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Intro and pics of my B75

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Hello everyone! I'm a newbie to his forum. I have owned one other B model a few years ago. This week I bought a B75. Actually, I saved the truck from the scrap yard. I had known about this particular truck for 20 plus years. The widow refused to sell the truck after her husband died. Someone had apparently started fixing the truck up 25 years or so ago and just stopped.

The scrap yard buys whole trucks like this for $230 a ton so needless to say by the time I paid them back for what they had paid, plus a profit, I have a good chunk of money into it. I just hated to see destroyed.

I don't know what my plans are for the truck. I have a lot more projects now than I did years ago when I wanted to buy it. I may just clean it up, straighten the hood up, put some of the emblems back on and use it for yard art for a while. It has all Mack running gear. Even the tanks say Mack on them. I only see one stick for the shifter so I'm unsure what kind of trans it has. This truck has a looong wheelbase. Doesn't appear to have been lengthened either.

Will the radiator louver be hard to find?

Advice and opinions welcomed!













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Lil rough around the edges, but seen much worse.

Is one of the sticks missing? hole in top of tranny next to other stick? Looks to be turbo motor, which looks like it hasn't run in many years(stuck?).

Frame looks pretty clean.



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Looks to have been really sharp in it's day with the chrome and aluminum, Cab looks real solid too, not the normal rust. I'd do it up. Paul


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Thanks for the input guys! The hood was off the truck for years so all of that will have to be gone through or replaced. It is interesting that the tanks on the side are/were chrome plated. She must have really been a beauty in the day. I'll post the serial number in a few days from the right front frame rail.

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My hat is off to you for saving the Mack. Actually I hate to see anything go to a scrap yard because theirs no way they'll ever come back. After you assess the trucks needs, what is your next step, if you have one?You may want to pm a guy on this site in the members section that calls himself Bumblebee. He also is in Kentucky. Lexington I recall. He has a truck similar to yours.



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Nice truck,and a good save,looks to me like someone added later model fuel and air tanks,Cruiseliner maybe? never seen fuel tanks mounted like that before,definately not factory,but not a bad looking job from what i can see,welcome aboard and good luck with it!......................Mark

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A fine truck and great to see her saved. Careful 1310, you'll get bitten and she'll push the other projects out of the way! LOL, actually, don't be careful! Good luck with her.

Whatever rubs your buddah.

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OK! Well....after much deliberation if I should pass the ball or run with it....I think I'll run with it. I'm going to post an add in the appropriate place requesting parts and see what I can rake together. You guys send me a message if you know of any parts for sale that you don't need yourself. I'm concerned most about the hood. I have one pictured but it is Ruff.

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