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  1. And yet not a single one is white 😜
  2. both wires should rest on ground then when you activate the switch it puts power to one side or the other. you should have a good solid ground on both motor wires when the switch is off.
  3. i run mine between 1350-1800 its sweet spot where it seems to like to settle in and pull hard is around the 1450-1600
  4. i may have had 125lbs worth of parts leave there today.....lol
  5. I may have to try to put that in the title or the thumbnail when I get the video finished....lol
  6. coming up on 1.4 million miles on my 2000 cx613 with the e7460. its had some issues here and there but its been a good truck for me
  7. i have a feeling ill never want to see another huck rivet again in my life by the end of this project....lol
  8. thank you. i have learned a lot about making video's sense i first started. in fact still learning...lol its fun though i like making them.
  9. try not to..... lol a lot of times if i can get started on a project right away its easier to stay excited and motivated to work on it. if it sits around for a year it seems harder to get yourself motivated to start on it.
  10. got the first video of many on bringing this old gal back to life done for any of you guys that want to follow along.
  11. edit: tried to post some more pictures apparently its not cooperating with me today.....lol
  12. what a dirty old kw seat, with no air hooked up held in by 2 bolts and no seatbelts installed wasn't good enough for you? not every project comes home sitting on a milk crate....lol
  13. quick video clip from the drive home with it.
  14. 83 with a big cam 3 400 cpl 0531 and a 13 speed Iv always kinda dug the look of the round headlights on these. That is one sharp looking truck though It's a short hood. Someone may correct me on this but I think on the 359 the long hoods were only to be able to accommodate certain engine options
  15. lets see who the first person that guesses correctly is 😉
  16. no timing set is just your standard double roller chain. the whine is all just blower.
  17. at the autocross last weekend same run from a different angle some pictures that were taken of same said incident....lol
  18. probably...lol she doesn't like her picture taken so while she was distracted by something i took a picture with her in it...lol
  19. so this weekend loaded up my jag on a trailer and towed it a bit over 3 hours to the drag strip. about 30 miles away from the drag strip it starts raining. looking at the forecast rain was likely for the morning hours and diminished greatly threw out the day with slight chances of isolated showers threw out the day. get there fully expecting to be sitting around a while waiting for things to dry out but they called it off for the whole day. so not wanting to waste the trip i start googling things to do or see in the area. see a page listing some things to do in the area and it says "throw yourself in a wood chipper" start laughing thinking its someone joking about how there is nothing to do in the area. turns out it wasn't a joke they had the woodchipper from the movie "fargo" at the visitor center. so what the hell why not. by this point it had already stopped raining and dried up so from there we went to a go cart track and i took a few laps around the go cart track. from there we went to a place called the bonazaville museum. didn't really expect much but i do like history and old things and we had gotten a coupon for a few bucks off the admission at the visitor center so we go there next. this place was massive literally spent probably 6-7 hours here and we were even kinda rushing threw twards the end as we still had a 3 hour drive home. this place covers 12 aches and has everything from old fire engines and tractors historical buildings air places and even a locomotive. pretty cool place, if you ever have a day to kill around the fargo/morehead area i would highly recommend it. i probably have over 100 pictures i could post...lol
  20. did another autocross in the jag this last weekend. did a lot better this time i was only 7 seconds off the fastest car vrs 19 seconds last time...lol a little shorter course this time though. a few less cars this weekend and the shorter course did get a lot more runs in. only change on the car itself is im now running it on straight e-85. as methonol is not allowed in scca last time i was spraying straight water trying to control iat's and the blower was heat soaking bad. much much better on e85 and was able to put some timing back in it. almost spun in in this clip but managed to save it without going off course or hitting any cones. of course that miss hap killed my time on that run. after the event i did a couple fun runs that didn't count for competition and got a time that was only 5 seconds off the fastest time durring compitition. on another one of the fun runs. i spun it 180 just before the Finnish line, tires were spinning a little bit around the last tiny jog before the finnish line and i thoguht i could hold it and kept it matted just about crossed the Finnish line facing backwards....lol and i was hitting over 60mph crossing the Finnish line on most runs. unfortunately i didn't record any video of the fun runs as i kept forgetting to turn off the camera's between runs so the memory cards were full and the battery's were dead and i didn't feel like changing them....lol
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