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  1. i would guess a nozzle tip problem. wont throw a code for that as there not electrical and the unit pumps cant know the difference. you could pull the ex manifold off and see if you can narrow it down to smoke out of one port.
  2. it would be cool to tour that property. but i agree if anything the junk should be considered negative value rather than something to be sold off for a return.
  3. so far we have had very little melting, we were supposed to get 9 inches of snow last night combined with highwinds so i hauled a few truck loads of snow out from the house yesterday to make some more room ended up kinda splitting around us we only got maybe an inch here but i94 is closed to the east. as much as i want to see the snow go away i hope we get a bit of a slow melt there is a good 2ft of snow pack on the ground. the snow gets cleared away from 2 sides of my house the other two sides have a pretty decent grade sloping away from the house we have not yet had any issues with getting water in the basement and we have had years with more snowpack than this year. a few pictures from a few years ago taken around Christmas time i think i did see a day in the 40's in the forecast so far all we have gotten is a bit of melting threw the afternoon hours and then re-freezing at night.
  4. weather is now talking about more snow weds night-thursday combined with 60mph wind. we did get has been getting a little warmer durring the day now hopfuly the snow will have enough of a crust on it that it doesn't blow all the old snow around with the new snow.
  5. in north dakota we spent the vast majority of February sub 0 temps. i say bring on the global warming...lol
  6. i think the weather forcasted 4-6 inches turned into closer to a foot i think we probably had close to the 6 inches by this morning snowed heavy into the afternoon. usual places to stack snow are filling up by the time the sun finally came out in the afternoon im pretty sure we probably had closer to a foot of new snow. sure would be nice to get some warmer weather to melt some of this stuff away.
  7. i think your like that setup better than propane. using the vehicles fuel system certainly makes things better, no need to worry about stale fuel in the off season no separate tanks or bottles to fill.
  8. yeah after i finished that job i just stuck some legs back on it and made it a bench top press, it would still be able to be used as a kingpin press if i needed to. i am pretty sure i accually broke the cheek bone in that video...lol a year later theres still a big dent that you can feel in the bone under my eye and to the side of my nose where i got smacked in the face....lol still have some mild pain in that area too and that was almost a year ago. i remember it happened on valentines day last year cause i went out to dinner with the wife right after that happened.
  9. ill be curious to find out how they work out for you.i obviously don't have the long term experience with the knock off units that i do with the espar. i think my espar has over 3000 hours on it now. witch at the same time makes the cost of the unit more justified considering what 3k hours worth of fuel costs to run the engine let alone wear and tear. tons of people report having great luck with the knock off units. and i do think that the name brands are a bit over priced. i had planned on buying a second knock off unit myself to put in my boat that has a small forward cabin. i think im going to try to find a used espar for it instead now, the china unit might be ok for the boat as i trailer it so its not like its on the water all the time but the kinda crusty exposed electrical shyed me away from the knock off for that application.
  10. cool, i don't really have a issue with the plastic case espars are plastic as well. the espar has been good for a long time, there could be a difference in the composite of the plastic between the two but they do seem similar, in-fact id be more worried about a metal case getting dented where if the plastic were to be struck by something it would have more give and bounce back if it where to get hit by something. its a very tough ridged plastic. although the china units seem to be functionally fine. i wouldn't be surprised to see the control boards fail on if used in a high moisture or high vibration environment. also with the casting quality on the aluminum heat exchanges on the china unit that i got i would expect they experience far more cracking/casting failures than the espars. my personal take on it is the china units are ok, they are functional. i think they are great for recreational applications where its just hard to justify the cost of the espar given the amount of use it will get. i personally wouldn't buy a china unit to put in a semi, but then again you can replace the china unit several times for the cost of 1 espar and the espar's are not without there issues ether. mostly just requiring fairly frequent cleaning to keep them operating properly. i would suspect the china units will have that same issue but it may be harder to find service parts for the china units (have not looked yet though however) i do buy all my espar parts online as its a pretty substantial cost savings i generally keep a atomizer screen a set of gaskets and a glowpin at the shop. order them on e-bay from the cheapest seller wich is normally shipping from the uk or some other place so takes a few weeks to get them but i do like that i can run to my local thermoking and grab parts for it as well if i needed even though it would be about twice the cost.
