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  1. wingman


    That trailer looks familiar Jerry! Do you still have the cruise liner?
  2. The Mason Dixon Chapter put a post on Facebook about it!
  3. Can't help but notice where it's pointing at!
  4. Thanks for getting them rightside-up. Your computer skills are better than mine!
  5. The High School on my road is getting the parking lot repaved and the contractor hauls their paver with a B75. It's always nice to see an old dog still at work! It looks pretty good and well cared for.
  6. Should have used turn-outs or bull pipes so roof doesn't get full of soot! Just say'in!
  7. Love what you're doing with your B Larry. I have similar issues with mine. I'm also interested in your 64 wagon. Tell me about your engine and maybe a few pictures. I have a 66 F100 with a 428 bored 30 over and except for crank all 427 internals heads, and valve train. Lots of fun! I don't know why the pictures loaded sideways.
  8. Anyone know where I can get a decent pair of doors for a N257 Brockway?
  9. That is correct, Royal Ahold. Giant of Carlisle runs the show and writes the checks!
  10. Giant Landover but both companies are owned by the same holding corp.
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