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  1. We hope to see you at some of the upcoming shows! http://www.smart-trucking.com/truck-shows.html http://truckshowsamerica.com/2014-truck-shows.html
  2. Thank you for the post. You are correct that these are not knock offs, they are GE LED replacements and ATC Lighting and Plastics are OE manufacturers for Mack. Truck Lite was for a while the only game in town for LED and do fit into the ATC assemblies but now GE has brought out the LED and we have a long history with GE. Bulbs are pricey but the quality, warranty and support is there. Over time the price will come down.
  3. Just to clear up any misconception, these are GE bulbs that are direct replacement for the GE bulbs currently installed on most trucks. Those old assemblies were also manufactured and still are manufactured by ATC Lighting and Plastics.
  4. We are also considering just selling the LED bulbs as a direct replacement for the original bulb....Feedback???? You can also call for more info 1-800-938-0120
  5. Our company recently started manufacturing LED Headlights. We would like some feedback from anyone who is currently using these please. www.slclighting.com
  6. That Aussy truck does look good. They are obvisouly fabricated as an aftermarket product. I'm curious if they meet the ADR requirements. Fabrication headlights can be risky at times. Mostly from durability. Got to make sure they don't vibrate loose and stay adjusted. Mack isn't much different then the other OEM's It's always about cost and ease of assembly. I hear from drivers of other makes how crappy the forward lighting is. And then Mack goes to that larger then normal bulb from Hella.That must have been Volvos doings. I can't offer a safe recommendation for those with aerodynamic lighting or lighting in plastic housing. Upgrading to a higher wattage burner will just melt the housing. Plus they may overload the electrical system. But if you did fab yourselves a better light, wouldn't you be concerned about various safety inspections? Or are them people dumb to stuff like that?
  7. SLC will be at the following upcoming shows: Sept 7-8th 2nd Annaul Eastern Large Car Show (follow the link for more info) https://www.facebook.com/ESLargeCars Sept 14th 37 Annial US Diesel Truckin' Nationals (follow the link for more info) http://usdtn.com/
  8. SLC Lighting International has now opened! We are an OEM ans Aftermarket Lighting store offering a wide variety of clearance markers, cab markers, back-up lights, headlights, and much more. We now have a retail store located at 101 Parker Drive Andover, OH 44003 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST or online at www.slclighting.com. SLC takes pride in our excellent Customer Service and are here to help with all your needs. SLC is an authorized distributor for KD Lamp Co., GreenTech Lighting Solutions, and Retrax.
  9. SLC Lighting International is a leading innovator in the vehicle lighting industry today. At SLC, we offer OEM and aftermarket lighting products. We are an authorized distributor for KD Lamp Co. Now offering LED Headlights. "Making The Road You Travel Brighter!" Also, SLC has a retail store located at 101 Parker Dr Andover, OH 44003 Mon-Fri 8-5 EST www.slclighting.com
  10. This is the support topic for the BMT Wiki Article: SLC Lighting. Please post here if you have any questions or feedback. You may also comment on the article at the link below.Click here to view the article: SLC Lighting
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