  11. vw buses and chevy corvairs had optional gas fired heaters.
  12. back when i first got my espar for my truck i looked into trying to find a gasoline version for my boat however at that time there was none available at that time. however now there is a gasoline version of the webasto https://www.amazon.com/Webasto-Gasoline-Heater-install-9032227A/dp/B01M2ZCWTF the next link is the pdf specs on that heater https://www.webasto-comfort.com/fileadmin/webasto__media/webasto-comfort.com/EN_US/Datasheets/909543_ATEvo4055_SpecSheet_lo_res.pdf as well as the espar https://www.heatso.com/eberspacher-airtronic-b4-12v-4kw-heater-petrol-gasoline/ planar has a gasoline version of there coolant heater but not there air heater as far as i can find https://planarheaters.com/product/pre-start-engine-heater-binar-5sgasoline-pu27-12v/ so i don't think it was unreasonable to think that it should work as advertised here is another link to another one of the knock off versions that claims to be gasoline, you can see how there is a drop down to select the fuel type witch is the same as what was on the one that i ordered before it became no longer available http://drivworld.com/product/277741101
  13. put my lettering back on it today. i normally try to avoid putting pictures on the internet that my lettering is clearly visible but i think the truck looks better with it on there, kinda helps break up all the green a bit. working on replacing a few bushings in the lift axle then fill out a new dot annual and it will be ready for the road again.
  14. grabbed a few pictures of my truck outside in the sunlight yesterday
  15. here is the exact listing that i purchased its now listed as no longer available in fact it seems all the gasoline versions that were listed at the time i purchased are now not available i would figure that they figured out there was a issue and pulled them https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JJZTC5T/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 when it was available there was a drop down menu to slelect what fuel type you wanted when ordering. carlotpilot here is a link to the video. here is a link to my youtube channel home page as well. i try to put up 4 new video's per month https://www.youtube.com/user/Ezrider92356
  16. yeah it is a drip system that drips threw a "atomizer" screen to kinda break up the liquid fuel. looking threw the parts lists on planar and espar heaters there gasoline versions use a different part number for the nozzle the controller and i think chamber if i remember right a few other modular replaceable parts but it still uses the same glow pin. i would guess what they do to make it work is they restrict the the fuel outlet down but pulse the pump more frequently, in relation to the fan speed pushing air threw the burner to keep residual pressure the fuel feeding the chamber for more consistent/more atomized fuel but increase the amount of fuel to air in the chamber to create a more consistent stable burn with the gasoline fuel type. but yeah a engine requires a precisely timed ignition event to run, this just requires a ignition source. but yeah i agree it was mislabeled, and sold as the wrong fuel type still dumbfounded that it seems that no one seems to have a issue with the fact that even happened in the first place. should have never been sold as a gasoline fuel type heater if it does not function as such period. does not matter how or why. the gasoline version was a different part number for the diesel version so one of two things happened. eater the wrong labels were applied to the wrong unit. or they did a 30 second test it didn't blow up and they said ok we can sell this same unit as a different fuel type. either way absolutely awfull in terms of quality control that something ever be shipped/sold labled as a fuel type that it wont properly operate on.
  17. that heater video has been a popular video' not my most viewed yet but it probably will be, there are a few really good comments but the majority of them are just annoying several down right rude, and the rest are just clueless....lol one thing i can't seem to wrap my head around is the heater did not operate properly on its advertised fuel source. but yet there is a ton of comments basically suggesting that i am a idiot and should know better that its not going to work on the fuel it was advertised to work on. its like come on really? i mean peanut butter gets recalled if it does not have a food allergy warning stating that it may contain peanuts but someone sells something advertised as the wrong fuel source and everyone is ok with that? then there is the glow pin argument regarding the fuel type saying it should have a spark plug if its meant for gasoline, i understand where this comment comes from people know that gasoline engines have spark plugs and diesel has glow plugs. but they don't understand how or why each is used or than in the design of the heater it just needs some source of ignition and the fuel is not going to care witch or how its ignited in the application. witch is confirmed by the fact that espar and planar still utilize glow plugs in there gasoline versions. but i get that comment but after about the 20th time of answering it its like RTFM!!!!....lol i bet most of these people would tell you your a liar if you told them a diesel engine does not need glow plugs to run. i will say it would have been a better video had it been a direct a/b comparison with all specs equal but its not like a really make any money off these video's so i am showing things that i have or need to do ect for other reasons besides making video's so it was ordered for what i planned to use it for rather than ordered to make a comparison video. still answers a lot of questions people may have when choosing to go with a espar or the chineese knock off version.
