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  1. My LFT has an exposed radiator cap. I thought the difference between the LF and LJ was weight rating.
  2. I have a 52 LFT with a pretty rough cab. Is an E cab a fit, or does it need to be an L? My fenders and hood are good, just the back of the cab is pretty well rotted away. Thanks! Corey
  3. I have had an 8 volt battery in my wd45 for at least 20 years. I just recently got an 8 volt charger (antique). Before that, I used a 12 volt charger on low for an hour, then would let it rest for a couple of hours, and repeat. This is how the guy at the battery factory told me how to do it. Always worked fine and never fried a battery.
  4. Hi all- I have a1936 Farmers Co-Op tractor (different than the cockshutt style co-op) and I am in need of a rear wheel. It is a 28" wheel with a retainer ring, like a Dayton style rim. The cast hub clamps inside the wheel. Legend has it that these tractors have a a Dodge truck rear end, so I'm hoping that a truck style wheel will work. Anyone have one they want to part with? Thanks in advance. Corey
  5. Seems to me that the question ought not be "Why do these agencies need to be armed," but rather "why do we need most of these agencies at all?"
  6. The Lanova is a hard starting SOB. If it is below 55, I like to use my heat gun in the intake elbow to help the cause. That makes it start real easy!
  7. In Ohio, it is a crime to sell a vehicle without a title. Not sure about Michigan. Perhaps you can contact the prosecutor up there and see if they can "motivate" the seller to get you the title?
  8. My LFT has a "burner" setup on the intake elbow, but it uses diesel and a coil, not ether. I don't have the pump for it, though...
  9. It's pretty close to me if anyone is interested and needs me to check it out...
  10. How do you figure that Cheny was basically in charge on 9/11? If you're suggesting that a vice president is basically in charge, then with our current administration, we are much worse off than I initially perceived...
  11. I load rubber tire tractors and backhoes on my gooseneck regularly with no problem. Just have to be careful and take your time. Make sure the weight rating of your trailer can handle it. One trick I use is to back the trailer into a swail to get it lower to the ground. As we all know, a few extra inches can make a big difference!
  12. Don't forget to check the gvw of the wife!
  13. Sorry about the sideways pictures. They are right side up on my computer- not sure what happened or how to fix it. Maybe a new kickstand is in order?
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