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  1. do you have the overhead console, too.....
  2. Can anyone tell me how the overhead consoles mount to roof of cab. Is there mounting brackets or something that fix to the inside of roof, I'd like to put one in my 761 Brockway, thnx for the input........
  3. Lil Red Wagon...... Bill "Maverick" Golden if I remember right, make a nice tribute....
  4. there are 3 Brockway pages on Facebook. .. just type in Brockway in the search box and they should show up, and you can place it there I believe
  5. looks like a Canadian spread on rear, especially with 22.5 rubber, she'd be a beauty done up!
  6. call Marc Gagne @ Gamache , he might have a good set of virgins for you, and with the exchange, should be short money for you.. 1-800-363-3881
  7. there are 4 different manufacturers of Moose Bumpers.............. Herd, which I bought, and love the quality, craftsmanship and finish. www.herd.com Manitoba Aliarc Manitoba also I believe Magnum British Columbia Mik Mak Ontario The first pic is a Super Road Train, 4 post with rake very heavy duty, 4 in pipes 475 lbs Second is a Defender, 4 post with rake and ballusters 340 lbs
  8. Looking for a RH side electric window motor for RW or R model.......
  9. that is a gorgeous truck!!! All the best in her ressurection to an even more beautiful truck!
  10. Not mine, but saw it on kijiji....... rather see her picked up and restored than cut up like he says....http://www.kijiji.ca/v-heavy-trucks/city-of-toronto/califoria-long-hood-1985-mack-r767st/1204729020?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  11. May 2017 bring you a speedy recovery, and a prosperous year Mike!!
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