  18. started getting all the aluminum polished out
  19. screen capture from my phone the other morning.
  20. I agree we're getting too soft. 0 degrees is nothing that out of the ordinary up here and life goes on as normal. we did get -31 with -60 windchills here recently. at that point safety may become a concern but 0 whatever...lol
  21. it could have even been that they were out or not in stock at the exact time that i needed them or something like that it was quite a few years ago. i just remember needing a new 1.4mm tip for it and not being able to get it so i bought the euro gun and ever sense then iv just used the transtar with a 1.7 for primers and the euro with a 1.4 tip for base clears. i noticed watching myself paint in the video my gun handling techniques could use a bit of improvement though, being that its not something i do every day though i guess it shouldn't be surprising. maybe spend a little more time doing dry runs with that in mind before i shoot my next paint job. i guess that is one advantage of recording the video as well how often do you actually get to watch yourself do something and notice things like that....lol iv i had to venture to take a guess just based off the amount of time and materials i had into repainting my truck i bet that paint job would have run upwards of 10k. otherwise it would have been done half assed and they would have painted over vynal stickers and without proper surface prep and had issues down the road like was done when the hood was re-painted prior to my ownership of the truck.
  22. this is the gun iv been using for base clears https://www.mgdistributor.com/product/euro-3200-h-series/ with a 1.4mm tip on this job i certainly felt like i wanted more paint flow than what i could get with the 1.4 i wonder how it would have gone if i would have tried my other paint gun. for primers iv been using this gun with a 1.7 https://www.pbejobbers.com/product-hvlp-spray-gun-17_59267.aspx these are both paint guns iv owned for a very long time. they probably were not the top of the line even when i got them, they were purchased at different times based off the recommendation from the auto body supplyer i bought them from for the project i had at hand when i bought them...lol. haha...lol i just checked your link and its one of the two guns i have already of course not the one i used to spray on this job...lol that was the first one that i bought but i seem to recall having a issue getting a new 1.4 tip for it is why i bought the euro as far as psi i know they both say 10psi on the tips but i normally adjust my air preasure to my spray pattern with the fan all the way open and the fluid delivery all the way open dial in the air preasure for a football shaped spray patern seems i normally end up closer to 20-25psi at the inlet.
  23. i don't mind helpfull cretques from people more knowledgeable than myself. sometimes the people who are just rude for the sake of being rude without adding anything or very little of value that can sometimes annoy me. or comments like "wow this guy looks like a crashing meth addic" ect i normally don't get a whole lot of that i was kinda bombarded by some of that on a video i recently did comparing the espar heaters to there Chinese knock off. sometimes i just have to remind myself that it goes with the territory to a certain extent and most the people that make those comments have probably never done anything usefull in there life....lol the auto body business is not one i would want to be in professionally. its worth it to me to paint my own stuff but to do it for hire is a whole lot of not worth it to me...lol
  24. yeah i think my surface temps on the truck were up to about 70 by the time i actually started spraying probably closer to 75 by the time i got to clear, the only area that looks off is the rear of the sleeper and even there the paint is smooth, but that was where i was nearing the end of the pot life on the first big batch of paint i mixed before i started mixing smaller batches and it paint came out smooth but if you look at it at a strong angle in the light the flake laid a bit funny, basically you kinda have spots where the flake stood up more than others. luckily the rear of the cab isn't that visible now with the stack and everything else on the truck its even harder to notice. if it was the hood or something like that i probably would have re shot that area but for the back of the cab i can live with it im probably the only person that will ever notice it...lol its one of those things you learn from your mistakes and every time you do it you learn a bit more, iv probably painted about a dozen cars in my life and a few more spot repairs so still learning for sure. this was my first semi truck i ever painted and using a different product that i had never used threw a few more variables in the mix.
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