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  1. They are 24 x 8.00 and they were bought new with a set of brand new 12 x 24 radials in 2003 for a b81 project. The tires have already been sold.
  2. I have 10 brand new never mounted 24" rims and lock rings for sale. $1500.00 Nathan 804-357-7250
  3. Those F models were bought new by Holland Lumber Co. from Millers Tavern, VA and Dick Holland claimed they would top Afton Mountain with 90,000 on at 45 to 50 mph. I think there were 3 or 4 of them and when they were sold off Dick lost track of them. He and P.L. were good friends which is I guess how he ended up with one.
  4. Early TS24's used them in the tractor before being replaced by 12v71
  5. The weird thing is it is a RL795 (325 Maxidyne) but it says it has a twelve speed which was mostly found in the 797's with the 375 thermodyne.
  6. I also would be willing to trade for a good LTL hood.
  7. I have 10 brand new never mounted 24.00 tube type dayton rims for sale. These rims were bought for a B81 I was going to restore and decided not to and bought the LTL I have now. $2000.00 obo 804-357-7250 Nathan
  8. An E9 is an awesome motor until you have to work on one that someone didn't take care of or abused. They are not as forgiving as the old e6's. If you have to do major work on an E9 in today's world you will soon know that the highest priced items are not painted cat yellow but, instead Mack gray!
  9. Anybody else notice that the E9 predecessor was an option F735 ET1005? How did they get it in the frame? Never saw this listed as an option in any truck other than superliner or cruiseliner.
  10. I had a '85 magnum that was one of the canada trucks. It had the 500 E9 and a 12 spd with 44k camelback spoke cone style rears and alum. fronts. I will look for the serial #.
  11. Holland Lumber Co. in Millers Tavern, Va had several FS771's with 12v71's and 13 speeds.
  12. Our company had a twin screw Mason Dixon B67 with a 711 and a unishift for a lowboy tractor in the mid to late 70's
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