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  1. Good ole Cornbinder,they had a nice cab layout,
  2. Hard to beat the reliability of these Cummins,ive got one of those mad scientist MVT 475HP Big Cams in my Superliner Dumptruck.2 turbos and adjustable injection timing.Its getting harder to find parts for but ive been wanting one of these VT90s the V8 cummins with 500hp,the real challenge finding motors is the E9 500 Mack,which is really what i want to have to replace the motor in my F,
  3. They were rugged,tough trucks,hand built by people who took pride in their product.They had a style all their own and people valued them for getting the job done.My dream truck is one of these with a "Buzzin Dozen" with around 700hp and a super 10 or 13 roadranger
  4. anyone see any of the older 70s Marmon cab overs?
  5. This is the F that id found in Salem Va,ENDT375,Super 10 driving Mack rears,4.17 gears sitting on Rayco suspension,
  6. Around the Atlanta area they are still running them,mostly the older Petes,some Kws,ive even seen some older 70s Freightliners still rolling here.Ive got an older FS 797 LST Mack that im working on to pull a dump trailer hopefully soon.Its an old BA Moore truck from Va that spent its life pulling flatbeds around the mountains.Im driving an old 1985 superliner daily hauling rock and asphalt for road builders and a few summers ago it was bordering on harassment and targeting the way the DOT used to pull me over and inspect me 3 times a week just because the truck was old,Id tell them to leave the pen in their pocket because they arent going to find anything to write home about,Had one guy who consistently would wind up in my mirror,sirens blazing,lights flashing 3 times a week,I finally asked for his phone number and he asked me why? I told him i diddnt like seeing him waste all that taxpayer gas trying to find me so id call him before I leave to let him know where id be as a curtesy hehehehe,
  7. The young adult males also speak english pretty well,but Farsi will be helpful when you get way out there in the mtns,and to be able to hear that they are going to rob you hahahaha,
  8. Vlad,you might actually find one there,one evening I was coming back from Kabul and going through deep search at the entrance of the base was an old road tractor very similar to these dump trucks and it had my total attention and I stopped and got out to take a closer look,the tractor was pulling a lowboy and it appeared to have a triplex transmission with a V8 which barely fit under the hood even with the side skirts removed,Imagine driving this on the Lahore to Mazar I sharif route? 1,193.3 km of beautiful scenery,treacherous bad lands and some of the most dangerous roads on the planet? We have found the old T 52 and earlier tanks there with perfectly working guns that still ran,the locals told us stories of how they were told to hide the tank so they built a house around them,once we even found an original Renault tank from 1917 there complete and in working order.So its quite possible to find one of these there,however,If it can make money? the Afghans will literally run it into the ground wringing out of it every last dime till its useless,Parts are hard to find there unless they come off another truck,ive seen some of the best engineering there in duplicating parts or even utilizing components unrelated to them to make something work.During the Soviet occupation,troops sowed alot of seed there with the local population and the end product turned out exceptionally well,tall men with green eyes,built like Russians with broad shoulders,so if you can learn to speak Farsi or Dari,you would be able to spend some time there in your search my friend,
  9. Whats obvious is Bidens not in the white house,nor is harris in the Blair house,however the other nite they were escorting children out of the white house from the underground tunnels where they were being held in cages,this explains the hologram or Ocasio Cortez on the white house lawn the other nite flailing her arms and crying,copied from video of her down at the border making a scene about children kept in Obamas cages,
  10. Ive even seen photos of older trucks than this rolling around there Vlad,When I was working in Afghanistan just north of Kabul it was a real treat seeing the older Soviet trucks from the late 30s lumbering down the road still making their owners money,The old road tractors with safari front windows,long hoods with bullet headlights,the older Kamaz,Star dumptrucks that could be cranked with a handle,In Iran,the F model Macks with the flat roofs,actually built there.In Australia,they fondly refer to the F models as pizza ovens.
  11. Try C&H truck parts in Nebraska,they are online and you can roam around the yard from the comfort of your chair,spot something and call them with the inventory number and if the snow isnt too high,they will pull it for you.
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