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  1. The VIN is N359TL268606. It was purchased from an auction in 1984. The original owner was Spartan Contracting & Fabricating, but the invoice was from Robert Williams & Co. I'm assuming that was the auction house. The plant that the truck is parked at is closed down and the gate is usually locked over there. It's at 2830 Beech Daly. Just give me a little heads up if you take that field trip so that I can meet you there and let you in.
  2. Thanks for all the comments and advice! We tried the Brockway museum folks awhile ago before but never heard back from them. Will try again. Will also check out the facebook page. And I will definitely ask for the number of that guy in Westland if we aren't able to find someone to buy it. RE: The last time it ran. I don't think the truck has been run on the road since the late 80's . It was used to move steel around a yard for awhile after that. I'd guess the last time it ran at all was in the mid nineties. RE: colors. Yeah, my dad had it painted to match those posters. I can remember putting together a puzzle of a Brockway truck with those same colors when I was a kid.
  3. My father planned to fix this old truck up but never quite found the time. Now he needs to get rid of it and doesn't want it to end up in the scrap yard. Is this truck worth saving? Or would someone buy it for the parts? I'm getting an estimate from the scrap folks and won't be able to accept less than that. It would sure make an old man happy if someone bought it and fixed it up and then sent him a picture when they were done. Or maybe just a picture of a truck its parts ended up in. The truck is located in Inkster, Michigan. And yes, that is a tree that grew up through the middle of it. Any advice would be appreciated.
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