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Lots of Mack parts need a new home soon


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Guys, regrettably, a good friend needs to clean the yard, before 'moving on'. I have been asked to help get it done. Lots n lots of old mack parts for sale, reasonable. He wants this stuff re-used instead of recycled. I will get lots more pics and details laster, but heres a start. PM or email me if interested. Keep in mind, I'm not a mack guru, so not up on what fits what or crossovers,etc..I do paccar stuff.

Lots of rears, gears, boxes, a couple R model hoods real good, tanks, a radiator or two, bumbers good and not or fair, I believe and LT frame and radiator, 8v92 good just keaked too much for cal epa,............ See what you can from these pics, and I get more soon. There is an LT w/crane and industrial cat, a White military logger, White 4000, a B model or two..etc.

Everything is south of Carson City,NV and whould need picked up. Rob will be there in a couple weeks, so he could tell you more about some stuff if you need to know.





















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just keep in mind, there are still some hands out there that will put them on as partials, and cheaper to fellow members. There's guys from ATHS, LCM, and here, that still drive ya know. Some fuel and beer dollars can work wonders with these guys..

the stuff above is just tip of the iceburg.. there's a couple 3 mack twin screws, with drops-ins... LT cab, aluminum spring hangers.. I'll be forever gettin it out to the world. He just wanted his stuff used by people that could appreciate it..

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More info, on the above. I wrote down all of what Roy had told me awhile back before he got bad, and I'll probably have to check out some specs of some of it more..

-the blue IH R200 is 5x2, gasser, 10.00-20s, does not run, but not in real bad shape, easily restorable $1500 , have more pics

-Ford 850 (red) , gasser, asking $1000 , more pics

-the White Army logger WW2 Cummins 300, Mack 5x4, white rears, tires pretty good, last ran in 2010 -SOLD-

-White 4000(WS) W35045 model 4964WD, cummins turbo (he said) 150, but think he meant 250, 10.00-22, have more pics to send, $3500

-Mack B73 11.00-24.5s, cummins $1500 , more pics..

-Mack LT crane truck 10.00-22s, 1673 cat engine, , grove TM120 yard crane, have pics, $4000

-GM 8V92TA, (1978?) 424hp, was running when removed, taken out due to epa requirements at dirt site(oil drips and noise) $2500, have more pics

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Bob, I looked and looked. I guess I need classes, cause I got glasses, and aint workin for me. But, it is about 250"wb, still cant determine what size cat is in it, but industrial, like a 330 ? Its rough..

Got more pics of lots of stuff. Cant ask Roy as he cant communicate any more.

heavygunner, didnt see a manual, yet..

some info..

-White4000 has no tag on engine either, but see the block #s in pic. about 240"wb

-Grn B73(?) cant see serials, 220+-wb

-yel B(?) no trans/engine, sn in pic, wierd add-onflatbed/axle combo, never seen this before

-8v92 Aug.78, was running when pulled, too much noise and oil drips for CA forestry&CARB, so swapped out

-WhiteLogger is a 44, sn 250760 but engine serial gone also SOLD

-lots of tube wheels

-set of sqhd's in 4.88

-set of Mack trannys

-Brown Lipe aux

-L cab and frame and parts (unk)

-another green L cab and partial frame, front cutoff. hangers were being scrapped when I stopped her. Still has front engine mnt, and hanger or 2

-R model cab(fair) and hood(good)

-old ford flatbed with water tank

so here's the link to a bunch of pics...


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