20k lb rated axles that are on the ground if the jack fell the wheel end might fall 2 inches plus wasn't working underneath it. if my video's do get popular ill probably have to start taking some extra unnecessary steps just to keep the trolls at bay. i guess i don't normally use jack stands on the trailer unless im taking tires off both sides of one axle at a time probably doesn't necessarily mean i shouldn't though. on the video about cleaning out the foot pedal area on the bobcat i recorded the sequence of unlocking the lift arm lockout just cause i figured someone would comment about working underneath a raised bucket without realizing i had the safety catch in place if i didn't show it. as far as potential liability i think its pretty slim but its also why i use wording like "how I" rather than "how to" the bucket trailer mover there is some inherent risk in its design so in the description. "disclaimer this is not intended to be a how to, this is just how i did it, if you decide to copy my design do so at your own risk. this cost me nothing to make as its all made from things i had laying around collecting dust. i wanted it to be fast and simple to put on and take off with minimal fuss. to buy all materials new i think you could still build this for under 30 bucks." also in the video i pointed out the potential for danger and also a way to make the design safer. i would think my risk is pretty minimal yeah someone could try to sue me over some thing stupid however i really don't think "i watched how to do this on youtube and got myself hurt" is going to hold up well in court.
  9. Pete/Kenworth trucks

    iv drove pete 379's and 389's 379's i really liked the 379's 389's other than the headlights are awesome did not impress me much. i liked the petes better than the w9's and the t-800's but if i was looking to buy another truck id probably look pretty strongly at a t-800 all the above were good trucks.
  10. a new project of mine. shop related vidio

    i hate to do this but here is the most recent video i finished editing. i think my editing has come a long ways sense the first few video's i did. id really like to get some feedback on it. good/bad to help me produce better vidio
  11. a new project of mine. shop related vidio

    I Am planning on adding quite a bit more video iv got others already uploaded on my channel and a few more filmed waiting on me to find time to edit them. some are better than others i think (hope) they are getting better the more i do it. i don't want to post links to all of them here on the forum i would feel like i was spamming you guys. but you can check out my other ones on my channel and subscribe to see video's as i add them.
  12. i just thought i would share a little side project i have been working on. basically iv been trying to work on making some shop related video for you tube. its certainly a bit of a learning curve i have a tiny bit of experience in film from when i was a teenager played a small part in a independent film that never got finished worked as a boom mic guy on a few sets and a little tv commercial but its certainly a lot different to take these from start to Finnish and try to produce anything of any quality. plus any previous experience was a very long time ago. but anyway any feedback to help me improve would be appreciated. also suggestions for topics as well. ill link a couple i have done so far below
  13. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    well i just thought i would update this. i got the skid steer back together and its still acting like its airlocked. have been really busy latley and not had time to mess with it. however today i just purchased a bobcat 763 from a airport. for 11k 2900 hours on it. everything is super clean no slop in any pins every fluid looks like bran new every filter looks bran new clean fresh greeze ozing out of every joint. engine runs silky smooth starts right up with no hesitation. it was in the teens out when i first went to look at it and hold the glow plug switch in for a little bit and bump the key and started right up. no smoke every control is fluid and smooth tires are good it needs nothing. was primarily used to push snow.
  14. Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    i don't think i have a single fire extinguisher that has a plastic Handel. ill certainly take a look though when i get home