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  1. Actually I guess I should add that I also replaced the oil pressure sensor because the other day as soon as I started it I got the code 1-1 for low oil pressure and the truck kinda went into a rough idle , so I pressed the accelerator a bit as to keep it running and it leveled out and ran fine . After that the buzzer/ lights both went off . That was the only time it ever threw code 1-1 So we replaced both sensors to be safe, but now the truck still has the code 1-7 everyday . I will check the wires again , but I see no place they could be troubled as they are wrapped in loom and then run into the bigger harness .
  2. Hi guys, I've got the same problem on a 00 rd690 . I've replaced the sensor and also used a piece of wire and jumped the plug but the light and buzzer continue to stay on. Today i checked the voltage to the plug and have nothing. Also what do you mean by pin a and b ? Are you speaking of each wire?
  3. I'll also be the test dummy , send me two sets of the 7" rounds , I'll put them in the dm's and beat them to death on our great country roads .... I'll send feedback ... Let me know if you need an address
  4. Wow what a steal .... Would love to have that beast
  5. Yes I know, but having to travel close to a thousand miles to inspect a truck that's not been driven in 6 to 8 years and just jump in and head home is not for me.. it would be much easier if it were closer .. My father has stories I've heard of flying a few guys out to drive mixers home and when the got to their destination the drums on the trucks had been chipped out with sledge hammers... From the outside...nothing like the pictures he had received... Needless to say they flew back home Not saying this would be the case with this listing..... Just something to think about ...lotta miles from home And lotta extra cash to travel
  6. If it was closer to Illinois I would be interested. Seems like all the deals come up half way across the country
  7. once you go black, you'll wish that shiny paint was white ..... one of life's lessons unless your just using it as a show truck and know how to keep that black mess perty
  8. have a 2001 ch613 flashing the lightening bolt 2-6 any help would be appreciated thanks Evan m
  9. Never have run a e6 but I can tell you the e7s are tough as nails , we run 15 of them daily in rd and dm mixers and dumps ... I dont think you can go wrong with them
  10. I'd like to have a few minutes with the coward that lit that fire , he's obviously not a man, let alone firefighter
  11. Looks like this thread has turned into happy time
  12. I'd really like to purchase a nice single axle r model , paint is really not an issue ,would just like to have a solid truck to fix up . If anyone can point me in the right direction... Let me know what you have ,or any leads thanks in advance ' frmconcrete09 Evan M
  13. Wish I had a relative truck driver in new York , seems like all the macks are in that state
  14. A 7.3 power stroke is just like an ole Mack, do your homework . There hasn't been a more dependable engine put in a pickup since the 7.3 . Yes I own and drive one ,there bulletproof , kinda like the ole dm
  15. Doffer, the pumps in the pics we do not own . A lot of the contractors we work for either have their own or rent them from the guys that have them . Of course we'd like to have one of our own,but haven't taken that leap yet, $$$$$$$ Mike , if you have a fb page just log in , search for whoever , and if its a business you will see a like button at the top of the page. Once you click the like you will then see all the posts from that business or person , just like adding a person as a friend. You do however have to have a fb account ,hope that helps And bulldog man thanks for the comment ,that truck is my pride and joy
  16. If it's anything like a rd or dm of that age it usually has a ground running from the battery to the starter and on from the starter to the frame , try grounding it straight to the frame from the battery and if that fixes it the cable from the starter to the frame is getting a bad connection or the cable is bad . We've seen this before on our trucks . Good luck
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