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  1. Been a while since ive checked in on this thread, Iran the numbers the other day and the 84 superliner dumptruck i bought for 11 grand made me over 400,000 before i had to spend money on the motor,and the springs,but i wouldnt have the new stuff,drove a Granite with the automatic trans while mine was down and could see how much the technology had progressed,and that id fall asleep driving it because it was too quiet,
  2. i run this 84 RW every day it isnt raining,over a million miles on it,
  3. bought a 84 superliner factory powered with the 475 twin turbo big cam,13 spd roadranger,dont look too complicated to me,and it pulls great,
  4. may as well take the hi / low servo apart and clean it up and lube it before the install,lots easier now,than once its installed and no or slow up shift to hi,
  5. I know someone here has seen this set up before,ive got a Kysor roof A/C and the Kysor evap unit in the hump,when i got the truck,only the roof was hooked up, im wanting to hook up both and am seeking information as to tie both together,the only condenser is in the roof unit,no room for a condenser on the radiator as its fitted with the shutters, common sense says to tie the low side from the roof unit to the high side of the in cab unit,then finish the circuit back to the low side of compressor,any help would be appreciated,
  6. really nice the way its coming together,these motors are getting harder to find,
  7. Was roaming around on here looking for the specs to set the overhead on my ENDT866 in my 1973 F797 western, The motor has the Mack rebuilt sticker on the valve cover but the clearances are smudged off it. Was wondering if anyone here had them? Is the sequence the same as the E9? Do each cylinder individually?
  8. I'm working on a Hayward model F-700 Mack which has the roof unit as well as the hump unit. When i bought the truck, I noticed the hump unit was unhooked and want to tie it into the rest of the system as cabovers are notoriously hot in the summer. I've noticed that there is no condenser or drier mounted on the front and the only condense/drier is in the roof unit. Do I run the refrigerant through the roof unit, and then tie the high side of the hump unit into the low side of the returning line back to the compressor? Can't seem to find any info yet online about this. If anyone has info, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  9. as of now,ive replaced the cab lock cylinders,replaced the small v shaped latch assist spring on bottom of right side latch with one sold at ace hardware,hydraulic hose going to right latch replaced,re position cab jack in bracket,swap tanks from right to left,positive grounded alternator rebuilt,replaced the primer pump on the injection pump,part# AMBAC INTERNATIONAL #MP 404760,fits the Robert Bosch/united technologies pumps, remade the metal pieces in the cab clearance light which was completely rusted away,ive also ran a new 6 wire cord from front to back to fix the tail,brake and turn signals,and have a few extra wires left to hook up a backup light,alarm,located a aluminum fab shop in the next town over that can cut the tank and install a wall,2 inch threaded bung and vent cap for me,ive also got pricing and availability on a PTO/ pump combination with special adapter that fits the maxitorque 10 transmission, tracked down the exhaust brake system [Blue ox] that im using on the motor,ive also replaced the threaded rod running through the right morror as it was found dangling by one end the other day,and today im installing the pins to hold the battery covers still,spring on air hoses/trailer pigtail,
  10. thanks,this should help out tremendously,
  11. you wouldnt know where i could come up with an electrical diagram?im getting ready to go through all of that,i also noticed it has the evaporator in the hump with heater core but its unhooked,going to see about checking it out for leaks and re connecting it,
  12. pulled the injector again today,took it to turbo diesel injection in Forest park,they had it ready for me by 130 this afternoon,said it was leaking at the split where it comes apart,,got home and popped it back in,i was giddy with excitment as i waited listening to it run,and no more leaks,now i can move forward to the next phase,,thanks AZB755V8 for the sound advice,
  13. pulled the injector and iddnt see any seal in the bottom,replaced with seal but still leaks,may pull it again to get the injector checked,found a head online but dont know till i talk to them if its been checked for cracks,are they fairly easy to spot?
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