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  1. Carlotpilot, I thought you had the MH rollback?
  2. I grew-up in a town close by and went to school in Doylestown. I also have a B61 very much like that one I tried to sell on here for $5000 that's alot better condition and runs good but no one was interested.I tried to upload pictures but it wouldn't work.
  3. I live in the People's Republic of Maryland and their historic tags have that written on the bottom of the tag but the tags look like any other tag. In the interest of safety, I put reflective DOT tape on the bottom of the tag (covering the historic portion). You can't tell it from a regular tag! This was done only in the interest of safety mind you! I have been thru scales in Md, Va, Pa, Ny, Wva, Del and never had a problem, except in Pa I was pulled over 2xs because of no IFTA stickers, but when the officer saw I was legal, no problem. Just make sure you received no traceable compensation for anything you'll be fine.
  4. wingman

    b61 wanted

    It is an air-assist because you can still push the clutch in with no air built-up, but with more effort. It does have a unishift 10sp. When I get to restoring it, I will have to find another shift knob because the one on it doesn't work. I'm nor sure if I could just put a external air splitter on it like the eatons have. It will be awhile before I get to it because of other projects higher on the list. It runs buts has a bad piston(the guy I got it from was ether happy). I got the parts to fix it and another engine if need be.
  5. wingman

    b61 wanted

    I'll try at some point here when I can. You can only see it from underneath. It is fairly complicated and looks not easy to repair if something goes wrong. It's one of my trucks waiting to be fixed-up and sitting in my barn, and is not on the top of my list to work on yet!
  6. wingman

    b61 wanted

    My B65 has an air-clutch and uni-shift 10sp. It was an old Mason-Dixon fleet tractor. All I can say is that it works!
  7. wingman


    I bought it seeing what it could be with some work, forgetting that I had many other projects going both car and truck. There's not enough hours in a day!
  8. wingman


    Still for sale, it would make a great Christmas present!
  9. wingman

    Jay Leno's Garage - 1951 Ford Coupe

    This is my 51 Woodie ( also my wife), love them both!
  10. wingman


    Still for sale, will take $4500, that's as low as it will go!
  11. wingman

    winchester show

    All my trucks were down so I had to drive my F350 to the show just to participate, but on the way home on 66, that very nice orange B61 blew by me like I was standing still and I was doing 68mph. Got some good gears in that Mack!
  12. wingman


    Still for sale, come and get it! Will take$4800.
  13. wingman


    I know how you feel!
  14. wingman


    B613T for sale , wrecker body. Runs great, good body and floors. Some rust on left front fender at the front and wrecker body, but is repairable. Has turbo 673 with 10sp Duplex. Needs electrical system gone over, driver's side rear spring repair, and lots of love. Runs well, lot drives well, brakes work but is probably not safe for highway until it is gone over. Best to haul! I wanted to restore this truck but have too many projects and just don't have the time to get to it! My loss your gain, I just want to get my money out of it, $5000 price is firm. Cash at pickup, clear Maryland title. I have more pictures if your interested, PM me!

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