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  1. Just west of Circleville. Not to far from you at all.
  2. Its funny you say the previous owner is happy. He was happy to sell it and that I was going to restore it. It was their workhorse for a long time. However, his hired hand that does most of the driving (hauling grain and farm stuff) said "im just glad its gone so I never have to drive that POS again."... I can only imagine what its like driving it all day with no power steering giving the slow speed maneuvering we do around grain bins and such with old farms not designed for big trucks. Eye of the beholder for sure. I got a good chuckle. Now he is forced to drive loaded w900's with enough lights to land an airplane.
  3. Oh sorry... meant to disclose that in my thank you post. I paid $2500 and they were even nice enough to drive it out to my farm since I couldnt get off work before it got dark. I didnt want to try to drive it to the farm after dark just incase I did have issues. It had sat for seven years. Put new fuel lines and new batteries in her and she drove all the way to the farm with no issues. I felt like it was a good deal. He was happy to get rid of it. They were only selling it since it was sitting. No power steering and his bad shoulders talked him into parking it and buying a different truck seven years ago. I understand value is based on what someone is willing to pay. He posted it on market place and since I know them personally he gave me first shot at buying it. I didnt barter, just paid him asking as I thought it was fair. But there was nothing to really compare it to. I discovered all of you after the purchase. Its a perfect project for my kids and I. Now if I can get my hands on a clean superliner.... now thats my personal dream truck.
  4. So im curious about the value of this truck. Ill share what I paid after I hear your input. This isnt a trap, but I bought this off a neighboring farmer as a project I can restore with my kids. We have other modern trucks to handle the grain hauling. Although after I go through the truck I may take a load or two to the mill just to give everyone something to talk about. Anyways, someone today suggested I way underpaid and now im questioning if I took advantage of someone unknowingly. Truck is not for sale. I am very new to buying old trucks for the purpose of restoring. And brand new to Mack. Thanks for any input.
  5. There are not many parts I cant find a part number for Case IH. Now if the part is actually obtainable is another story all together lol... We farm, and even with working for Case IH I have mostly a mix of brands. We have mostly Deutz and now Deutz Fahr for as long as I can remember. Talk about almost zero dealer support in the USA. But it has made us stronger at solving our own issues without dealer hand holding. It appears Mack may be much of the same. The parts guy I called at a local Mack store didnt understand why my vin wasnt 17 digits. I suspect the truck is at least 20 years older than he is. Funny how quickly history is lost with progress. Thanks again for the help.
  6. thank you sir. you answered my question perfectly. i bought a set if the green manuals with a rev 1979. they look in good shape. i dont need much help right now with the truck. but i know how things go as you start digging into equipment. that one old line replacement turns into a major project.
  7. So I think im searching wrong for manuals. Id like to find any manuals for my 1980 U685ST. 5 speed trans matched to a EZT675 engine which I think is also called a 237. Is TS 442 what the manual is called? With revision 1980? I found a few TS 442 but nothing with a rev passed 1979. Will that work? The ones ive found are sometimes one book or as many as three books. Just a little help on what I should be looking for on ebay. Any other websites I should be looking on? Or online resources? I work for a Case IH parts department and I can pull full manuals for almost any Case or IH equipment. So I hope Mack has something as well. Thanks
  8. I did not know that. Thank you sir. I could see me chasing the rabbit lol
  9. Just the two outside ones? What about the middle one? Mine has 5 total.
  10. Here are a few questions I have if anyone can assist. This white canister is plastic, and real brittle at this point. Its directly behind the passenger side fuel tank on outer side of frame rail. No lines going to it that I can find. What is it and do I need it? Also, on the control panel I have a switch that reads CL LPS. Clearance Lamps? I assume this is for the five lights on top of cab. They dont turn on by the switch, nor do they turn on with any of the other switches. Just need to know so I know where to start with this repair if it is clearance lights. Thanks guys/girls.
  11. Oh I just like seeing what we are talking about. Visual kinda man.
  12. good luck on your project. photos or its just gossip
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