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  1. is there anyone I could either email or text pics to, to have them resize to post her, much appreciated...........
  2. Here are some pics of the later 700 series door panels and interior panels........ can,t download the pics here
  3. Yes, the 700 Brockways used the Shellar Globe cab like Mack did. Although looking the same, there were a few differences. One difference being the location of the roof vent, Mack in front, Brockway in rear. the roof, corner panels, and rear panel were like a pleated style, like the KW ''splendor'' interior option, the door panels were a fancy pressed panel..... I'll try to remember to post some pics of what the panels look like, to give you an idea..............thnx for the reply!
  4. since the panels are basically the same, maybe possible to do up a 700 series interior kit for Brockway. I know I'd be interested in a kit.........I'll try to post pics of what they look like, unless someone beats me to the punch..............
  5. Are you just lurking Clay or going to stay around. 😁 554 1,732 posts Location:Alexander New York Make:Mack Model:DM 690 Year:1989 Report post Posted Jun Are you just lurking Clay or going to stay around. 😁
  6. the dash also doesn't bolt in the same way, as in holes in different locations
  7. do you have the overhead console, too.....
  8. Can anyone tell me how the overhead consoles mount to roof of cab. Is there mounting brackets or something that fix to the inside of roof, I'd like to put one in my 761 Brockway, thnx for the input........
  9. Lil Red Wagon...... Bill "Maverick" Golden if I remember right, make a nice tribute....
  10. there are 3 Brockway pages on Facebook. .. just type in Brockway in the search box and they should show up, and you can place it there I believe
  11. looks like a Canadian spread on rear, especially with 22.5 rubber, she'd be a beauty done up!
  12. call Marc Gagne @ Gamache , he might have a good set of virgins for you, and with the exchange, should be short money for you.. 1-800-363-3881
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