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  1. I am sorry for your loss
  2. Did you change the air filter on the transmission
  3. Hey other dog if you had the time you could gotten off of I-64 at exit 130 which is about half a mile from the rest area turned north then turned onto the first rd to your right which is the super eight motel there is a good Mexican place right behind the super 8 with truck parking
  4. I have never took a close look but they should hook up just like a truck with a A/C unit in the cab and in the bunk they have only one condenser and compressor
  5. I was standing on the sidewalk waving as I was headed to the diner to take my 30 minute break
  6. I saw Rowdy Rebel pedaling his ol Mack Northbound on route 1 through Grayville Il this morning
  7. Hey Morgan is this the same jake brake set up that you bought out from under me at Elnora back in 2005?
  8. My B-615 has factory power steering with steering box mounted on the frame
  9. You should not have any problem with atf or power steering fluid either one
  10. I have ran one of those they are definitely the biggest hog at the trough
  11. This poor dog is cross bred bad radiator supports are for an air ride cab 865 or 866 engine with some kind of belt drive power steering pump and home made fan shroud
  12. If there's nothing much wrong with the superliner I would get it in shape and run it
  13. Just a friendly reminder if there's no pictures it doesn't exist
  14. R-767st is not a California long hood either
  15. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the R-700 ceased production with the introduction of the Superliner in 1979
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