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  1. I am sorry for your loss
  2. My two 865s have an adapter with 3 bolts to engine and 2 holes for the pump and you must have adaptor on the pump then press the drive gear onto the pump shaft
  3. Oh ok do you have the plate that goes between the pump and engine
  4. Rob my 865 has a pump made by Vickers with the reservoir made on it
  5. Did you change the air filter on the transmission
  6. Hey other dog if you had the time you could gotten off of I-64 at exit 130 which is about half a mile from the rest area turned north then turned onto the first rd to your right which is the super eight motel there is a good Mexican place right behind the super 8 with truck parking
  7. I have never took a close look but they should hook up just like a truck with a A/C unit in the cab and in the bunk they have only one condenser and compressor
  8. I was standing on the sidewalk waving as I was headed to the diner to take my 30 minute break
  9. I saw Rowdy Rebel pedaling his ol Mack Northbound on route 1 through Grayville Il this morning
  10. Hey Morgan is this the same jake brake set up that you bought out from under me at Elnora back in 2005?
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